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Edit: Some Invites have been sent, last chance to let us know if you're interested before all roles are decided.

Edit: We have one or two options, but we are still looking for people that are interested. Please let us know!

Both Parastorm and myself have thought this over quite a bit, and we were both thinking we would like to leave this group and pass on our positions of Admins to some worthy members. Fact is, we both are not into Pokemon as much as we were when we created this group a few years back. We both have been fine with keeping up with Deviations going in and out of the group, however time doesn't really allow us to do any group activities such as Contests, that would make this place more enjoyable.

I'm sure there are people that are more social and would be able to start up some fun things for the members to do. If you are interested in a Founder and Co-Founder Positions, please comment, or Note me, Neko-Hanyou-Sakura about it. You need to be an Admin in at least one group to be able to understand how the Admin Features work in the Groups. So no, we won't be picking just anyone.

Thank you.

Neko-Hanyou-Sakura and Parastorm
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Under the Mistletoe by sunshineikimaru Under the Mistletoe :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 279 93 Merry Christmas 2008-2009 by LauraPaladiknight Merry Christmas 2008-2009 :iconlaurapaladiknight:LauraPaladiknight 451 79 [Commission] Under The Mistletoe by Cleopatrawolf [Commission] Under The Mistletoe :iconcleopatrawolf:Cleopatrawolf 350 109 Like Twins - DARK AaMl Oo by MiyaToriaka Like Twins - DARK AaMl Oo :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 471 260 Ash and Misty by SugarJem Ash and Misty :iconsugarjem:SugarJem 91 50 Ash and Misty by rawrpancakes Ash and Misty :iconrawrpancakes:rawrpancakes 66 2 Ash And Misty: Vampire Colored by xmizuwaterx Ash And Misty: Vampire Colored :iconxmizuwaterx:xmizuwaterx 219 42 pokeshipping by leecario pokeshipping :iconleecario:leecario 13 5 A Mermaid's Love by Cleopatrawolf A Mermaid's Love :iconcleopatrawolf:Cleopatrawolf 856 295 Pokeshipping: Close Your Eyes by MistyWishMaker Pokeshipping: Close Your Eyes :iconmistywishmaker:MistyWishMaker 453 61 Misty Stamp by kasuria Misty Stamp :iconkasuria:kasuria 357 36
Pokemon - With Me Always
With Me Always. Rated G.
An early morning wake-up call, a tedious hour of packing his bag with his mother reminding him to pack underwear every five seconds, a traffic jam bad enough to be counted as evidence for the existence of the devil, Professor Oak's insistence on playing the license plate game while they waited, and a long line at baggage check-in combined had done absolutely nothing to tire Ash out or dampen his exuberant spirit. A new region with new friends, new Pokemon, and new adventures awaited him. He was the very picture of joyful excitement.
"I wonder if we'll see any new Dragon types there," Ash wondered aloud. It wasn't really anything particularly special about Dragon types that brought him to that question. He'd already wondered about Electric, Fire, Rock, Ghost, Water, Grass, Flying, Steel, Dark, Ice, Psychic, Bug, Poison, Ground, Fighting, and Normal types so it was about time.
"Pika pi!" Pikachu cheered from his shoulder.
"Oh, I'm sure you'll be ple
:iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 7 4
It came without warning, like an assassination in the night. They had inexplicably begun teasing him, egging him on about his "obvious" crush on the girl. He'd had little luck deciphering their motives. Perhaps for their own sense of entertainment or pleasure, or maybe out of sheer boredom, or maybe they'd had some life-altering revelation that dictated that they make a mockery of his love life, or lack of. This had gone on for months now, and from the beginning their jests had been nothing but an annoyance, comments constructed for the sole purpose of provoking him. As time passed, however, their words slowly worked into his mind like tiny drills, and eventually their lies shifted into his truths. With each passing day, his blushes grew darker, the racing of his heart became more rapid, and his thoughts were more isolated, focused solely on one person.
Eventually he'd returned home, where he was met with a surprise greeting with the girl. The moment he saw her, everything came full ci
:iconsykilik101:sykilik101 81 139
Somewhere Out Here by sunshineikimaru Somewhere Out Here :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 247 92 The MISTYrious Tickling-Attack by MiyaToriaka The MISTYrious Tickling-Attack :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 1,353 745 Misty Lure Surprise by Bluecorgi23 Misty Lure Surprise :iconbluecorgi23:Bluecorgi23 1,760 224


About the Club
If you support PokeShipping you belong HERE

- Must be a PokeShipper
- No Flaming. Respect each other, and others opinions on characters shippings etc. If I find anyone harassing or another, breaking this rule. I will not hesitate to ban you.
- DO NOT, Fave or Comment on the Gallery Art. Go to the original.

How to Join/Affiliate:
- Click the Join button
- As for Affiliates, send us an Affiliation Request

How to Submit Art /Rules of Submitting:
-Has to be PokeShipping. Although other characters are allowed, ASH AND MISTY must be in it. Artowrk of just Ash or just Misty is also allowed.
-No Hentai or any of that stuff please.
-FanFiction is allowed
-Cosplay is Allowed
-Screenshots are not allowed.
-Submit to the right folders

~Neko-Hanyou-Sakura and Parastorm






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How do I join?
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I'm hosting and artjam! Pokemon the Little mermaid Artjam!
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Pokeshipping: Learning how to Swim by charlot-sweetie
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thanks you so much for letting me join this group!^^ :) (Smile) <3 Hug Love i really appreciate that!i like the couple ash and misty so much!it's so great to know that i'm not the only one to like this couple and to be with you together in this group!:) (Smile)
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Ah, Misty.  Pokemon's first lady.  And PokeShipping, the original and the best.
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I can't decide whether or not to ship this. Can anyone give me some good reasons to ship this?
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