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Hello Poketopians & welcome to our next age of new surprises and the usual community backlash for...reasons. I am Daemonous Blitzkrieg & I'm already digging a hole 6' under to hide in after this post is done~ ^^;
As most should know by now, both the first round of PokeNews and the PokeConcert have dropped over this continued weekend (& if ya haven't seem them, I got some links for ya later~). And with those drops, I wanna have a neutral as possible overview/discussion of what The Pokemon Company INC/Nintendo/Game Freak have in store for us~ 😁
First & foremost: Pokemon SNAP & the barrage of random events. Now SNAP ain't really new news but it is still coming out soon (2 months time) & showed off some unique ways of getting even more unique photo ops. I legit saw a Venusaur belly-flop into a pond & me jawdropped like it was the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen. 😂 This game is looking more beautiful each trailer, as it should (its a photo game, graphics are a definite priority~).
- Sword/Shield are running the special Gigantimax Pikachu raids with a Singing Pikachu in tow. [Mystery code: P25MUS1C]
- Even Masters EX & Cafe Mix are running extra give aways. I don't play those myself but free stuff for those who do~
Now to the Grimer & Muk: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, the super Chib reMaster of the Sinnoh region. The forcibly rumored thing for ages now since ORAS that's super "faithful" to the original games & being spearheaded by ICLA, the developers of Pokemon HOME. Also the same thing the fans have been arguing usual. Now I understand why Game Freak let another company do the remaster so I don't blame them for the art direction & whatnot; but I have to say that its too...bright for my tastes, like they turned up the lighting on the characters to 20 so now everything else looks weird around them. If you look at the models in HOME, they are quite similarly looking so yeah this was an ICLA decision so I personally super hope they either tone it down themselves or give us the option to in-game; 'coz its not the Chibi style that bothers me personally (been playing Nintendo games long enough to know Chibi =/= Bad Style), but that every model has a light shining down on them like their in a display case... 🤔😥
Oh and besides that, it seems that another sticking point is the "faithful" part of the advertisement. Going by how people seem to have reacted to the ORAS change up, going the safe route of 100% same plot/style/etc would be the logical choice. One that I can't tell if people like this or not, but I personally hope that they DO change it up a bit. For whatever reasons people hated ORAS, it gave the Hoenn region a new mythos, Sky travel, Mega Evolution, and so much more not including (rip) Battle Frontier. Dudes even the villains got multiple glow-ups, you can't tell me ya'll liked the original somewhat bland Archie/Maxie compared to the Pirate Archie/Nerd Maxie. They awesome!~ 😱
Back to BDSP tho; with a region as rich in lore and dimensions as Sinnoh is & the unlikeliness of an additional Platinum remaster, I would seriously hope they put in as much effort to expand our experience of Sinnoh as much as possible. Because yes, I don't wanna have that really slow battle style to make a comeback (holy Blissey madness) & definitely 'coz I want and DEMAND a Delta Episode with Giratina + the Reverse World. This is a must as Platinum was definitely the superior of the 3 games. So is Giratina. Battle me~ :lmao:
Lastly we have the curveball: Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus (and yes, this is the likely reason GF didn't handle the DP remasters themselves). This is an OPEN-WORLD POKEMON GAME set in the old times, something Pokemon does NOT go into regularly...or at all. Then its ALSO set in the Sinnoh region?? My Gen 3 jealousy of all this Gen 4 love is reaching a FEVER PITCH!!~ 😱😱 (still want Colosseum/XD to come back...😥) Anyway, while this is a surprise its also obvious GF have been working towards something like this for years; since XY at least, and both Let's GO & Sw/Sh seem to have been testing grounds on how this kind of game can work. Please note the *can* there because the trailer showed signs its definitely still needing some work, in which they have another year to polish everything so that's good & I don't think much else can be said about it until we get more info.
Legends is personally my favorite thing out of all the announcements:
- SNAP is ok, but not likely to get it any time soon
- BDSP...sorry Gen 4, besides a few select Pokemon you are one of the more forgettable regions. :shrug:
- LEGENDS is just something new & fresh that Game Freak is trying and I'm all for it, especially for the Lore. (yeah I know that's weird to hear but some of fans like Lore too)
But then the Post Malone Virtual Concert was SO AMAZING!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
Ya'll gotta watch it if you haven't~~ Album released later in the year.
Aaaand that's it, for now; though it would be slightly more but alls good. We have the rest of the year for new stuff to come along. As I've shared my opinions on the Presentations + Concert, I shall ask that when you voice your own that you all be respectful to each other. You CAN be very opposed to my opinions but I can't guarantee that folk will care~ :lmao: Now to bombard you all with links and pics as a signing off tactic.
Until next time, future Pokemon Masters!!~ :party:
Pokemon Presentation:
Pokemon LEGENDS - Arceus:
Post Malone(Marowak)'s Concert:
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