The Black Tourney

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I’ve gained control of the Contest Hall, locking myself and the judging crew inside.  I’m calling on you, the forces of the PSC, to dare to try to take me down. Arm yourself, fools, and enter the deadly gauntlet that is The Black Tourney.

To participate in my little “event”, all you need to do is create a reference sheet for your coordinator character as well as two Pokémon and note this account with the words “Black Tourney” somewhere in the title. Reference sheets should include a picture of the coordinator as well as their Pokémon plus background information such as personality and a brief history. Feel free to be creative. The reference sheets are due AUGUST 25TH

After August 25, a tournament bracket will be posted with each coordinator facing another participant. Your job will be to illustrate a contest battle in either picture, comic, or flash form (though it should be noted that comics usually do better in judging). This is where The Black Tourney begins to mimic an OCT. Battles usually entail one coordinator and their selected Pokémon trying to steal the spotlight, so to speak, from their opponent’s Pokémon and winning the round; how you do this is up to you. Flashy and inventive moves or trying to trip up the other Pokémon are always ideas to consider. Look to the anime contests for some idea of how this is run.

Once that round’s deadline has passed, judging will begin and the round’s winners will move on to the next bracket.   Wash, rinse, repeat.

Each round is roughly three weeks long. Countdown timers will be displayed for your convenience. Depending on how long the tourney runs, holiday breaks may be in order.

My associates and I will be monitoring each round and choosing who gets to advance. However, we may let a staff member or two loose to help us decide…Maybe.

Two Pokémon? Why do I need two?
- …Just in case. Hehe.

- No. Considering we haven’t captured legendary Pokémon before, I doubt you little runts caught one.

Can I do a written entry?
-Sadly, no. Written entries are near-impossible to judge against a drawn entry, thus it would be unfair (which is odd, since I’m really just here to steal your monsters and don’t really care)

Do I have to participate?
-No, the Black Tourney is completely optional. However, there may be some benefits of joining yet to be seen…

Submission rules?
-Keep it PG-13. Don’t kill your opponents or swear up a storm and you’ll be good. Adding plot and continuity to your entry earns you big points, I might add…

Where do I send my reference sheets and entries?
-You can note this account. Posting in comments is acceptable, but I prefer notes.

Hehe…We’ll see.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, feel free to ask
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i have a question,if my pokemon is dual type like my raichu can i still enter it in?
Rave is the name of my raichu and is a very unusaul dark/eletric type could i still enter?