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I just saw this group for the first time in years lol!!! I can only imagine how this place would look if we got this place more active ^o^
Haha! Indeed. ¦D

I keep forgetting about this place, as I'm not that active on DA these days~

(case in point, having only just found your comment eight months later)
^__^ Awesome work.
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it
I think the series is great! I only have one question....

Can you please bring back and continue Pokemon Rebirth? because I would love to see more! Please?
Continuing Pokemon Rebirth is certainly in my mind, yes. I have at least one more story I'd like to write - we'll have to see what time brings as to whether I can get it written, though!

I'll be keeping everyone posted. :D And thank you, I'm glad you have enjoyed Rebirth this far.