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.A Story Book Affair.

Watercolor -the pencil came out pretty bad in the scan.

Lions have got to be my favorite animal.
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Love the style!
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I think this is officially my favorite image of all time. I've always loved "The Lion and The Unicorn" rhymes and fables, and this is easily the most beautiful representation of them.
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Thank you! I want to redo this when I have time :d Maybe poke'mon inspired.
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Bonus marks for the cloven hooves on the unicorn! Nice border, too. *offers them plum cake*
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I thought of The Last Unicorn, too :) But I also thought of the royal coat of arms, which, being British, means a lot to me. Both animals are beautifully illustrated and I love how they're both laying together in peace. The border is also very clever with all the symbolic details. Very nice.
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This is beautifully done <3 I love your watercolors so much! And the mixture of these two animals (along with the "a storybook affair" title) really reminds me of the opening sequence to my favorite movie The Last Unicorn :') I recommend it! <333
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the unicorn is simply gorgeous! <3
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Thank you! I liked Peter S. Beagle's idea that they're deer-like...much more graceful than a horse!
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aw cool! It reminds me of the story the Lion and The Unicorn from Alice in Wonderland :)
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Tell me the story...i don't think I've heard of it yet..
PawstepsOfBlood's avatar
hrrrm well its kinda long but you can find it here:[link]

it was always one of my favorite stories as a kid :) it made me think of fantasy!
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What a cute idea!I guess after fighting all around the town they realized that it was love not hate they had for one another=D That was always one of my favorite stories as a kid. Probably because it has a unicorn, they are my favorite mythical creatures.
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This piece has a special meaning that only I know. :) But yep, that's the main concept. ^^ I love lions and unicorns.
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One of the best things about art for me is being able to make pieces that have some secret meaning that only I get.It's like writing a diary in a code no one can break but you can still share it with out any worries;)

Yeah they are so magical and lions really are regal looking=)
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I personally like chimps and monkeys. ANyways cool pic! Is this for a story you are writing. :D
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Lol I dunno why guys love monkeys. xD
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Haha! Because they are just so damn cool and fun too draw. :D
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holyshit this is amazing!
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Thaaank you :)
How's it going?
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