Multiple Realities: A BT Theory

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**The following is a theory and can be used in the Black Tourney comics as an explanation for certain events, or can be compleatly disregarded. It is semi canon and may become cannon if the contestants wish for it to be so**

As some of you may have figured out, the MC's purple gas not only caused hallucinations during round 3, but it also pulled the entire contest hall into another dimension, where reality is warped and split into different paths. After round 3 ended, the contest hall was completely cut off from the rest of the world, no one can get in or out.
Inside this twisted dimension, the MC rules supreme, the laws of time and space can bend to his will. And so, things like the never ending hallways in round 5 start to make sense, as well as when the same judge is rescued twice in one round by different people. Also, since reality is unstable there, it splits randomly and merges again without anyone noticing.
This explains how some contestants, such as Anne Louise and Oliver Fulton, would have both won AND lost their match against one another. In this scenario, the contestants would remember different realities for their fight. Time could have split and in one reality, the character went down path A and lost, and in another they went down a path B and won, however, both paths were taken; both happened. If the two opponents met up again later, their separate realities would merge and they would remember both winning AND losing their fight.

If this theory is true, there would most likely be some kind of rule to it, such as the character would never meet themselves while wandering about. If path A and path B were to meet, instead of bumping into a second version of themselves, the realities would merge without the character realizing it.
This also means that a certain contestant, everyone's favorite old woman, Dottie, is both alive and dead at the same time. After the tourney is over and the contest hall returns to the real world, one of the realities will win over the other. One has to wonder which one it will be. Will she remember herself dying? Only time will tell.

Any thoughts or theories to explain the events happening during the Black Tourney can be posted and debated below. Please share your thoughts!
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So Dottie is currently a twisted schrodinger's cat?