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I was a little late to share this here, but there's still 15 days left to enter!
To read the full competition rules, go here. (pdf file download)
CLOSING DATE : 11th November 2019
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Welcome to Pokemon Rebirth Club!


The Pokemon Rebirth Club is a group for 'official' and fanmade works set in the Pokemon Rebirth universe.

[PLEASE NOTE : This gallery is for submitting Rebirth compatible fan work to share with others. I cannot use any fan concepts canonically in Pokemon Rebirth.]

The Pokemon Rebirth universe is a branch continuity of the Pokemon anime which encompasses the first 13 seasons and movies.

For updates on various Rebirth related goings on, relevant canon Pokemon anime posts and fanworks, why not check out


Group membership is only open to those who have Rebirth related art to submit.
Invites are sent out to people who make Pokemon Rebirth related art to put in the gallery and who enter the group contests.

Feel free to watch the group for Rebirth concept art and fan art updates!

Click pokemonrebirth.niftihalostudio… for more details on the Pokemon Rebirth project.

Have a DeviantArt account and would like to express your thoughts on any of Rebirth's library? Go here!




ULT:EE - Chapter 1 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 2 by caat ULT:EE Chapter 3 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 4 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 5 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 6 and 7 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 8 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 9 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 10 and 11 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 12 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 13 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 14 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 15 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 16 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 17 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 18 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 19 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 20 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 21 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 22 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 23 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 24 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 25 by caat ULT:EE - CHapter 26 by caat
ULT:EE - Chapter 27 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 28 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 29 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 30 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 31 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 32 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 33 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 34 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 35 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 36 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 37 by caat


How can I help support the project?

- Tell other Pokemon fans you think might enjoy Rebirth, about Rebirth!

- Submit Rebirth related art. If you have Rebirth related art for the gallery, send me a note with a link to your picture and, once it is accepted, I'll pass on a membership invite.

- Fav the stamp pokemonrebirthclub.deviantart.… to be added to the supporters list.

- Feature the stamp in your journal. Our gallery icon acts as a great non-subscriber version!

- Additionally, you could mention your support of the Rebirth project in your sig with the code :*devpokemonrebirthclub*: (remove * symbols). It's not compulsory to becoming a supporter but it does help to spread the word!

Side Rules

- No immoral content.
- Art/fics that are submitted here need to fit in with the Pokemon Rebirth universe.
- You don't have to write or draw the stuff specifically for the Pokemon Rebirth universe but if it features something that can't possibly or won't be happening there then I won't put it in the gallery.

To Submit Your Work

Note me with the URL of your piece once you've uploaded it. If you're a newcomer, I'll send you an invite to join the group as well as putting up your art.


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B-LightY-Jung Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Student General Artist
I just saw this group for the first time in years lol!!! I can only imagine how this place would look if we got this place more active ^o^
caat Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2019   Filmographer
Haha! Indeed. ¦D

I keep forgetting about this place, as I'm not that active on DA these days~

(case in point, having only just found your comment eight months later)
VeronMic Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016
^__^ Awesome work.
caat Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016   Filmographer
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it
VeronMic Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
ScreenFranki64 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015
I think the series is great! I only have one question....

Can you please bring back and continue Pokemon Rebirth? because I would love to see more! Please?
caat Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015   Filmographer
Continuing Pokemon Rebirth is certainly in my mind, yes. I have at least one more story I'd like to write - we'll have to see what time brings as to whether I can get it written, though!

I'll be keeping everyone posted. :D And thank you, I'm glad you have enjoyed Rebirth this far.
ScreenFranki64 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015
Thanks! :D
ScreenFranki64 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015
Also, is there anything I can do to help? Like... Maybe.... add a new character?
EurekaTrollcat Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I must say, that paragraph in chapter 28 about the Gastly possessing the kid left me in stitches. And here I'd thought that Brendan Thomas Birch was a coincidence, but no, a few chapters later you managed to sneak in a blatant Twitch Plays Pokemon reference. LOL!
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