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Sam Oak
Hi there, I'm Sam Oak from Pallet Town!

First of all, I got an UPDATED facebook page, sorry it is in Italian! English is coming soon!


I'm the son of the Researcher Whitney Laurel. But ... I don't know what i'll be in the future. I like Researcher's world, but I'd like to be a Trainer too. And, why not, Hunters' work is cool.

But you're not here to hear my future! I wanna know my past! And Pokèmon Scarlet Version will satisfy you!

What about Trainer's Battle in your Kanto?

Battle System's mechanics will be very similar to the classic Pokèmon Games' Battle System. The user interface will be different:

HP Bars's length is not fixed: more HP the Pokemon has, more long is the Bar.

There are not Command button:
To attack you've to click on your Pokèmon.
To open the bag you've to click on the trainer.
To change your Pokemon you've to click on the Pokeballs.
Or something like that.

You can see some concepts in the screen section of this Gallery.

Ehm ... do you know what a Shiny Pokèmon is?

A .. what? I don't know what you're talking about.

Maybe you mean the alternate coloration Pokèmon.

In our world biodiversity is bigger than yours. Every Pokèmon species has at least ten color variation. Look at this Haxorus!

However, there is one predominant color for each Pokèmon. Alternate coloration are a bit rare.

Ten colors? How can I obtain them?

Ehm ... Dunno. I think this is related with the Pokèmon father's color but I'm not sure.

Ehy, are you still listening to me? C'mon, run and SUPPORT POKÈMON SCARLET VERSION!

To share this use this code:

< a href=""><img>


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Uhm, 2396 is number of points needed for Premium Membership. And why would i ever want a Premium Membership?

Well, I created 2 Journal Skins ... And I can't use them LOL. I did not know Premium Membership is needed XD

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Studying Color Genes - Dragon Family Colors

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:01 PM

I was studying about the genes each family could gain, and the conclusion is: the Dragon family gains 32 genes through chain-breeding.

With chain-breeding I mean this:

Sneasel's charateristic gene is Blackloak (Bk).  Well, that's take the "Uuu"-Gene like Jolly, so "it doesn't matter which gene this Pokémon have"
Then, this is how you obtain the Bk-Charizard in the picture
Bk-Sneasel + Uuu-Slowking = Bk-Slowpoke -> Bk-Slowbro/king
Bk-Slowbro/king + Uuu-Nidoqueen = Bk-NidoranM -> Bk-Nidoking
Bk-Nidoking + Uuu-Garchomp = Bk-Gible -> Bk-Garchomp
Bk-Garchomp + Uuu-Charizard = Bk-Charmander -> Bk-Charizard
So, I found 32 possible ancestor's gene for the Dragon family... And I'm showing you this six. They are probably my favourites. 

Studying Color Genes - Dragon-Family Genes by PokemonScarletVersio

I'm studying how the gene reacts to the STAB of the affected Pokémon too and I discovered that the STAB isn't the only thing it changes! 

Cu-Charizard has STAB with Fire, Dragon and Electric-type moves, but it also has a chance to paralize Pokémon when it use special moves!

I really wanna know all of the side effects of the genes!

PS: Did you know that Legendary Charizard's gene is unknown?

The Legendary Charizard by PokemonScarletVersio

Pokemon gene that influence Pokemon colors!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:55 AM

Hi guys!

I made two Journal Skins months and months ago, but I never tried because I'm not premium. Today I can try!
And sorry for this stupid intro, but you could imagine how frustating is creating a thing and cannot use it ;P

So, let make this Journal less useless!

Did you remember the "Let's color this noir world" Journal I made? It talked about how Pokémon change color, in the way they inherit the color from the mother.

Well, I made much more!

As you know, it is possible to breed Pokémon of the same family. These families can be wide, narrow, or even a single species. The family of Arachnids, in the Kanto Region, for example, is made only by the Spinarak and the Ariados. The family Canidae is instead made ​​up of more than 10 different species, such as species of Arcanine, Luxray or that of the large species of Eevee.
Therefore, as you may have guessed, the larger the family of a Pokémon, more common are Pokémon in weird colors! Or at least, it would be so if a Pokémon could belong only to a single family. Take Flygon: it is a Pokémon that belongs both to the family of Insects and to that of the Dragons.
The color of Flygon is identified by the gene called Dragonfly (Dy). A pair carries a Flygon ♀ to make a child with a Beedrill ♂ , whose gene is named Bee (Be).
The child will be a Trapinch with the Be gene. 
When Trapinch will evolve into Vibrava and then into a magnificent Be-Flygon♂. Then it decides to mate with a Charizard ♀ , which only belongs to the family of the Dragons .
The child will obviously be a Be-Charmander.
Inter-Breeding by PokemonScarletVersio
The genes not only affect the color of the Pokémon , but also on STAB . Some of you may know what is the Same Type Attack Bonus: a move is much more effective to use it if it is a Pokémon of the same type . For example, Charizard gets STAB Fire-type and Dragon-type* moves , Flygon those Earth-type and Dragon-type. The gene adds one or more Pokémon STAB affection.
The Be-Gene affects the Bug-type moves as if they were STAB . For this reason, we have just seen Charmander receives STAB from Fire, Dragon and Bugs-type moves, despite being unable to mate with Bug-type Pokémon!
* Ah, maybe there is something back. In 1969 we are still in the process of analysis of the types of Pokémon : for this reason we consider Charizard Fire and Dragon-type!


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