For more information on various Rebirth related goings on, including relevant canon Pokemon anime posts and fanworks, why not check out
Well mostly at Tumblr these days, ehehe..

I will definitely continue to post fully completed art here, but do people still want me to post sketch and in-progress stuff too?

Still working on Ultimatum's revision. Ep 25 is 98% completed.
Hey Rebirthfans!

Once again I thank you wholeheartedly for your patience and support during the past couple of years. Reworking Ultimatum has taken me a LOT longer than I'd imagined. But I am still doing it!

I just wanted to bring you up to date on the future of Pokemon Rebirth as a whole.

I've been working on Pokemon Rebirth for quite a long while now, and with growing priority from my original projects -three of those being full length movies- I intend to start winding down input to the project from next year.

A conclusion story to follow Ultimatum's Endgame Edition is a definite, where "Song of the Timeless" and "Brainstorm" are likely, but still uncertain. I will still also be hosting a giveaway of commemorative prizes when Ultimatum is finished. All other stories I had proposed for Rebirth have been archived indefinitely. That includes the comic version of "Getting Technical".

It is better for me to archive these stories rather than leave people in expectation, because the chances of ever getting around to completing them are very, VERY small. My non-franchise based, original projects are always going to win out in the long run.

If you're feeling sad about this, don't worry! The winding-down process will be a gradual one, and there's a lot of cool adventuring still to happen.

I'll see about posting up some more concept art for Ultimatum : Endgame Edition soon.
This is the script of chapters 5-16, acting as a placemarker until such a time I can make it into a comic.

So I got involved in reading someone else's fanfiction today. It's not Pokemon related, but it is totally blowing my mind with its awesome descriptives and how accurately characterized the familiar cast members are - right down to their dialogue quirks and mannerisms. Hang about on my Tumblr and I'll post a link sooner or later.

Anyway! Partway through reading, I was longing to print out the fanfic for later, book-like storage. It's just nice to have physical copies of things sometimes. Then it struck me like a rock. This shall be how I release the revised version of Ultimatum.


Each "episode" will have a cover, and will be presented in a format more suited to printed matter and eBook readers/tablets. I want to include illustrations but I don't know if this will be possible. Giving covers to every ep will amount to about 42 images or so as it is...we'll have to see how this goes.

The nostalgia fiend in me wants to make an anime-style title card for the series~

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