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I wanted to finalize my ‘team’ for ‘Pokémon Shield’ after I took a break following the Championship. :) The next part for me will be is to train the other Pokémon I caught along my journey (which you likely see in the future as other OC page(s) too). :) I find it ironic how these newer OCs have greater bio detail than for a lot of my older ones. :XD: I can thank the ‘Pokémon Camp’ shenanigans for that! :lol:

All I can say about these Galar OCs without spoiling too much of my plans for them is that they, in their fully evolved forms, will meet Ruby after she completes her journey and makes some fairly big decisions in Alola. ;) Before hand, this group operated as a travelling troupe led by Frank and Raven until some unfortunate events occurred along Route 9 that led to them being taken in by a unit of the police force for recovery over the Christmas holidays. Since they refused to and fought to avoid being separated, the list of possible trainer candidates to mentor and look after them narrowed down until Ruby became the greatest possibility due to her (at that future point in time) expertise, exposure to a variety of Pokémon types, and her compassionate reputation. :nod:


*: can read, **: can read and write

**Frank the Cinderace

Ability: Blaze
Ball: Poké
Parents: Cinderace/Cinderace
Nature: Lonely, Proud of its power
Moveset: Pyro Ball, Bounce, Double-Edge, Flame Charge

Frank was bred and raised by his powerful, retired parents to be like any other healthy, eager-to-please starter for a possible novice trainer in the Galar region. It wasn't long before he was sent off to be chosen after a massive influx of border openings came in for the next round of the Gym League Challenge. Since he was effectively groomed to be the obedient and faithful leader that fulfilled the dreams of a passionate, young trainer, Frank wholeheartedly embraced his role as the ‘starter’ for a young boy named Matthew. Matthew was going to take on the challenge (away from his normal job) to raise more money for his family while in a desperate attempt on his part to not let his previously ill younger brother's memory of his training passion die before it could be actualized in his family.

While Matthew had the potential to at least be a decent trainer, the guilt-tripping and pressure from his immigrant family's poorer social class eventually led him to have a stress-fuelled existential crisis. In this period, he dropped off Frank at an inn in Motostoke in order for him to have a potentially 'better' life than he could afford him and to 'disappear' with the last of his money. This abandonment, however well-intentioned, broke Frank's heart while he, in his loyalty, refused to be taken away by any Pokémon official that felt sorry for him or wanted him to be given to another trainer. On his way out of the city, he eventually met Raven, who would become his first friend following his crisis. Feeling renewed, Frank decided that he would lead on a quest as the 'leader' for a troupe that took in struggling or abandoned Pokémon like himself.

Frank is an extroverted, idealistic Pokémon who loves being friendly to everyone he meets. This trait, on one hand, means that he can easily garner comfort and trust from a variety of personalities. On the other hand, that means he can sometimes be too talkative with certain Pokémon and humans that he and his friends would be better off avoiding or leaving them alone (especially in giving them the any 'wrong ideas' with misplaced trust or his friendliness coming across as exploitative or flirty). Despite his fractured training background, he has been able to operate quite successfully as the de facto leader of the troupe because his warmth, and drives for everyone to see and strive for the 'good' in each other means that his unit can operate well despite the occassional 'clashing of egos'. During down time, Frank tends to get easily pumped up due to the fiery traits of his evolutionary line. He loves to "blow off steam" by racing, which his friends are equally appreciative and annoyed by because he ALWAYS wins with his speed and his eagerness can either pump them up or make them feel insecure or overshadowed.

Due to his extroversion, Frank hates being alone and is easily irritated by boredom, so he does find the somewhat tumultuous and challenging role of his troupe to be exciting and satisfying (most of the time). It's to the point that he can be well-meaning, but awkward around younger or more reserved members in acting as a playful 'big brother' figure in trying to coax them out of their shells by joking, playing, and racing. Deep down, he is still devastated by his previous trainer's predicament to the point of secretly missing him and yearning to see him again quite badly in his idealization of Matthew. Out of compensation for being displaced, Frank can exaggerate his peppiness or throw himself into fighting beyond self-improvement to the point of escapism during moments of repressed fear, anxiety, and sadness. While this may mean that he can be oblivious to the point of being insensitive in pushing hard for the troupe to act like a cheerful and loving 'family' all the time, Frank really is a warm and passionate individual  that just doesn't want anyone to suffer (however unrealistic that is - which is thankfully tampered by the realistic, pragmatic members of his troupe).

- Yellow ‘crown’ is curvier than average
- Wears a gray scarf with a golden pin as a keepsake from Matthew
- Amber eyes with green lining around his pupils


*Raven the Corviknight

Ability: Pressure
Ball: Poké
Parents: Corviknight/Corviknight
Nature: Serious, Likes to fight 
Moveset: Hone Claws, Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Brave Bird

Raven was born out of a breeding program for Galar's Taxi Flying service from one of the many working, first-generation pairs to attempt to continue on the good, domestic training of the company. Although she was one of the offspring that showed the greatest potential and drive in succeeding her parent's accomplishments, she failed the final test involving human interaction and was labelled too 'aggressive' since she had no tolerance towards any rudeness, entitlement, or arrogance she thought they exhibited over Pokémon-kind. In Raven's refusal to become, in her view, a 'doormat' that would go against her true desires for freedom and fighting as a warrior, the rest of her brood suffered from the testing consequences. After a large family fight that quickly escalated to violence after her parents cast her out for 'destroying' their reputation and her potential, Raven was able to use her flying training in order to flee the scene with little injury.

Though it was initially difficult for her to become accustomed to wilderness without human intervention, her harsh approach and physical training accomplishments allowed Raven to quickly adapt outside of Wedgehurst (even finding a way to remove the company leg band on her right leg). Seeing Frank evading capture from young trainers, she decided to help him fight back since she figured that he was a Pokémon who wanted freedom from humans in the wild like her. This caught Frank's interest and admiration, where he convinced her to join him in continuing to search for individuals like themselves that wanted to ‘make something of their own’. To this day, it is rare for Raven to have nothing but disdain for humans since she views most of them as lazy, incompetent, and wasteful.

A powerful Pokémon that believes she has taken advantage of the 'best of both worlds' of Pokémon training and wilderness survival, Raven is amongst one of the most battle-driven and hard-working members of Frank's 'family' unit. Since she matches Frank in raw physical prowess and speed, she has effectively become something like a 'business partner' while they have grown to be each others' best friends (in spite of their very different outlooks and personalities). While Frank is outwardly enthusiastic and tends to want to believe the best in everyone, Raven can come across as cold and rigid for her soldier-like mentality arising from a 'all work and no play' past, and her general distrust and wariness of strangers. Thus, while Raven can keep Frank grounded in realism of survival and tries to make sure that he doesn't place his trust in the wrong individuals, Frank in turn encourages her to find for her version of happiness by allowing herself some play and love in her life.

Despite growing fond of the few 'comrades' she has, Raven has generally experienced difficulties in forming meaningful relationships since she tends to cross as cold, blunt, and humourless in her brutally honest, 'tough love' approach, and intense focus on a very narrow definition of 'strength' (which is frequently challenged by troupe members to the point that she now secretly questions what she learned from her past). Fitting for her introversion, she is fond of observing her surroundings (e.g. meditating amongst cooler and calmer backgrounds since winter is her favourite season) and mulling over survival strategies. That said, even with her serious, loner personality, she is not heartless since she has found some personal enjoyment in being a 'role model' for other other females. For instance, she has benefited from Mallory's gentleness after she looked after her for being 'outed' for not fitting a social construct like she did. As fitting for her intelligence, Raven does enjoy examining and using shiny or unusual items as one of the main gatherers for the troupe. Thus, as a determined, task-oriented individual, she displays her love and care through 'acts of service' in relieving the burden of others rather than through physical acts of affection.

- Golden and ruby brooch attached to her breast plate (as a gift from Mallory)
- Violet eyes


**Gizmo / “Moe” the Grimmsnarl

Ability: Prankster
Ball: Great
Parents: Morgrem/Morgrem
Nature: Gentle, Highly curious
Moveset: False Surrender, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Foul Play

As part of clan initiation following his birth, Gizmo was left beind as a 'changeling' to an old female hermit named Ruth who lived in their woods. While he was supposed to descend into chaos to feed on the rest of her life energy, he failed to do so because he wanted to be part of a family. When he demonstrated his innocence, Ruth eventually became fond and sympathetic towards him as a grandmother figure who, after naming him "Gizmo", taught him manners, stories, item gathering, and singing. Though their presence(s) brought each other comfort in their own loneliness, Ruth started to die from stress of old age. Gizmo did his best to heal and comfort her, but his 'failure' and the negative emotions arising from the pair attracted his clan to raid and destroy her house. Seeing his 'grandmother' die horribly after the clan spiked and sucked out her remaining negative energy, Gizmo was traumatized by the broken ethical boundaries and ran away as clan members 'devoured' her and the house.

While in a delirious, distraught state, Gizmo wandered lost through the woods until he saw a lone, sad Hattena gathering materials by a pond. While initially wary of her, he, in his loneliness and feeling her sorrow, introduced himself to her and begged for her to let him join her since he had nothing left. After they both explained themselves, the pair decided to fight against their initial specist prejudices of each other to wander the rest of their days together since neither of them didn't want to die alone. Eventually, Gizmo met Frank's troupe after Mallory went looking for help after he became sick from trash they scavanged. Being welcomed into the group along with Mallory did encourage Gizmo to act more like his sweet self where, after being looked after by Oliver as a 'grandfather' figure while everyone else kept some distance (since they were frightened of the negativity surrounding his evolutionary line), he proved his value after enough positive reinforcement and safety (mostly) brought him out of his shy nerves towards greater confidence.

At his core, Gizmo is quite a kind, patient Pokémon that is almost childlike in his genuine curiosity for others and all sorts of phenomena he wouldn't have learned if he assimilated into his previous clan. He is quite expressive of feeling the rollercoaster of emotions, which may explain why he enjoys physical affection, wrestling, and music (especially as an impressive singer and screamer) so much. He is the most open about seeking and fighting for justice in and out of his group of loved ones; he, out of all the group members, is acutely aware of how fear and ignorance breeds hatred, and how many species of Pokémon have to struggle to survive given their ecological niche (e.g. how Dark-types like himself often can not help their strengths or their urges/tendencies towards chaos). Gizmo does what he can to challenge this latency towards chaos into heavier, rock music, and by relieving others of their emotional instability by feeding on their negative emotions. He also goes out of his way to be as cheerful and helpful as possible, such as wrapping up others in his 'hair' for warmth and collecting supplies with Raven.

Initially starting off as a socially awkward youth, Gizmo has become more outgoing as he built up his strength and confidence after continuing to be 'raised' properly after the death of Ruth. He looks up to Frank and Raven as role models, looks after the other members as his 'siblings', loves Oliver like a 'grandfather', and has been in a happy and affectionate relationship with Mallory since their struggles in Glimwood Tangle during their second evolutionary stages. Thus, he is considered to be the 'body guard' of the troupe for his physical strength and protectiveness; getting on his 'bad side' or making him truly furious is widely seen as a 'death wish' for many good reasons. Gizmo can be especially intimidating when he is upset over injustice or suffering as a result of his compassion, the scars of his trauma, and being frequently misunderstood; mood-swinging heavily from weeping paralysis to screaming rage until he grows tired or someone pulls him out of it.

- Wears a necklace made of wooden twine, claws, feathers, and a Shell Bell as a gift from Ruth
- Has heterochromia; right eye is nearly black and left eye is red


Satine the (Amped) Toxtricity

Ability: Punk Rock
Ball: Ultra
Parents: Toxtricity/Toxtricity
Nature: Impish, Somewhat stubborn
Moveset: Poison Jab, Overdrive, Boomburst, Spark

Satine grew up on Route 7, where the few, remaining Toxtricity pairs were forced to let their offspring fight and survive on their own as they tried to kill off as many of the predators as possible (eventually leading to their deaths). The Toxels in the area became stunted since the stress brought on by limited resources and injuries following predaceous onslaughts from cat/canine predators prevented them from evolving at normal Lvls. Growing angry over the doomed fates of her brethren and siblings over the chaotic domination of the predaceous outbreak, Satine grew to be one of the toughest Toxels as she kept surviving while failing to save them. One day, Gizmo saved her from a Meowstic, where he and Mallory took care of her injuries as a pair (with help from Oliver).

Though she tended to be pouty and impatient with the troupe as a frustrated Toxel, Satine did come around to enjoying the attention and appreciating the consistent food supply that everyone shared with each other. Her evolution caused her a euphoric rush of no longer being stuck in a 'baby stage' when she was no longer one emotionally, causing her to use her new powers to take down some of the cruellest predators in the area. The rest of the troupe helped her in chasing out the leaders of the domination until the natural predator/prey cycle was restored. Since she did grow fond of having a 'family' again, Satine decided to join Frank's troupe after her vengeance had been fulfilled with their help. 

Befitting to her Amped form, Satine has a fairly feisty, fierce personality; in order to survive, she developed a sharp tongue and stubborn attitude to use her powers to intimidate. To this day, she tends to believe in solving her problems by arguing and battling so she has to often has to have either Gizmo or Mallory around to pull her back or call her out when she loses her temper. Along with Raven, she is one of the most enthusiastic fighters, but, like her, tends to be hesitant and reserved about interacting with others more intimately beyond being playful. In her case, she finds the emotional side of relationships to be messy and confusing because she had to deal with the pain of watching many of her friends and family get hurt and die during her childhood. Satine can be very outgoing and loyal once she feels close enough to trust someone, even if she will often banter and crack jokes in order to hide her shyness over expressing love and vulnerability. Though generally confident, mocking her for being short, scarred, or a 'late bloomer' is a surefire way to enrage her because it represents the physical and mental struggles she went through as a Toxel.

Satine is widely seen as the entertaining 'cool' one of the group, especially for her mannerism of head-banging when she's excited. Clashing with reserved individuals like Oliver and Raven on occassion (or being rivalrous with Bertha), she tends to lean on Frank for support and play out of the 'leaders' of the troupe. Ironically, Mallory was the first to befriend her (while she took care of her) with Gizmo because they admired each others' strength and were able to bond over their mutual appreciation of food. So, despite their differences in prowess and personality, Satine and Mallory are each others' best friends in their 'tomboy'/'girly-girl' association. Since Gizmo acts like a 'big brother' figure, she takes mischievous pleasure in acting like an annoying but cheeky 'little sister' to him. When they're not playing or practicing music together (where she 'strums' her chest to work at playing the electric guitar properly), she likes to tease and troll him whenever he is trying to flirt with or flex for Mallory.

- Is shorter than average due to her late-levelled evolution
- Scars over the leftside of cheeks/lips, back, and stomach and bite marks on her hips, arms, and legs from multiple attempts on her life
- Icy blue eyes


**Mallory the Hatterene

Ability: Healer
Ball: Great
Parents: N/A/Hatterene
Nature: Lonely, Highly curious
Moveset: Dazzling Gleam, Psycho Cut, Psychic, Draining Kiss (TM)

Mallory was brought up and raised in a Hatterene matriarch clan in the woods without ever knowing her father. Though she wanted to make her mother proud, she was the only Hattena that would openly question the status quo beyond initial refusals by the teachers and leaders of the clan. Eventually learning that open questioning was going to lead to punishment for her and her mother, Mallory started to venture out past her territory in secret outside of gathering supplies to talk with other Pokémon. She learned beyond the forbidden and taboo of her culture - particularly on the positivity that can arise from emotions and love, which were seen as dangerous to the highly tuned, empathic natures of the evolutionary line due to triggering either panicking hysteria or ravenous aggression. Her mother, while still adhering to the culture out of ignorance and fear, was well-intentioned in trying to protect her daughter from bullying and the authoritarian leaders. But, Mallory couldn't stand feeling so oppressed for her quest for truth and balance, so she ran away from home once she threw out a psychic attack that temporarily disabled the Hatenna/Hattrem coming after her. 

On the run from her clan, Mallory kept escaping until the clan gave up on her as a 'lost cause' that was better suited to die from starvation or predation rather than 'punish' her. She kept surviving on her own until the homesickness of missing her mother started to get to her, residing close to a pond to sleep and cry. One sad day, a scared Impidimp named "Gizmo" bumped into her for help and comfort. While she was initially scared of him due to the chaotic and fearsome reputation of his evolutionary line that she learned from her clan, she was ultimately sympathetic to his plight and figured that she had 'nothing left to lose' in having someone around to help and keep her company. Mallory started to truly care for Gizmo when, after he started to notice that she had to break away from him at times to deal with the extreme energies of his fear, heartbreak, and rage, he stopped her from going 'berserk' by 'feeding' on some of this emotion while giving her extra berries to eat. After Gizmo got sick from trash, Mallory kept calling out to someone beyond the tree line until she saw Frank's troupe (who would then go on to helping the pair and bringing them in).

Once those look past her species' frightening reputation and heightened empathic power, it is obvious that Mallory is a sweet-natured and compassionate individual who is driven to explore as many beings and environments as possible. While dealing with her empathic capabilties has been difficult and painful for her, she has discovered a myriad of ways to deal with it: "releasing" energies in psychic forms while practicing her battle techniques, eating either large quantities of or satiating foods to compensate for her greater appetite, writing out her thoughts on paper to then either she keeps or rips up, clinging to those like Gizmo and Satine for warmth, and soothing others' pain to deal with her own through her 'feminine touches'. If something is particularly upsetting or she is unable to use any of her coping mechanisms (or if they aren't even working in the first place), Mallory will begin to suffer from dangerous mood-swings of frenzied aggression to panic attacks as she does everything in her power to not lash out at others. It can get to the point of her experiencing vomiting, fainting, and misophonia if she isn't careful. Thus, she has admiration for (and is, guiltily, envious of) those that are laid-lack and who she views as having more 'self-control' than her.

To cope with the loneliness she may feel over interactions in her clan and how others may negatively react to her evolutionary line (either for misguided or prejudiced reason), Mallory has happily become the 'peace-maker' and 'mediator' of the group (especially in looking after and befriending new members of the troupe). Her maternal tendencies mean that the troupe members occasionally tease for being 'domestic'; she tries to do multiple things that involve making everyone feel and any of their 'pit stops' be comfortable through cooking endeavours, cleaning, encouraging creative pursuits like music and 'crafts', and having heavy conversations to discuss all matters of opinion, faith, fact, advice, and wisdom. Thankfully, none of the group members find her overbearing in any way, so she is the one friend that everyone can trust for affection and peace (while looking out for any signs of emotional pain for her in return). She considers Satine to be her best friend, goes to Oliver for mentorship, looks up to Raven as a strong role model for discipline, and is very happy to be Gizmo's girlfriend due to the similarities in their personalities and background and how they are each able to cope with others' tendencies to chaos.

- Retained forehead curl of her previous evolutionary stage(s)
- Brown satchel containing food, materials, writing supplies, and notebook
- Gray eyes


Bertha the Grapploct

Ability: Limber
Ball: Ultra
Parents: Clobbopus/Clobbopus
Nature: Sassy, Somewhat of a clown
Moveset: Bulk Up, Superpower, Reversal, Waterfall (TR)

Bertha was born in a healthy brood to a Clobbopus pairing in Circhester Bay who had to leave them behind to survive as part of their biological cycle. Originally, she acted as a 'beta' to her strongest brother to avoid being killed at such a young age. While they originally had an exciting agreement to be 'partners in crime' until they evolved, eventually Bertha upsurped him once she started to grow tired of him exploiting and pushing her around. Bertha focused on upping her prowess as one of the strongest females of the region, to the point of defeating any interested males during mating season. Eventually, she got bored of living as a Clobbopus in her 'mature' age so she started to throw herself into risky and dangerous situations to either evolve or 'die in a blaze of glory' since she saw no point in life otherwise. She was swiftly defeated by Frank, who allowed her to join his troupe after letting her to make the choice of either returning to the wild or accompanying them following her recovery period.

Since she is no longer stunted in an evolutionary stage that no longer suited her age and experience, Bertha openly shows herself as a sassy and proud brawler-type. Similarily to Satine, her rival, she has to be held back by the more mature, calmer individuals (like Raven and Mallory) because she is very prone to being reckless and mischievous. She is outgoing to the point of obvious attention-seeking, especially when she ups her humour to be lewd and offensive in order to get a response from her edginess or snarkiness. That said, Bertha can bring a great amount fo amusement and laughs for others since she enjoys bringing out smiles and giggles with her spit-fire punchlines and puns (though she will sometimes gets in trouble for 'roasting' others). Due to the overarching similarities with Satine, they have a 'vitrolic friends'/foil relationship that is largely driven by a rivalry over their prowess and senses of humour. The pair are equally likely to pick fights as they are to laugh together since they easily 'butt heads' due to Satine's temper and Bertha's pride. Bertha looks forward to the day that she can beat Gizmo in wrestling since she has been one of the few males to ever really 'defeat' her. In their roles as leaders, Frank and Raven have both helped Bertha remain more focused on her great fighting potential through fewer, controlled moves with greater power behind them.

- Retains the patterning of her Clobbopus stage due to her late-levelled evolution
- Paler than average
- Orange eyes


*Estella the Frosmoth

Ability: Shield Dust
Ball: Luxury
Parents: Snom/Snom
Nature: Quirky, Good perservance
Moveset: Aurora Beam, Bug Buzz, Avalanche, Icy Wind

Estella was born to one of the many Snom pairs that didn't live long after mating and birthing many offspring. Being a little and weak Bug Pokémon who could only focus on eating and protecting herself, Estella started to delve into her imagination out of escapism and boredom. She became particularly curious of Pokémon that lived under a trainer of sorts and the various interactions of humans as being who did not have to be limited to survival in the wild. When she wouldn’t just lay around in the snow, Estella attempted to ‘draw’ with her body and make snow structures (and was saddened whenever they fell apart from the weather or from oblivious/malicious Pokémon). After one particularly lovely structure she made was destroyed by some ruffians, she entered into a depressive state where she felt ‘trapped’ by her puny body that she felt limited her chance to achieve her dreams of learning and creating art with loved ones.

Seeing her delayed reaction to a threatening trainer one day, Mallory saved her from being killed. While the troupe was struggling in the snowy weather, she championed for the cause of looking after Estella (such as finding a lost Soothe Bell to help her with her evolving). Following a period of illness and emotional breakdowns, Estella was the one to encourage the 'last resort' of turning to humans (specifically police officials) for help. Being a fragile daydreamer often 'lost in her own head', Estella is an introverted, oblivious, and somewhat quirky Pokémon who tries to 'work' with the elements for embracing their beauty without fighting the inevitable. She enjoys being creative, whether that is in the form of 'showier' attacks or in the form of various threaded/snow 'art'. While this may make her come across as theatrical, she is truly mellow and strives to seek out balance beyond survival and battling. Estella wishes to expand her horizons towards a more 'human' experience, which she believes involves philosophical and existential topics. She finds the troupe largely fascinating in her observations from afar, but is the most wary of Raven and feels the closest to Gizmo and Mallory. 

- Wears a blue-ribboned Soothe Bell necklace
- Dark indigo eyes


*Oliver the Eldegoss

Ability: Regenerator
Ball: Poké
Parents: Eldegoss/Eldegoss
Nature: Modest, Alert to sounds
Moveset: Cotton Spore, Hyper Voice, Leaf Storm, Leaf Tornado

Oliver has lived most of his life as an average Gossifleur who fell in love with and 'mated for life' with a bubbly, optimistic Glossifleur named Dandelion. He lived happily as a father of multiple broods until her death, where even other Pokémon couldn’t bring themselves to hurt or compete with them considering that they were so minimalist and family-oriented. Even though he embraces the chaos and uncertainty of life, the death of his beloved sent Oliver into a melancholic state after all of his surviving offspring had moved on without him. Driven to be part of a 'family' again in the last stretch of his life span, he decided to join the travelling Frank and Raven since he couldn't let youth like them travel by themselves. In his moments of solitude, Oliver will daydream about his past life with a closed-eyed grin on his face while remembering his children and mate.

Oliver is very 'grandfatherly' in temperament as befitting for his old age and past family life. He is a modest, warm, and generous fellow that possesses a 'go-with-the-flow' attitude to deal with conflict. It's to the point that he is a strong believer in destiny, fate, and 'everything happens for a reason' that aligns with belief in views of entities like Arceus (which does put him at odds with those like Raven and Satine that intimidate him in believing that one should create their own fate). While he did sacrifice his floating movements for a greater, but slower form after evolution, this doesn’t stop Oliver from being a spry, competent fighter as a long-lived individual who taught and protected his family as much as he could during the many seasons of the wild. The troupe tend to appreciate his wisdom and soothing words even though he wants to always be amongst conversations, and can nag on occasion for any 'clashing of egos' (such as Frank being too overly eager). Out of the members, Gizmo and Mallory love him the most like a family member because he was willing to be a wise and compassionate role model to youth in need despite his initial nerves over dealing with volatile species.

- Lighter colouration and facial wrinkles that hint at his seniority
- Dark brown eyes


Jacob the Drednaw

Ability: Shell Armour
Ball: Poké
Parents: Drednaw/Drednaw
Nature: Timid, Capable of taking hits
Moveset: Protect, Rock Tomb, Counter, Jaw Lock

Jacob has a grumpy, snarky disposition on the surface due to his need for peace and quiet. His cantankerous frustration with those that bring out any discomfort or envy from him can even cause him to take out his biting cravings on his outdoor surroundings like trees and boulders. This is, in part, due to being crticized for his 'boring' personality and 'craggy' appearance as a Chewtle, which has not helped in feeling overshadowed by Pokémon that may be faster, more charismatic, and/or more good-looking than him. Eventually realizing that he was not going to become a fighter and father with the way he was, he wanted to prove Frank wrong and Raven right in overcoming his bulky limitations to be a worthy candidate for the troupe. He has done so by offering his protection against the powerful inhabitants of the Wild Area through his high defense. Though he is not a talkative or affectionate individual, his tenacity (despite not being a 'fighter') has garnered some respect from the other troupe members. Indeed, Jacob does secretly like some personal, positive attention towards him, but he is usually too self-conscious to react too positively to it (such as from the pretty Estella). Since he has taken on the role as the 'protector' of the supplies and of any member who is injured or sick, Jacob now exhibits his soft side for the warm-natured Oliver, Mallory, and Gizmo, and for any struggling youth (since he doesn't want them to experience too much of the unhappiness and mockery that he personally went through).

- Some light scars and tears on his shell
- Dark blue eyes with dark eye circles


Juju the Sandaconda

Ability: Sand Pit
Ball: Ultra
Parents: Sandaconda/Sandaconda
Nature: Lax, Likes to run
Moveset: Dig, Slam, Bulldoze, Brutal Swing

Like the rest of the Silicobra along Route 6, Juju would spend his days living casually in the desert. He was starting to think about 'settling down' with a family once he saw others start gaining mates, but he was having issues with finding any female 'suitable' no matter how attractive she was. One fateful day, he saw Frank as a Raboot leading his troupe and was so mesmerized by him that he came to the confusing realization that he couldn't decide if he wanted a piece of him to devour or 'devour' him. Frank was very amused by Juju's staring and, after some playful banter, extended an invitation to join his troupe. Realizing that his difficulties came from homosexuality, Juju happily joined as a 'travel companion' and occasional worker for the troupe. Juju is very laidback and casual in temperament, tending to observe his surroundings or switch between sunbathing and tunneling into the dirt of open areas when he's not helping out or exchanging banter. His lax approach to life can make him come across as detached or aloof to the other members, especially during vulnerable moments or moments where he forgets how much space his frame can take up. Other than that, Juju continues to have a self-aware, one-sided infatuation on Frank for his warmth and handsome, fit appearance (especially since he takes this crush with stride in not being disgusted with him over his homosexuality while being able to still be friends with him).

- Circular patterns across his scales
- Pink irises with green sclera 

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A real awesome team you got there for your Shield game, dear! :clap: :peace::D I also love how your paired your Grimmsnarl with your Hatterene like I did too! :aww: :heart: Plus, I truly adore how you put so much effort into your Pokemon characters, I love reading about them! ^.^ :+favlove:
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Thank you very much, Jussy. :hug: I really enjoyed drawing them and using them in my 'Shield' game. :aww: I think the shenanigans of the 'Pokémon Camp' feature helped me immensely in coming up with ideas, which is why they are so detailed in compared to so many of my Pokémon OCs. :lol: 
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You're very welcome, my dear! :aww: :huggle: Oooh, I can tell you did as much as I love using mine~:heart: >w<
OMG, yes, they are so great and help build character :D I so agree, hehe~ ;p

On a different note, I am creating a group of my own Toy Story OCs, and shipping one of them with Slink (who is my fave! :love:)
multidude233's avatar
They're all so wonderful, and their bios are so stunning!
PokeRouge's avatar
You're too kind, thank you. :blushes:
multidude233's avatar
You're welcome, dudette!
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I really loved reading all of these - you put a lot of thought into these bios and their characters! :D
I think Oliver, Frank, Gizmo, Satine, Mallory and Raven are my favourites here, but they're all really good with what you gave them. :D
PokeRouge's avatar
That is very nice to hear, thank you. :aww: Funny that you should mention those OCs as your favourites because they were basically my team before I captured and trained Bertha and Estella to take on the Championship. :)
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