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About Varied / Hobbyist Ian J. M.21/Male/United States Group :icongloved-bondage: Gloved-Bondage
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Fictional Island RP
The RP is to be set, mostly, on a fictional artificial island nation in the South Pacific, starring one or several of my characters. The RP does not HAVE to start on the island, and in fact could be good if it starts off of it, since it allows for a specific plot element I want to implement, being one of my characters inviting another to the island.
You do NOT have to only have 1 character, and will not add a full limit, but for main, permanent characters (major protagonists, minor supporting not included), there will be a limit of 12 (even though I doubt anyone has even half as many main ones).
Common Themes:
- Action, specifically Modern, realistic Warfare
- Modern/Near-Future Sci-Fi
- Politics (do not be discouraged, just ask what I mean by that if you are worried)
- Serious (not a place for those whose characters are comedic relief, since this RP is more to express an idea I have since it is perfect for such)
- Multi-species Sentience. A world where humans (and possibly othe
:iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 2 44
3D Print Design #1 by PokemonSoldier 3D Print Design #1 :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 1 17
PMD-Unity Hunters Application
HUNTERS GUILD: Team Boiling Fury
Date Joined: 8/15/2016
Current Funds: 0 St
Merits: 0
Strikes: 0
Species: Dewott
Nature: Adamant
-Characteristic: Good endurance
Gender: Male                Age: 24
Ability: Torrent
Strength: 4                 Agility: 2 (+2)
Intelligence: 3             Charisma: 1
Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Water] -> [Agility +2]
Move 1 - Razor Shell*
Move 2 - Water Pledge
Move 3 - X-Scissor
Move 4 - Ice Beam
-Template Scarf
----Description: Red scarf worn as a belt.
-Item 2
-Item 3
Species: Fennekin (Shiny)
Nature: Mild
-Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning
Gender: Female              Age: 20
Ability: Blaze
Strength: 2        
:iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 3 3
Minecraft Homestead (Side View) by PokemonSoldier Minecraft Homestead (Side View) :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 3 0 Minecraft Homestead (Frontal View) by PokemonSoldier Minecraft Homestead (Frontal View) :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 4 17 Minecraft Homestead (Angled View) by PokemonSoldier Minecraft Homestead (Angled View) :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 5 0 Christmas Camo SKin by PokemonSoldier Christmas Camo SKin :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 0 1 Christmas Skin by PokemonSoldier Christmas Skin :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 0 0 Combat Skin by PokemonSoldier Combat Skin :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 0 0 My Skin by PokemonSoldier My Skin :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 0 0 What is it? by PokemonSoldier What is it? :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 0 5 Pokeball: Which one is it? 3 by PokemonSoldier Pokeball: Which one is it? 3 :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 2 6 Pokeball: Which one is it? 2 by PokemonSoldier Pokeball: Which one is it? 2 :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 1 7 Pokeball: Which one is it? 1 by PokemonSoldier Pokeball: Which one is it? 1 :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 0 3 Minecraft Pokeball by PokemonSoldier Minecraft Pokeball :iconpokemonsoldier:PokemonSoldier 0 0
The Zombies Games: The End of the Beginning
The Zombies Games: The End of the Beginning
Last time our heroes had added one of each of their pokémon to the team. Also they have been introduced to many different new things. What lies here in the next area? Lets find out.
The 7 arrive in the new area, but it all seemed a bit different than before. This time they were in some Nazi weapon factory, and by the looks of it this is where the zombies were created and tested with. But one thing was bugging them from the teleportation, well, Louis to be specific.
"Aw, I don't feel so goo…" Louis started but was stopped by suddenly vomiting, and all over Mike.
"Seriously man! Again!" yelled Mike furious after having it happen again.
Ian, Leanne, and the others were ignoring them considering they were observing their surroundings. Ian noticed a large device behind them. "Huh, wonder what this is?" Ian asked curious as to what it was. He walked up to it and looked through the window on it to observe the device. "Pack-a-Punch.
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Ian J. M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Just a guy who loves anime, video games, fishing, science, etc. I am a fan of many things, but not a hardcore fan or extremist, and frown on those who are such since they tend to ruin it either for others or overall, then blame someone else for ruining it.

.: Sonic Forces Custom Character FAN STAMP :. by NyuroraXBigdon Sonic is Sonic by ARTic-Weather THIS STAMP SUX!!!1! by SuperMarioFan65 Libertarian Personal Freedom.. by webgoddess Pro-Kurds Stamp by Lady-Laryssa Sonic Forces stamp by regnoart Objectivism by TheArtFrog DTOM by impersonalinfo GTFO GUVMENT by PieWriter Graphics Don't Mean Squat If The Gameplay Sucks by Mintaka-TK Atlas Shrugged by LeonieSainteVire Israel Stamp by lady-warrior Fake Apathy by DragonQuestWes The Sonic Fandom isn't the Only Worst Fandom by SuperNicolas1234 Libertarian Stereotype by DarkVikingMistress If my stamps offend you... by Yoshi-chu One Thousand Time sThis by SionnaDehr Nostalgia Purists Stamp by Spikytastic Before You Call People Fascist... by BlameThe1st DO NOT FAV - I play pokemon by stamps-club Henry-thoreau-stamp by pixelworlds Fandom Stamp by RedShamrock56 Pastel Libertarian Stamp by KathyDusk #502 Dewott by Otto-V Statism = Masochism by Exodvs There Are Many More Devs With Worse Practises by Mintaka-TK Libertarianism Stamp by BlameThe1st:thumb212940932: Still Loves Pokemon by SquirtleStamps:thumb212845861: I love Sea Otters by WishmasterAlchemist I love Otters by WishmasterAlchemist Video Games Stamp by ImmersionMan Video Game Music Stamp by MeltingMan234 Stamp - I'm a Video Game Music fan by Pokie-Punk Video games stamp by zavraan [STAMP] I Stand With JonTron by qrave-digger Nostalgia Critic stamp by Tartly-Sweet Overrated Does Not Equal Crappy by Mintaka-TK No one is better by Clelius Emotional Boys stamp by nothinplz Girls can be sexist too, you know. by World-Hero21 Rape Culture? by Mintaka-TK Men are not evil, rapists are stamp by nothinplz There's Going to Be A Million Stamps Now by endler It's All YOUR Fault, Apparently by Mintaka-TK Oh, You First World Ladies Have It So Bad! by Mintaka-TK [STAMP] I Stand With JonTron by qrave-digger Stamp - Politically Incorrect by Leyne Female Privilege!!!! by fuckshiru Excuse you, but NOPE. by World-Hero21 Racism against whites by fuckshiru Political-Correctness-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Freedom-of-Speech-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Political Correctness Is Hindering Free Speech by TheArtFrog Racial Discrimination Works Both Ways by TheArtFrog Lives Are Far More Important Than Your Religion! by TheArtFrog I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog I Make Too Many Political Stamps by Yoshi1337 There's Nothing Wrong With Secular Participation by Mintaka-TK Religious vs. Secular Wars by Unicornarama Intelligence For All Beings by XxDiaLinnxX No, it's not by xPine Stamp: Guess What. by 8manderz8 Stamp: BUT IT'S CALLED THE GOD PARTICLE by 8manderz8 Request - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic
So I've recently had this idea for a very specific RP, that I've been wanting to do with at least one person, but have been unable to do so due to them being busy. So, might as well try it openly on here.


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