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Welcome to the Pokeumans Archive

Updated: 4/27/20

Hey guys, pokemonmanic here. The group isn't totally dead yet! So I'm gonna talk about a couple of issues that are keeping the group from being reopened.

1. DeviantART
DA has just announced Eclipse; which for many is a broken unfinished more confusing, more frustrating version of DA. And for some asinine reason DA may be getting rid of groups all together. This website is a like a tilting ship; it may right itself and be fine or it can tip over and kill us all. Honestly we don't know how badly Eclipse is gonna mess with us.

2. Lack of Leadership
This one was my fault; I stepped down from the group because I was afraid of the responsibility it took, and left everything to the admins. I'm not blaming them in the slightest, but they had no direction from me and it created a lot of discourse and resentments between them and the members. If this group is to survive, I have to take the reigns again no matter how difficult and shoulder the burden that comes with it. Spooner has stepped down and is no longer associated with the group; I am the leader once again.

3. Regaining Trust
Again, there has been a lot of miscommunication and resentments between the admins and the former members. For now I have purged the admin board and it is just me again. If I am to reopen I need to communicate better with you guys; explain the canon that people speculated on and allow for more writing freedoms that don't hold you all to such strict rules; while keeping in mind that this world has a canon that needs to be respected.

Hopefully I can sort these things out; but I'll need help along the way of course. I'll keep you all posted.


I want to thank everybody for the nearly 10 years of support, I never thought my little story could bring so many people together, inspire so much creativity and create some of the best friends I've ever had.

Once again, thank you all for being part of this amazing community. I'm still not finished with Pokeumans and I hope to one day see it thrive once more.


Hello, Pokeuman writers of all shapes, sizes and affinities!  Even though we’re at the end of April, 2020 is a new year full of… well, it’s a year.  I think we can all agree on that.  At any rate, it is high time we do a new contest.  This time, it shall be run by me, Indiscriminate Justice.  Formatting will be the same as it always was: contest has a theme, participants write an entry based on that theme, and the judges pick a winner.
The theme for this round will be, as the title hints at:

                                                          Peace between the Pokeumans and Pokextinction.

Any entry must have this theme play a central role in order to win.  However, how that theme is interpreted is up to you.  Peace can be a grand cessation of hostilities or a truce for a day.  Peace can be well respected or rife with mistrust.  Peace can also be a one-sided affair, though there is a certain point where the theme stops being peace and starts being conquest.  This is not to say that a story about peace through conquest cannot be done, but there is a line between the two somewhere.  There are other ways the theme can be considered, but if the story doesn’t point to Peace between Pokeumans and Pokextinction as its core theme then it will do poorly.

Also if you want to do peace between one of those two and a third group different from Pokextinction or Pokeumans, that’s allowed as well.
On that note: all submissions must be in compliance with group rules.  I’m also banning anything crossover in the contest.  No mugen karamashi anime crossover submissions, thank you.

In terms of more specific rules, I’m going to allow not only stories but comics as well.  Single image artwork is a nice addition to a story if you want to make one, but due to the difficulties in comparing its merits to that of a written story I can’t permit them to be set side by side.  You can do a single piece image as an addition, but not as the primary submission for the contest.

Collaborations between two or more authors are also prohibited, due to prize dividing restrictions and out of fairness for all the soloists who would join in.  Anybody who wants to write and submit more than one item is free to do so however; each item will be judged and graded separately.

As some people will be having a lot more free time for writing than others, I’m imposing a world limit of 10,000 words.  I like stories on the longer side, however length will not be a judging factor in and of itself in determining a winner.  Longer stories have more room to develop the theme of course, but if you can do it in a thousand words instead of ten thousand, go right ahead.  Any writing beyond the ten thousand word limit will be ignored past the cut off point and not counted.  Submissions can be split into multiple chapters if desired, and the limit imposed accordingly starting from the beginning.  If you are going to submit more than one document, please include appropriate links to everything for ease of navigation, thank you.

Judging will consider three points, all of equal weight.

Body: This considers the spelling, grammar, and formatting of the submission.  Terribly written stories with no regard to proper writing will simply not receive a high score.  Script stories in particular will be right out of the running.  They are one of my pet peeves and I absolutely loathe their existence.  Don’t like that?  Well too bad.  My contest and I’ll ban them if I want to.  And I do.

Heart: This considers the plot, theme, and overall character of the story.  How does the story make me feel when I read it?  Is it funny, scary, happy, or an adrenaline-pumping thrill to the very end?  Or is it all over the place, creating an unpleasant scattershot of emotional resonance?  Good heart scores are for stories that handle these things well, and create a consistently pleasant reading experience.  Bad heart scores are for those that do not.

Mind: The mind score correlates directly with how well the story uses the theme.  Better use of the theme, higher score.  Use the theme badly, or not at all, and the mind score will be similarly bad.  The theme is open to interpretation, but if I can’t see how it is used, or if I have to bug you to tell me how it is used, then it probably wasn’t used as well as it could have been.

Judging will (at the present) be done by me and only me, and as such will be entirely my discretion.  The above are the metrics I will use to make those judgments, but ultimately, I will have the final say.  I’m the one handing out the prizes after all.

Speaking of that, I’ll have some prizes to give to the winners.  With DeviantArt’s long-term life being in high dispute any prizes for it – which have been traditionally handed out for our contests – are more or less worthless.  I can however produce a few pieces of artwork for the winners.  I have moderate skill in doing sprite work for people and I feel competent writing things as well for people, so I can write an item of a topic of your choice, if you would like to see something.

First place: 256x256 pixel image of up to three characters OR a literary work of up to 5000 words.
Second place: 128x128 pixel image of up to two characters OR a literary work of up to 2500 words
Third place: 64x64 pixel image of one character OR a literary work of up to 1000 words.

Other prizes may be offered if I get them.  Prize images or literary works can be Pokeumans or not, can be Pokemon or not, though if it’s something that I’ve never heard of before (It very well may be if not Pokemon) you’ll have to introduce me to it.  Absolutely nothing pornographic or mature content though, keep your asks at least PG-13 for everybody's sanity.

In terms of a deadline I feel a window of two months is appropriate.  So the Deadline for entries will be July 1st, 2020.  I may extend it if requested by enough people, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

If you have any questions about the contest and they're not covered here, please do leave a comment and I'll try to answer it as soon as I can as best as I can.

Thank you all in advance for participating!

***May 28 UPDATE***

Some additional prizes from Nivryz :iconnivryz: have been added to the pool.  Big props to them for the offering!

First place: 1 sketchy fullbody with colour, shading and background.
Second place: 1 sketchy chibi with colour and shading.
Third place: simplified fullbody sketch with colour.

Also please note that if your contest submission is not accepted into the group right away (or at all) as long as there's a record of an attempt at submission I should be able to get it and enter it for eligibility.  If you have any difficulties with submitting it please post a comment below with a link included to your deviation.  As long as I can see that it's uploaded before the contest deadline there should be no problems.
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Hey so I've submitted my Pokeumans stuff twice now, and it's not getting accepted/is expiring? Is the group closed for submissions or is it somehow breaking the rules, because if so I didn't get a message about it? 
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Wow it's been forever. Who's all still here from 2012?
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Yo there’s a discord server?!?! Can someone please give the link?
Browntown747 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2020
hmmm if I was to make a Pokeuman doc I’d go for the unusual and have the main character  having an Evoker and he/she would have Zeus as his Persona and the pokextintion mistake him using Zio as a Pokémon skill
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Pokéumans rule!
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