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Ok? You're free to join and submit that yourself. No need to just comment it here

I apologize, I was wrong

Sweet! Bonnie looks like a wrestler in my pic? :D nice!
Thanks for accepting my picture. Hoping to have another one out soon.
No, shes from Pokemon lol. We're both a wrestling and Pokemon group, we accept both. So since she was in the picture and it crossed over with Mega Man, i put it in the Crossover folder
Gotcha :D  
Here is the alternate take on that picture. The you posted was the original idea that I had,  there was a mixup  from the artist when reading the description. 

I did the coloring myself :D  I'm likely to do start over again  as I'm  going to try and learn how to shade.  It'll be good practice for me. 

Ultra Bonnie meets Mega Man Starforce and EXE by xWARZARDx