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First 4th of July together
*It was a normal sun down in Alola, as Sherman and his Pokemon are celebrating their 4th of July with fireworks and food. He and his Pokemon had bought their supplies for their fun tonight, such as fireworks and food.*
Sherman and Buizel had done this event alot every year, and tonight, this will be the first night he will spend with his Pokemon, and soon his friends, during the night. This would be a good time for both Sherman and Buizel*
*When Sherman and his Pokemon got home, Sherman’s mother, Maddie, as preparing for dinner Sherman and his bought, as Sherman and his Pokemon are setting up the fireworks.*
Buizel: (This is going to be really exciting night, right Sherman?)
Sherman: Of course, Buizel. I have to agree with you, as this is one of the most exciting days ever. I really love the fireworks, and you fire it upwards before it explodes its flashing colors at the sky! You can also kick back and chill as you watch them from the farthest distance.
Buizel: (Cool! Since we bo
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 6 0
Elena's Fun Facts
1. Elena was taken in by Acantha after she rescued her from a pile of rocks.
2. Elena's mother, Cocoa, is dead, and her father, Smoke, is at the Aquacorde Town dog pound.
3. Elena has quite a liking to spiders.
4. Elena will be often seen reading anime magazines.
5. Elena will often call Team Rocket 'Jerks', 'Fleabags', and 'Greedy People'.
6. Elena likes Dark-Type Pokémon.
7. Elena is kind of scared of her father, thinking that he'll come back to haunt her one day.
8. Elena has an interest to haunted houses and mansions.
9. Elena's favorite colors are black and dark red.
10. Elena can sing very well.
11. Elena will be sometimes seen chewing gum, as she often carries a pack of them in her backpack.
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 4 4
Pokemon XY Fan Series Bio: Elena
Name: Elena
Nicknames: goth pup, kid, pipsqueak (by Acantha)
Height: About the height of a 7-month-old chihuahua pup.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Age: 6 in human years.
Gender: Female
Disorders: Asperger's Syndrome
Allergies: Mangos
Birthday: June 12th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: N/A
Likes: Being with Acantha, Dark-Type Pokémon, rock music, the color black, pizza, spiders, performances, singing, haunted houses/mansions, chewing gum.
Dislikes: Team Rocket, ear rape, getting into fights, cigarettes, bad hair days, breaking a claw, being a damsel in distress, mosquitoes.
Fears: Her dad
Hometown: Aquacorde Town
Region: Kalos
Family: Smoke (father), Cocoa (mother; deceased) Acantha (adopted sister; mentor)
Education: N/A
Class: Trainer
English Voice Actor: Lacey Chabert (similar to young Vitani in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 3 14
Sherman's Buizel's Birthday
*It is a normal day in Alola on Melemele Island. In the Easton household, Sherman and Maddie are preparing food, presents, drinks, cake, and games. Before they did all that, Sherman told his Pokemon to take Buizel out for a walk so he won't be spoiled, to which they all agree to take him out. The Pokemon took Buizel out for a walk on the beach before Maddie and Sherman start getting ready for a party. As they are getting their house decorated, all of Sherman's Pokemon are strolling through Hau'oli City and at the beach, chatting*
Lucario: (Hey, Buizel. Aren’t you happy that your birthday is today?)
Buizel: (Of course I am, Lucario! One of the best days of the year!)
Charizard: (So, what did you do on your birthday every year?)
Buizel: (Well, Charizard. Before I met Sherman, my parents and I celebrated my birthday at the Buizel/Floatzel clan, which is my home.) *Remembers the time a Tentacruel attacked his home*
Lucario: (Is something wrong, Buizel?)
Buizel: (I’ll be fine, L
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 6 0
Pokemon XY Fan Series Birthdays
Hey there. I just wanted to make a stash of my OCs, including Nobody' OCs in the XY Fan Series AU and the canon characters in my AU, birthdays in chronological order, starting with January. If you want me to add Ash and co. and the Pokemon's birthdays, let me know, as I do know what Ash's birthday is. Here is the chronological of my OCs, Lara's OCs, and the canon characters' (so far) birthdays
Terrance (January 10)
Samantha (January 14)
Carlos' Shiny Hawlucha, Black (February 13)
Sherman's Sandile (February 25)
Sherman's Grovyle (March 2)
Sherman (March 14)
Carlos' Shiny Mightyena, Twister (March 15)
Samantha's Bulbasaur (March 21)
Samantha's Mudkip (April 1)
Sherman's Hawlucha (April 21)
Ash's Hawlucha (April 21)
Samantha's Vivillon (May 2)
Ash Ketchum (May 22)
Clemont (June 4)
Samantha's Litleo
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 5 4
Stressing about the past
This next Pokemon XY Fan Series short is what Lara12anos and I RP 2 months ago. Furthermore, Lara and her Pokemon goes to Lara12anos, Sherman and Samantha, and their Pokemon goes to me, and everyone else goes to the Pokemon Company
Anyway, let’s begin the next short:

*It was a normal day in Coumarine City, as Ash and co. are busy minding their own business, like training or practicing for their goals. Lara is sitting at a nearby pond as she is looking at the water. While she is looking at the pond, Lara is thinking about her biological. It has been a long time since she saw them, as she wish they would take her along to her hometown, in Alaska. If that path occurred, Lara wouldn’t have met Ash and friends. As Lara was thinking about between her biological family and her friends, she began to have this pain in the chest*
Lara: *screaming in pain* OH GOD! THE PAIN!! HELP!!!
Ash: *Notices Lara screaming as he runs up to her, along with his friends and Pokemon
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 3 0
Pancham Over Troubled Water
Author’s Note: This is the first Pokemon XY Fan Series short, so just letting you all know. Also, this is the first requested fanfic by Lara12anos. Btw, Sherman and Sam goes to me, Lara, Carlos, Pearl, and Black goes to Lara, and everyone else goes to the Pokemon Company
Anyways, let’s begin.

It is a normal, sunny, and hot day at Lumiose City as Ash and co. are outside as they are sweating like crazy.
Sherman: Oh man, I can’t stand the sweat!
Buizel: (Me neither!)
Ash: Hate to tell you this, but we dealt with sweat before, right?
Pikachu: (Can’t argue with it. It sometimes has been like that since we first traveled.)
Samantha: Especially when we were at Melemele Island in Alola. It was hotter as usual!
Clemont: Hey, I have an idea! Bonnie, remember when we went to the Lumiose City’s club swimming pool before?
Bonnie: Oh yeah! I remember! It’s so relaxing, especially the water!
Samantha: Smart choice, Clemont. That way, we can cool o
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 5 0
A RP related to Pokemon XY Fan Series
Characters I will be using, but later RP as canon characters and more will come as we RP: Sherman, Buizel, Lucario, Hawlucha, Lucario, Grovyle, Sandile, Charmeleon, Samantha, Vivillon, Amaura, Litleo, Mudkip, and Bulbasaur.
After Serena and Samantha's Showcase, Ash and co. are now in Route 13 called Lumiose Badlands as they are heading to Lumiose City for Sherman and Ash's 5th Gym Battle against Clemont, the Lumiose City Gym Leader. Clemont wonders that he will soon battle Ash and Sherman once he and his friends, plus his sister, gets to Lumiose City.
Ash and co. decide to take a break as they start doing their own business, with Ash, Sherman, and their Pokemon training, Serena, Samantha, and their Pokemon practice for the upcoming Showcase, Clemont prepares lunch, and the rest start playing. As the group mind their own business, they spot an unknown person/thing coming up to Ash and co. That person is.....
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 3 0
Carlos and his Pokemon's Fun Facts
Note: (These are Lara12anos's OCs, so I give credit to her)
1. Like Lara, Carlos is often abused by Serena's Pancham.
2. Like Rose, Carlos's parents are divorced. He lives with his mother and sister on the heart of Pewter City. His father lives in another part of it.
3. Carlos's favorite color is blue and green.
4. Carlos's mentor is Brock, an old friend of Ash's. Which is also a reason why Carlos looks up to Ash so much.
5. Carlos is mostly treated like a human child.
6. Carlos likes bananas.
7. Carlos likes cowboys and old west content.
8. Carlos likes skateboarding. He also uses his skate to go on places.
9. Carlos' father, Orville, married a female Golden Retriever named Rachel. She and Carlos get along very well.
10. Carlos drinks out of a straw cup.
11. Carlos likes Shiny Pokemon. Which explains how he has only Shiny Pokemon in his team.
12. Carlos has a stuffed tiger named Bengal.
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 2 18
Pokemon XY Fan Series OC Bio: Carlos
Name: Carlos
Nicknames: Coal, fluffy-boy (by Lara), kid (by Ash, Sherman, and Samantha), mutt (by Serena's Pancham), genius (by his friends and Pokémon), black wolf twerp (by Team Rocket)
Height: About the height of a 3-month-old wolf pup.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black and white
Age: 3 in human years.
Gender: Male
Disorders: Autism
Allergies: Powder
Birthday: August 29th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Lara
Likes: Digging holes, going on adventures, cowboys and old west content, Ash, reading, drawing, chain reactions, playing with Nerf Guns, taking selfies, playing tug-o-war, being with Lara and Black, bananas, skateboarding, battling, training, challenges, Shiny Pokémon
Dislikes: Team Rocket, Team Flare, Brock flirting with other girls, Serena's Pancham mistreating him, Lara and/or his Pokémon being upset, Team Terror, January flirting with him
Fears: Losing Lara and/or his Pokémon, sc
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 2 29
Lara and her Pokemon by PokemonXYLover1998 Lara and her Pokemon :iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 16 1
Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 48
Episode 48: A Meeting with Aria
After I battled Acantha and made it out of today alive, Sam and I, including our Pokemon, got back to the Coumarine Gym, realizing that Ash won a Plant Badge from Ramos, which makes me and Ash have 4 badges so far. Before we head to Lumiose City, the next day, we are still in Coumarine because Serena and Sam are getting ready for their upcoming Showcase tomorrow.
Monsieur Pierre: (On TV, showing Samantha’s performance from the Cyllage Showcase) Now, our talented new princess, Performer Samantha, have made her debut at the Cyllage City Pokemon Showcase as she and her beloved Pokemon, wow the audience as we were blown away with her performance, before Samantha and her Pokemon are announced the winner of the Cyllage Pokemon Showcase! Tomorrow, we will open up another showcase, located at Coumarine City, so I hope all performers do magnificent out there tomorrow! I will be looking forward to many wonderful performers now into the future!
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 6 1
My new OC: Acantha by PokemonXYLover1998 My new OC: Acantha :iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 19 3
Sherman and his PKMN's Fun Facts
1. Like Samantha, Sherman’s favorite music genre is disco, as his favorite music band/artists are Dee Jees (Reference to Bee Gees), Tara Boss & the Maximums (Reference to Diana Ross and the Supremes), Daisy Winters (Reference to Donna Summers) and BABA (Reference to ABBA).
2. Sherman’s favorite color is light blue/blue
3. Sherman loves to play video games ever since he is 8, a year before he met Buizel.
4. Sherman has Acrophobia (Fear of heights), Lilapsophobia (Fear of Tornadoes and hurricanes), and Astraphobia (Fear of storms), as he could vomit while freaking out.
5. Before meeting Buizel, Samantha, and Ash and co., Sherman never had any friends due to being antisocial.
6. Sherman is mostly a Nintendo person and owns all the systems Nintendo related, as his favorites are Pokken Tournament, Super Smash Bros. Series, Mario Kart series, Mario Party Series, and the Pokemon core games like XY and Sun and Moon. He, along with Buizel, are waiting t
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 3 34
Samantha and her PKMN's Fun Facts
1. Like Sherman, Samantha’s favorite music genre is disco and Japanese disco, as her favorite music band/artists are BABA (Reference to ABBA) and Daisy Winters (Reference to Donna Summers), like Sherman.
2. Samantha’s favorite color is green
3. Samantha is one of the Honor Students (Or National Honors Society) at the Pokemon School
4. Samantha NEVER believes in Urban Legends, thinking they’re fake
5. Samantha has taken Martial Arts for 8 years
6. Samantha is really good at cooking, as she helps Clemont and Serena with cooking.
7. Like Sherman, Samantha is really good at math.
8. Samantha despises internet withdrawal, as she will freak out like Sherman, without the nausea.
9. Samantha loves looking up stuff on her phone like YouTube, Tumblr, DeviantArt, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
10. Samantha has 150 friends on Facebook, as she has lots of internet friends on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
11. In 
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 3 17
Acantha's Fun Facts
1. Acantha’s name is a Greek baby name, meaning sharp pointed or thorned.
2. Despite that Pokemon Showcase is suppose to do flashy and flamboyant performaces, Acantha does spooky performance.
3. Acantha has both dreams: To beat the Kalos League and become Kalos Queen.
4. Acantha secretly despises Ash with a passion.
5. Acantha calls Ash, “Ketchum”.
6. Acantha is Alain’s younger cousin.
7. Acantha’s favorite chips are Fritos.
8. Acantha is Sherman and Samantha’s rival, and maybe Serena's rival, once they meet.
9. Acantha is somewhat athletic.
10. Acantha will call Team Rocket, “Waste of Spaces” “The Jokes” “Failures at Life” or “The Biggest Disgraces on the planet, if not, on the universe”
11. Acantha enjoys punk rock music.
12. Acantha loves horror movies.
13. Acantha secretly loves snow, before she became goth.
14. Acantha’s favorite color is black.
15. Acantha is more of the internet person.
:iconpokemonxylover1998:PokemonXYLover1998 2 7

Random Favourites

Hawlucha by HereticHesh Hawlucha :iconheretichesh:HereticHesh 6 0
Upcoming stuff in Sun and Moon anime
Thanks to :iconwilldynamo55: for sharing this with me.
As Ultra Guardians, Ash, Lana, Kiawe, Lillie, Mallow, and Sophocles will get new outfits and their own Ride Pokémon.
Ash gets a Ride Garchomp (note: Makes me wish Ash's Gible was a Garchomp now)
Lana gets a Ride Dragonair
Kiawe gets to use his Ride Charizard
Lillie gets a Ride Altaria
Mallow gets a Ride Flygon
Sophocles gets a Ride Metang
We also learn that Ash's Litten will evolve into Torracat at some point, and we see what genders the following Pokémon are-
*Ash's Rowlet - male
*Ash's Lycanroc - male
*Ash's Torracat - male
*Lana's Popplio - female
*Kiawe's Turtonator - male
*Kiawe's Marowak - male
*Lillie's Vulpix, Snowy - female
*Sophocles's Charjabug - male
On top of that, it looks like Ash will use a Beast Ball to catch a Poipole, and we'll be seeing them travel to Ula'ula Island.
I wonder what Delia's reaction to seeing Litten evolve into Torracat will be? After all, she's been shown to love cuddling with him like
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 8 24
Pokemon The Movie Stamp by ericgl1996 Pokemon The Movie Stamp :iconericgl1996:ericgl1996 10 3 (Pokemon) Laying head on the desk by Black-ADD-White (Pokemon) Laying head on the desk :iconblack-add-white:Black-ADD-White 33 6 tails by Syasht tails :iconsyasht:Syasht 125 3 Buizel (Pokemon Fan Art) by Szabi404 Buizel (Pokemon Fan Art) :iconszabi404:Szabi404 7 0 Morning meet up by Risenpaw Morning meet up :iconrisenpaw:Risenpaw 89 25 Hawlucha by ErekiSaiko Hawlucha :iconerekisaiko:ErekiSaiko 9 0
Pokemon - Fatherly instincts
Credit to PokemonXYLover1998 for Sherman and Samantha.
It's just something i want to add in the XY Fan Series. Ash can sense if there's something wrong with Lara or if she's in danger when his body suddenly begins to shake, as his protective father instincts speak out loud.
It was a normal day in Coumarine City, Ash and Sherman are training to battle Ramos, the Coumarine Gym Leader. Everyone was just doing fine. As for Ash, his whole body is shaking against his own will, he doesn't really know why.
"Are you okay Ash?" asked Sherman.
"I don't know Sherman, my whole body is shaking. I don't really know why." said Ash.
"Maybe you're cold." said Serena.
"Pfft! Don't be ridiculous Serena! It's really hot out here." said Ash.
"Maybe you should go and have Nurse Joy to take a look at you." suggested Samantha.
"Good idea." said Ash. "I'll be right back."
As he walked inside the Pokémon Center, Bonnie was nearby, holding a sleepy Lara in her arms.
"Oh! It looks like Lara has a bit of
:iconlara12anos:Lara12anos 4 0
Charizard 2018 by Flickering-Flames Charizard 2018 :iconflickering-flames:Flickering-Flames 50 4 Lucario by IndexSFM Lucario :iconindexsfm:IndexSFM 64 2 lucario by Apricolor lucario :iconapricolor:Apricolor 218 6 Aura Sphere Lucario Background by TwilightRainfall Aura Sphere Lucario Background :icontwilightrainfall:TwilightRainfall 269 88 810 Hadou day by RocketHaruka 810 Hadou day :iconrocketharuka:RocketHaruka 503 65

Pokemon XY Fan Series:

About my Pokemon XY Fan SeriesHey guys. I'm in college right now, taking 3 classes and a lab.
That aside, I will be talking about Pokemon XY Fan Series. I've been doing this since around November or December of 2016. It's been like almost a year since.
When I'm writing the XY Fan Series, sometimes, I could get a writer's block or some like that, so I analyze and brainstorm for that particular part or scene. It takes a while for me to get the idea and type it down.
For the concept of XY Fan Series, I made it for the blend of games/anime with some of my originality. So far, I got through 39 episodes/chapters. That's alot! I'm thinking about if you guys have any ideas or some like that and probably tell me about it. Before you say anything, NO! I AM NOT DOING IT TO BE LAZY! I am doing it because sometimes my head is clouded with college, art, real life, writer's block. Probably you guys can contribute about it with ideas and such, if you want, and I'll credit you for it.
When I come to a particular upcomin
List of Pokemon XY Fan Series EpisodesThe Prolouge of the XY Fan Series:
How Sherman/I met Buizel
Here are the list of Pokemon XY Fan Series so far:
Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 1
Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 2
Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 3
Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 4
Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 5
Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 6
Pokemon XY Fan Series OC Fun Facts/BioContents
1. Sherman and his Pokemon (Buizel, Grovyle, Lucario, Charmeleon, Sandile, Hawlucha): My OC Info: Sherman/Sherman and his PKMN's Fun Facts
2. Samantha and her Pokemon (Mudkip, Vivillon, Litleo, Bulbasaur, Amaura): My OC Info: Samantha/Samantha and her PKMN's Fun Facts
3. Dina: My OC Info: Dina/Dina's Fun Facts
4. Terrance: 

My OCs: Sherman and Samantha.

Sherman: My OC Info: Sherman
Name: Sherman John Easton
Nicknames: Sherms, buddy (By Buizel), son, sweetie, champion (by Maddie), twerp, Buizel twerp (By Team Rocket), Big bro/brother Sherman (by Lara), champ, buddy, lil' rascal (by Murry), pumpkin, little boy (by Blanche)
Height: 5”09
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Disorders: Autism, Social anxiety, ADHD
Allergies: N/A
Birthday: March 14th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship: Samantha, Buizel (One-sided attraction on Buizel's side)
Fears: Tornadoes, heights, thunder and lightning, being rejected and/or betrayed
Hometown: Formerly around Melemele Island, now at Vaniville Town in Kalos.
Region: Alola
Family: Maddie (mother), Derrick (father), Laura (paternal grandmother; disowned), Blanche (maternal grandmother), Murry (maternal grandfather; deceased)
Education: Pokemon School in Alola
Class: Trainer
English Voice Actor: Brad Swaile (Similar to Rokuro Okajima “Rock

Age: 17

Sherman's Pokemon:

Buizel by CreepyJellyfish (M): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Grovyle by CreepyJellyfish (M): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Evolved: pokemonxylover1998.deviantart.…
Lucario by CreepyJellyfish (M):pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Evolved: pokemonxylover1998.deviantart.…
Charmeleon by CreepyJellyfish (M): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Evolved: pokemonxylover1998.deviantart.…
Sandile by CreepyJellyfish (M): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Hawlucha by CreepyJellyfish (M): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…

Gym Badges received:

Bug Badge: pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Cliff Badge: pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Rumble Badge: pokemonxylover1998.deviantart.…
Plant Badge: pokemonxylover1998.deviantart.…

Samantha: My OC Info: Samantha
Name: Samantha “Sam” Sue Rosefield
Nicknames: Sam (for short), know-it-all twerpette (by Team Rocket), Big sis Sam (by Lara), sweetheart, darling (by Cassie), Daddy's little girl/princess, baby girl, pumpkin (by Larry)
Height: 5”09
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Disorders: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Birthday: January 14
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationships: A few boys (Broken up), Sherman
Fears: Sherman getting lost and/or hurt, loss of internet
Hometown: Formerly around Melemele Island, now at Vaniville Town in Kalos.
Region: Alola
Family: Cassie (mother) Larry (father; deceased)
Education: Pokemon School in Alola
Class: Performer
English Voice Actor: Tara Sands (Similar to Ritchie and Ash’s Bulbasaur)
Japanese Voice Actor: Sora Amamiya (Similar to Akame from Akame ga Kill)
"Zip it! No one cares about your motto!"
"Sherman, are you alright?"
"Oh, brother! She

Age: 17

Samantha's Pokemon:
Mudkip by CreepyJellyfish (M): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Vivillon-elegant by CreepyJellyfish (F): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Litleo by CreepyJellyfish (F): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Bulbasaur by CreepyJellyfish (M): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…
Amaura by CreepyJellyfish (F): pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…

Princess Keys achieved:

Cyllage Princess Key: pokedramafriends98.deviantart.…

Sherman and Samantha's Traveling Companions:

Ash: Pikachu by CreepyJellyfish Frogadier by CreepyJellyfish Fletchinder by CreepyJellyfish Hawlucha by CreepyJellyfish Goomy by CreepyJellyfish
Gym Badges: Bug Badge, Cliff Badge, Rumble Badge, Plant Badge.
Age: 16 (Head-Canon)

Serena: Braixen by pokemon3dsprites Wartortle by CreepyJellyfish Pancham by CreepyJellyfish Eevee by CreepyJellyfish
Princess Keys: TBA
Age: 15 (Head-Canon)

Clemont: Bunnelby by pokemon3dsprites, Dedenne by CreepyJellyfish Chespin by CreepyJellyfish Tyrunt by CreepyJellyfish Luxio by CreepyJellyfish
Age: 15 (Head-Canon)

Age: 8 (Head-Canon)

Lara: Hawlucha by CreepyJellyfish Froakie by CreepyJellyfish Pikachu by CreepyJellyfish
Age: 2 1/2
Bio: Pokemon XY Fan Series OC Bio: Lara
Name: Lara
Twinkle, pumpkin, cutie, angel, princess, biscuit, baby girl, puppy, sweetheart, butterfly, Little Wolf Champion, sleepyhead, sweetie, cupcake, honey, treasure, little crazy potato, baby pup/puppy, lil' snowflake, cubby (by Ash), Lala (common nickname), Paw, Snow, Swish (by Clemont, Bonnie and Samantha), wolfdog twerp/twerpette (by Team Rocket), pipsqueak (by Acantha) chubby puppy, bestie, wolfy (by Bonnie), Purple (by her friends and Pokemon), runt (by her brother, Andrew when he teases her), sis (by her siblings), little booger (by Sherman's Sandile and Samantha's Mudkip), fluffy, milady, (by Carlos), mutt, fleabag, furball, faker, freak, purple runt, odd one out, heartbreaker (by Serena's Pancham), Wiggles, Whiskers (by Samantha's Litleo and Amaura), furbrain (by Serena's Pancham and Sherman's Hawlucha), daughter (by her parents), child (by Cleo)


Calem: Combusken by CreepyJellyfish Meowstic-m by CreepyJellyfish

Shauna: Froakie by CreepyJellyfish Flabebe-orange by CreepyJellyfish Bulbasaur by CreepyJellyfish

Tierno: Pikachu by CreepyJellyfish Squirtle by CreepyJellyfish

Trevor: Chespin by CreepyJellyfish Charmander by CreepyJellyfish

Nini: Smoochum by CreepyJellyfish Farfetchd by CreepyJellyfish

Acantha: Haunter by pokemon3dsprites Gothorita by CreepyJellyfish Murkrow by pokemon3dsprites
Bio: My OC Info: Acantha
Name: Acantha
Nicknames: Master (by Sharp and Thorn)
Height: 5”09
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Disorder: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Birthday: October 13
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationships: Unnamed teenager (broken up)
Fears: Losing her dogs, lizards.
Hometown: Saffron City
Region: Kanto
Family: Three unnamed older brothers, Alain (cousin), Unnamed mother (deceased)
Class: Trainer, Performer
English Voice Actor: Molly Searcy (Similar to Akame from Akame ga Kill)
"Such a waste of space!"
"Let's go boys!" (talking to Sharp and Thorn)
"Take care of yourself, pipsqueak."
Acantha makes her debut in Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 46, as she spies on Ash and co. a few seconds in the Coumarine Gym before leaving. In the end of the episode, w


Team Rocket (Jessie, James, Meowth)
Jessie: Wobbuffet by CreepyJellyfish Pumpkaboo-large by CreepyJellyfish
James: Malamar by CreepyJellyfish

Team Flare

Team Terror (Dina and Terrance) My OC Info: DinaName: Dina
Nicknames: Honey, baby (by Terrance), master (by her Pokemon)
Height: 5”09
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: White
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Disorder: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Birthday: December 14
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationships: Terrance
Fears: Dying in her sleep
Hometown: Formerly around Melemele Island
Region: Alola
Family: Suzanne (mother), Vito (father)
Education: Pokemon School in Alola (expelled)
Class: Admin of Team Terror
English Voice Actor: Colleen Clinkenbeard (Similar to Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) 
In Dina’s debut of Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 5, she was mentioned by Samantha when she told her friends about her, Sherman, and Buizel at Pokemon School when they were young. The younger Dina and Terrance came up and bullied Sh
My OC Info: TerranceName: Terrance
Nicknames: T, babe (by Dina)
Height: 5”09
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Gray
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Disorder: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Birthday: January 10
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationships: Dina
Fear: Crocodiles
Hometown: Formerly around Melemele Island
Region: Alola
Family: Meredith (mother), Richard (father; deceased), Venus (older brother; deceased)
Education: Pokemon School in Alola (expelled)
Class: Admin of Team Terror
English Voice Actor: Steve Blum (Similar to Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop)
"Mind your own business!"
In Terrance’s debut of Pokemon XY Fan Series Episode 5, he was mentioned by Samantha when she told her friends about her, Sherman, and Buizel at Pokemon School when they were young. The younger Terrance, along with Dina, came up and bul

Dina: Malamar by CreepyJellyfish Vileplume by CreepyJellyfish Arbok by CreepyJellyfish
Terrance: Bronzong by CreepyJellyfish Skuntank by CreepyJellyfish Dusknoir by CreepyJellyfish


Maddie: Steelix by CreepyJellyfish

Cassie: Butterfree by CreepyJellyfish Chansey by CreepyJellyfish

Grace: Fletchling by CreepyJellyfish Rhyhorn by CreepyJellyfish

Meyer: Ampharos by CreepyJellyfish

Professor Sycamore: TBA

Zinnia: Whismur by CreepyJellyfish

Lysandre: TBA

Diantha: TBA

Miette: Slurpuff by CreepyJellyfish

Sanpei: Greninja by CreepyJellyfish

Lana: 3d Sprite- Popplio by lycanrxc

Do you prefer to do Roleplays, Short Stories, or both? 

12 deviants said Both
5 deviants said Roleplays
1 deviant said Short Stories

Which of Sherman's Pokemon do you want to hang out with and why? 

3 deviants said All of them
2 deviants said Sherman's Buizel
1 deviant said Sherman's Lucario
1 deviant said Sherman's Hawlucha
1 deviant said More than one (Comment and why.)
No deviants said Sherman's Grovyle
No deviants said Sherman's Charmeleon
No deviants said Sherman's Sandile

Which Pokemon of Sherman's Pokemon is your favorite (If you want to, why do you like one of Sherman's Pokemon?) 

9 deviants said Sherman's Lucario
6 deviants said All of them
2 deviants said Sherman's Buizel
2 deviants said More than one (comment)
1 deviant said Sherman's Grovyle
1 deviant said Sherman's Charmeleon
1 deviant said Sherman's Hawlucha
No deviants said Sherman's Sandile


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Hey, guys. Hopefully I can get everything back to normal and maybe get Episode 49 of Pokemon XY Fan Series completed by the end of July or August.

What ISP do you use for the internet?
Happy 4th of July!

I'm listening to Saturday in the Park by Chicago, even though today is Wednesday.
Have you ever heard of "The Road to be a Pokemon Master" fanfic?

If not, you should read it! It's awesome!

Here is a link to what fanfic I'm talking about, as the guy who is doing it is amazing:…
I got a message that said, "PokemonXYLover1998 You are cool, and I am proud of you."

Well, thanks.
Just letting you know today is Sherman's Buizel's Birthday.
Okay. It might be weird, but have you ever had to fill any bottled drinks with water from the sink, whether if it's from the kitchen or a bathroom, and let it cool in the freezer before drinking it?
Okay. Remember when I brought up the canker sores. It hurts like hell to me right now. Not only that, my side of where the canker sore is hurts too. My parents and I are at the store getting canker sore relievers like Listerine, orajel, and mouthwash, as well as cold stuff like ice cream, ice chips, and slushies to relief the pain.
To those who have a canker sore/used to have a canker sore, does it irritate you? Also, what ways do you have to get rid of the canker sores?
I am now throwing up and my head and stomach hurts so bad. Right now, I have a flu.

Also, I heard about one deviant about the EU doing something bad with the internet, I don't know if it will effect the US or not, but I doubt it would happen, since I do know EU and the US are too separable and have different laws or something, I'm not sure.
For those who are waiting for the recent Pokemon XY Fan Series, I'm so sorry for the hiatus and stuff because of outside life, plus, I'm really sick right now.

I hope that I can get Episode 49 done and taken care of ASAP.

PS, If you guys want to help me and Lara on the Fan Series, feel free to join the contribution, and we would love some ideas you have in mind.
I'm getting scared because of the thunder and lightning in my area. I might throw up and have a feeling that our power will go out.
Hey, Everyone. Our PKMN XY Fan Series Contributor, Lara12anos, has a QnA of her OCs. If you want to ask questions about anything to her OCs, feel free, as long as it's appropriate:  QnA for my OCsHeelloooo everybody! Today, my OCs have an QnA planned out for ya! Shoutout to PokemonXYLover1998 for the idea! :) (Smile)
Lara: Yup! That's right! I think you guys might have questions for us!
Pearl: Yup! And btw, it's Lara's fursona in the version of the XY Fan Series! Though you guys can ask some questions outside of the series too.
Waterfall: But please no spamming! No one likes spamming that much!
Rose: But how can we let the watchers know we answered our questions?
Lara: Kind of like how Sherman does, when we have a question answered, i'll reply "Answered!"
Rose: But how do we do the kind of structure?
Pearl: Easy! For example, let's say I want to ask for the the characters. Let's say Lara and i'll ask: Lara, what's your favorite color?
Lara: Then i'll answer your question by saying, "My favorite colors are purple, blue and pink." while mentioning you with your question.
Rose: Ooooooohhh!
Lara: And also,

To you guys who are part of the XY Fan Series: 
CBuizel, pokedrogon, setherpiece, Digidragonwars1
DeviantMaster2014, cla-re, LisaDots123, NewtsArt
TannerxDelia, Okami-O-chan, TSSMGreenGoblinFan
TUVGM, jharris5398, Mapache96, Astragami-sama
EllyTheTomodachi, SugarRushFan, Megaer, XiaolinDinoMaster, LittleWingedKuriboh
vocaloidninja1999, StuAnimeArt, DairylandLuxray

You guys can also ask questions of Lara's OCs in the XY Fan Series as well.

However, Lara isn't the only one who has a QnA of her OCs, as I also made a QnA as well:  QnA from my OCs and their PokemonHey, guys. I thought about doing a Questions and Answers about the XY Fan Series OCs. I won't have much to talk about it, so I'll leave the rest to my OCs and their Pokemon. (Leaves)
Sherman: Thanks. I've kinda heard people have questions for us.
Samantha: That's right! Our creator is doing a Question and Answers journal here!
Dina: You can ask as many times as you want, if you dare!
Samantha: Zip it, you freak! (Dina and Samantha then have a catfight as Terrance smirks)
Sherman: Guys, quit it! Anyway, you can ask any question as many times, like Dina said.
Buizel: And about the journal thing, it will be updated daily or a few days of it depends on how many.
Grovyle: Yeah. Nobody really likes spamming that much.
Lucario: We might answer right away, but you'll may have to wait for a day or two to get the answer.
Sherman's Hawlucha: Yeah, to avoid the spams.
Litleo: But can we notify our creator's watchers for updates?
Bulbasaur: Well once in a while though. But when the question is answ

Feel free to Bookmark, comment, or watch.

Hope you all understand as we will look forwards to many of your questions!


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