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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
not much to say, i am quiet, unmotivated, easily distracted (so no frequent deviations) yet also energetic at times
and i also have a twitter and steam…

also i am sort have pittakionophobia
first thing first, it will be first come first serve, first to ask for a commission will get first commission
secondly this is my first commission and really just an experiment to see if i can get my lazy ass to do something productive(so    
 maybe no guarantees but if i already started the art i will finish it)
thirdly prices are in team fortress 2 metal, this will be the easiest (for me at least) and only way to buy a commision,
 if you dont have metal, own tf2 or steam, get steam and tf2, even if your computer cant run tf2 you just need an account and the main menu to trade and stuff, you can buy refined metal with real money from here and once you have the ref you can convert it into scrap and reclaimed metal in tf2 (2 weapons of same class = 1 scrap. 3 scrap = 1 reclaimed. 3 reclaimed = 1 refined) and sorry if you dont have a computer, bad news for you im afraid. also to trade instantly you need the steam app on your mobile device and link your account, if you dont have a phone, not so bad news for you, trades will just be on hold for 15 days (when you make a trade i will get metal in 15 days)
before anyone asks yes i will accept trades if they will be on the 15 day trade hold, you will only receive art when i get metal
and i will ask for metal once art is done but i will guess price for you before doing art

-also 1 refined metal is 7 cents so these commissions are cheap-

-my steam trade url… and my profile… -

ask for questions, details and specifics (no backgrounds or drawing based off real life e.g. humans, dogs)
price full body, normal price. half body half price(round up), face half price (round down) e.g. full = 3 rec, half = 2 rec, face = 1 rec. (exceptions being like minimal, the prices are the same but time different)
for multiple characters just add prices together e.g 1 half (2 rec) + 1 face (1 rec) = 1 ref
- DA muro (initial 3 refined metal, rate 1 ref per hour)…
  - around 8hrs
  - around 4-5 hrs
-pixel (initial 2 ref, rate 1 reclaimed metal per hour)
  - around 4hrs
  - around 5-6 hrs
-traditional(initial 1 ref, rate 2 scrap metal per hour)
  -around 4-5 hrs
  - less than 1 hour
-minimal (initial 1 rec, rate 1 scrap per hour)
 -full body…
  - around 1 hour
 -face imagine link above /\ but just face
  - less than 1 hour
also if you want Work in progress shots every hour it will cost quadruple total price or 1 key (note choosing the WIP "package" will not stack. e.g. total is 2 refined, but with WIP shots it will be 8 refined not 10 refined. or art is 12 refined but you want the WIP progress shots and will pay with a key then the final price for it will be 1 key only, NOT 1 key and 12 refined) again you can buy metal and mann co. supply crate keys here

i think i finished my journal, i may have forgotten some stuff, i dont know


My birthday is coming up and I want to ask a question, how does DA handle birthdays across time zones? My birthday is tomorrow on the 25th, so in America would it say my birthday is on the 24th? Or would it do something else?
Archive: boom boom
archive means that this deviation is either old art I found or OLD art I am finally comfortable submitting
this was just a practice for pencul Pencil 
This was way bigger than expected

D: (TF2 Chat Icon) HLYSHIt it has been pretty much a year since my last episode, just realized now R.I.P. 23/07/2017 - 28/07/2018
sorry,Ii have been on and off with this, with other distractions happening and as well as school to keep up with

perhaps I should reduce the canvas sizeMercy-Heroes Never Die! 
This term of English we are reading “the boy in the striped pajamas” all the context you need is it is about nazi Germany and we have a selection of 16 tasks to do (from art to writing) and we have to do 4 of them by the end of the term
But there is one spicy task that can be described as exhaling “oh boy”

Filename by pokemonstar555


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