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Didday Kawng

Commission from :iconzerxer: for a SiteXerofied new mascot for his website. With the recent announcement of the new Donkey Kong Country game for Wii, he rediscovered his long lost love of Diddy Kong :'D

You can check it out over on his site,

It's also got a neat effect that goes with it, too :meow:
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Awesome job, and like someone has already stated, the textures are really cool!
Espeonature's avatar
Y'know, you're really neat at this stuff. I think I'm going to like Diddy Kong more because of this...
InuTsume's avatar
Zerxer had a LOVE for Diddy Kong? Eeewww...
But the picture is very neat. I like the expression. And the guns and the fur, they really look woody and...well, furry, as supposed. xD
Nice work! :3

But yeah, the moment I heard from DK Country Returns I was just like "OMGOMG now I REALLY need a Wii! *freaks out*" ... (yeah, I don't have a Wii yet... since now there wasn't really a game that lured me so much...°3°)
Pokii-kun's avatar
Well he is a furry after all... :iconimhappyplz:
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this is really good! I love the coloring too!
Pokii-kun's avatar
Thanks! I haven't explored painting fur that much, but it's actually pretty fun :D
Soujaurl's avatar
You haven't? That's really good though!
Pokii-kun's avatar
Not that much, oddly. I should try it more on Pokii, he's pretty fuzzy.
Soujaurl's avatar
It'll be good to see how it turns out ^^
Spottednova's avatar
o3o That fur effect looks cool. Same with the wood on the 'guns'.

xD Diddy's one of my favorites from the Donkey Kong Country games ... I just hate him when my brother uses him in brawl. T^T;
Pokii-kun's avatar
Thanks! :D Yeah, Diddy's great in Brawl :XD:
Spottednova's avatar
XD Welcomes.

Good character, some of his attacks are...questionable though :XD:
Psh, I'll take any of you on with Diddy in Brawl.
Spottednova's avatar
|D; I haven't played it in forever, you'd prolly kick my butt.
Ruyeka-San's avatar
i liekd Diddy too
Pokii-kun's avatar
Thank you for the smexy monkey. Smenkey.
mizuxhime's avatar
>smexy monkey

....I worry sometimes. I really do :<
Pokii-kun's avatar
You's welcome ;>
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