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PWNED : by PokePaladinKyo PWNED : :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 1 0
Shadow Legends, CH 2
Shadow Legends, Chapter 2.
I was running for my life, and I had no idea what was even chasing me! I would just say they are common stalkers with a knack for irritating blond girls, but then again, I just saw one jump a building! So naturally, I have to wonder...
... DUDE, WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!
I run until I was cornered, they had me now... I took a look at my assailants, five... no six of them, their eyes were dark and cold, and they had fangs.
"What... the hell are you guys?" I said in horror. I honestly did not expect them to reply, so I was surprised when one of them grinned and said.
"Why... we're vampires, lil missy."
Vampires?!?! I thought those things were myth! Ohh... I'm dead now, and here I was thinking I would make it to twenty at least. Wait... who is that guy?
This... well... ninja-like guy suddenly appeared behind these 'vampires', they tried to hit him but he cut them all down with a sword! Wow, maybe I'm not dead after all!
"Hey.... who.. are you?" I said, honestly, I wa
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Shadow Legends, CH 1
Shadow Legends
Chapter One
*Insert Joseph's signature here*
I stood there, in my inner world. This dark and lifeless place was brightened by the presence of a single other entity. Her form and figure, though likely to be unremarkable to most, seemed nearly angelic to my eyes. Her brown hair would have shone a brilliant red if there was sunlight in this world, but the damned light always eludes this place, I hate it!
"Now... Wil... what's wrong?" She said to me, trying to make me feel better, just like I remember.
"Well, I'm stuck in this sunless realm, and if you have not noticed I am an accursed undead now." I said, I was irritated, but I would never show it in the real world. On further examination, one would find that over the past few months I have suppressed nearly all emotional response, perhaps a side effect of all my troubles.
"Don't be sad....." She said, trying to appeal to me.... perhaps a useless effort.
"Well, lets see.... I'm in my secluded world, again..... I don't know
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Mature content
Requiem Legends, first issue. :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 1 2
Zombie Survival Game by PokePaladinKyo Zombie Survival Game :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 0 1 EPIC FAIL by PokePaladinKyo EPIC FAIL :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 1 4
Profile: Kain
Universe: Requiem, Legends of Aremil.
Name: Kain
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown, was left by his parents. Grew up in a Rolanian monastery outside of the province of Draven.
Class: Mercenary/Spellblade.
Aura: Dark
Physical: Weathered, beaten, and scarred. His body shows many signs of abuse and injury, most likely due to several years of mercenary work. His hair is raven-black, strait, and kept several inches from shoulder-length. His clothing is basic, as he tends to destroy outfits far too quickly to make expensive clothing wise or practical.
Emotional: As scarred on the outside as the inside, Kain is an unstable case... a bomb ready to explode. He tries to be virtuous and honest, but his anger often does the talking. He cannot understand his own part in the plan of any god at all, although he remains open and is in fact an active member of the Church of Rolanis. He never takes time to build relationships, in fact, he never seems to look far beyond his next job.
:iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 1 0
Requiem Introduction
In the time before the first age of creation, the three stood alone as powers... the world they knew had been destroyed.
And the three were: Rolanis, who bound himself to Order and stood for the just path. Allenia, who remained unbound and constantly sought the path to avoid conflict and death. And Maraki, who destroyed the old world and silenced its king... he bound himself to chaos himself.
After the destruction of the first world, the two created the second world (Which is known as Aremil in the common tongue) and all those who resided in it. However, Maraki did not stand idle.. he sought to destroy the second world as he had destroyed the first. He planted the seeds of destruction, and the citizens of Aremil waged war with each other.
Angered, Rolanis intervened, calling the Unholy warlord himself into battle. The two fought fiercely, but no victor emerged. Finally, Allenia could not take it, she used all of her power... and the goddess bound herself and the warring gods into morta
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Mage's code CH3
May woke up in the dread of night, she was in a panic. Someone had sounded the alarm.
"It's one of them, that armor... he's a knight! Get him out of here before he burns the whole damn village!!!" A town guard shouted, May climbed up the wall to see what was going on. She saw the 'knight' that the guard was talking about. He was muscular, and there were scars on his body. And without a doubt his armor was of the knight's design, if the rumors were true he could easily be capable of breaking through into the city.
... but something was wrong...
He looked at the gate, but his sword was not drawn, nor did he show signed of reaching for it. His pace did not suggest that he was trying to rush the gates, he was barely taking a slow walk. And no one was there, if he was involved in an attack one would at least expect five or six other knights. And he showed all signs of fatigue.
No backup, tired, no signs of aggression... what was this?
Before she could comment on the situation a flurry of sp
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Mature content
Fever OCTOBER SEVENTH :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 1 0
Mature content
Fever 'October Second' :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 0 0
Mature content
Fever 'October First' :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 0 2
Shoop Da Nuke by PokePaladinKyo Shoop Da Nuke :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 3 1
Mature content
Legends Eternal Ch 3 :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 1 2
Yarr Harr by PokePaladinKyo Yarr Harr :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 3 10 HOW BOUT THEM EAGLES??? by PokePaladinKyo HOW BOUT THEM EAGLES??? :iconpokepaladinkyo:PokePaladinKyo 2 7



Joseph Mafodda
Artist | Photography
United States
Me?.... you want to know about me? *gasps and faints*

Current Residence: Lying in the shadows... (psst, I'm over there... *points to empty corner*)
Favourite genre of music: ROCK!!!
Favourite style of art: Anime, American Comic, and some Variety Styles.
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Wallpaper of choice: Changes daily.
Skin of choice: Human... mehehheh
Favourite cartoon character: Natsu!!! :D
Personal Quote: Remember me, as nobody.
Okayy, so I made a room for me to stalk, cause they kept kicking me out of the public rooms for stalking.

Mmkay, so here's the room:…

There's not much to do there except spam me with random ideas that might encourage me to write again... well... I mean... it's not a useless room... I'll give free amateur counseling if you need it, I'm good at it, I swear! ^^


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