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now for everyone &#180;v` ~Jellytix (https://www.deviantart.com/jellytix) :iconra-roo: :iconra-roo: :iconra-roo: :iconra-roo: :iconra-roo:
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Should I give kelzo new hair? will look like ves's hair , kinda, http://sta.sh/0k5dhr47h9t

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Me encanta el arte que aquí se desarrolla, es increíble pensar que esos dibujos los haya hecho una persona. Sigue así ✌👌
Your artwork is wonderful, and full of joy and happiness; it's incredibly inspiring to look through your gallery.  I hope to someday reach your skill level.

Keep up the fantastic work, I love it.
Hay, I saw your da page in the credits of the old indie game Terra Noctis Free Dreaming, and I was wondering if you could help me contact the main creator of that game because I recently got it and I love it so freaking much.
I have no contact to them anymore, sorry.
This account has been dead for month btw. If you want to reach me: my new account is mentioned in a journal.
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Thnx for the fav~