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The Dragon Maiden (Fairy Tail fanfic) Chapter 2
The Dragon Maiden
Chapter 2
(Submitted to back in 2016)
Lucy sat in the ice-cage as they tried to take her back to Fiore without an incident. She sat at the bottom of the cage, waiting for an opening. Her former friends were talking outside, as if Lucy had lost her mind.
She started to test the bars as they went to get food, showing blatant disrespect for someone they once called a friend. She kicked out again, a tiny crack, she pounded it again, a small hole breaking open. With one final kick, the cage broke open, she crawled her way out of it to the gasps of the townspeople.
"Is that her?"
"That's the Acidic Rose!"
"Someone's trying to kidnap her!"
Lucy stood up fully, her blonde hair tousled over her shoulders, a little girl ran up to her from a table, "Ms. Rose! thank you for saving my village last month!"
Lucy bent over and patted the girl on the head, "don't mention it. It's what I do!" she smiled.
The kid beamed, "when I grow up, I wanna be just like you!"
A feeli
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Blue Heron 001 by pokemontrainerjay Blue Heron 001 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 1 0 Tiger 003 by pokemontrainerjay Tiger 003 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 3 0 Tiger 002 by pokemontrainerjay Tiger 002 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 3 0 Tiger 001 by pokemontrainerjay Tiger 001 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 1 0 Clouded Leopard 01 by pokemontrainerjay Clouded Leopard 01 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 1 0 Barn Owl 03 by pokemontrainerjay Barn Owl 03 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 3 0 Barn Owl 002 by pokemontrainerjay Barn Owl 002 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 1 0 Barn Owl 01 by pokemontrainerjay Barn Owl 01 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 3 3 Great Ball 001 by pokemontrainerjay Great Ball 001 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 2 0
Champion Returned (#3)
Champion Returned (Alola Saga Chapter 3)
"Look out!" I shouted to a cluster of beach goers as the Jet Ski flew up in the air and came crashing to the beach as I jumped off of it. Noah was laughing behind me. I tumbled into the sand and glared at him, "that's not funny!" I yelled.
He chuckled as he and his Samurott made landfall, "actually it kind of is."
Cianwood City was about the size of Twinleaf Town but had a better scenery. I stood up and looked at the Jet Ski, luckily it was still in one piece. I grabbed Belle's pokeball from my belt and let her out. She stretched as she looked around. Noah recalled his Samurott and smiled at me, "ready?"
"Yeah, but where do I put the Jet Ski?"
"Just put it outside of the gym, no one will touch it there, Chuck is pretty good at keeping crime down here."
I shrugged as Belle levitate the Jet Ski, we didn't need it getting scrapped anymore than it did on the way here. I got reckless when Noah dared
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Champion: The Alola Saga Chapter 2
Champion: The Alola Saga
Chapter 2: The return of the trainer
Hearthome International was fairly small for an international airport but was bigger than the Cargo airport at Mistralton. So far Castelia and Lumiose had the largest airports that I had been to.
Belle was walking next to me as we headed towards the gate. A few people noticed me as a Coordinator, Actor and Champion occasionally asking what happened to me or an autograph of something random they had on them at the time. I smiled. It felt good, getting back into the world, and I hadn't even left Sinnoh yet.
Maybe after Alola I'd go back and finish Kanto and Johto. I bought a small brochure on Alola. A vacation guide. It was better than nothing. I flipped through the pages looking at the exotic scenery.
I laughed to myself, I remembered seeing the Battle Area for the first time and how different the foliage was there but Alola was wildly different. Belle was peeking over my shoulder as we scoured through the book. Four natural
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Champion: The Alola Saga Chapter 1
Champion: The Alola Saga
Chapter 1: Grounded
Route 224, Sinnoh
I snapped awake from the memory. It was still strange. So much happening in the past few years. Cresselia. Arceus. Primal Palkia and Primal Dialga. Team Flare.
Not to mention the people along the way. My cousin, Cody, Noah, Flannery, Skyla, Margret.
But I was a Champion of four regions nonetheless. I turned down the role of an active Champion though. But after my mother died while I was in Kanto, I quit being a trainer.
A lot of people I knew had. I was nineteen now. I lost all motivation. Belle knew it to. The only ones I knew that were still heavily involved were Flannery, Skyla and Margret.
Margret was a special case. The original Commander Mars turned Gym Leader and part time International Police consultant. She was still trying to beat Volkner every now and then since she became strong enough that the Elite 4 had no challengers for two years now.
Me however? I lived in a small house near the end of
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Sunset at Alki Beach, Seattle WA by pokemontrainerjay Sunset at Alki Beach, Seattle WA :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 2 0 Statue of Liberty at Alki Beach, Seattle WA by pokemontrainerjay Statue of Liberty at Alki Beach, Seattle WA :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 0 0 Frog 6 by pokemontrainerjay Frog 6 :iconpokemontrainerjay:pokemontrainerjay 4 1

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I am an 18 year old Pokemon freak living in the pacific northwest. I am interested in Pokemon, MTG, and Fairy Tail.

I am praying for a Pokemon region based on my state (Washington)


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