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Pokemon Report Guidelines
The major, and driving force, of PokemonProfessors is our collection of pokemon reports that provide in depth details on specific pokemon. Whilst individual pokemon species are the subject of a report, reports may also be written that focus on a particular family of pokemon (a.k.a evolution line).

A complete list of currently covered pokemon and the links to their reports can be found in this google docs spreadsheet. The number, species, family and report links are listed here and can be sorted according to the viewers preferences. Deviants who have submitted more than 20 reports will be given their own column in which their report links are displayed (note; pandemoniumfire is the exception to the rule seeing as she maintains the report list)

Writing and Submitting a Report

When writing a report you can choose which information you wish to show, assuming that this is an in depth exploration of you subject(s) with the exception of taxonomy and common names. Some form of taxonomy, yours or the one provided, must be used and clearly shown. Once you have written your report, please submit it to the 'Pokemon Reports' folder.

Compulsory Information

:bulletgreen: Taxonomy: The given system (you can use your own) is a Trinomial Nomenclature system for scientific pokemon naming. For dual typed pokemon put the primary type and combine it with the word from the secondary type example; Noctowl = Animaero
    The first name is the type The second name is a genus the third name is a species Types: Normal - Anima Electric - Electra Water - Aqua Fire - Pyra Grass - Chloro Rock - Geo Ground - Terrus Flying - Aero Ice - Cryo Poison - Pestillus Fighting - Combatus Dark - Necra Steel - Mechana Dragon - Draco Bug - Insecta Psychic - Psycho Ghost - Phanteo

:bulletgreen: Common Names (you can make up some)

Suggested information

:bulletblue: Distrubution/Geographical Range
:bulletblue: Habitat
:bulletblue: Appearance
:bulletblue: Reproduction (really use your creativity here!)
:bulletblue: Lifespan/Longetivity
:bulletblue: Behaviour
:bulletblue: Home Range
:bulletblue: Evolution
:bulletblue: Communication and Perception
:bulletblue: Abilities
:bulletblue: Food Habits

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TheScarfPokemon's avatar
Whats for fairy in taxonamy
icytemporalist's avatar
Whatever you pick, given it fits, should be fine. Scientific names can be pretty much anything these days!

If you feel like researching this a little, this article may be a good starting point. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classifi…
walleye26's avatar
Would Aqua Anura work for the new Pokemon Froakie? I'm writing a Fanfiction and I'm mentioning its scientific na,e.
Oh-Ninja-Please's avatar
Yeah that works fine.
icytemporalist's avatar
As long as it sounds logical (which to me this does), we don't really mind what specific names our members come up with for Pokemon. c:
PatiencePrivation's avatar
We are allowed to make reports about Pokemon that already have reports aren't we? Just making sure so I'm not stepping on any toes as I begin.
icytemporalist's avatar
But of course! And it doesn't matter how much alike or distinct the content of the reports are. (As long as it's not plaigirism...)

Differing views also help encourage debate and understanding on a given topic, so by all means, don't let yourself be limitied! :)
PatiencePrivation's avatar
Oh thank you for answering! I was so afraid that I was going to get in trouble for posting a report on a Pokemon that already had a report. I'm so glad my worries were for nothing! Thank you for answering so quickly ^^
Spiritual-Dawn's avatar
I really like the taxonomy names etc. but I think I'm doing it wrong >.<
Let's take Garchomp for example: Dragon - Ground
What would it's name be?
- Draco Terrus or Dracerrus
- Dracerrus Selachimorpha (shark)

I'm really not sure about the third name. Especially since some pokémon don't really have a species (like Cofragigus for example, although I would use the latin word for coffin: Phanteo Capulus)
pandemoniumfire's avatar
There is no concrete way you use the names but you would normally put the primary type first and secondary type second.
Chibi-Pika's avatar
This is a really great way to organize these. It makes it much easier to find each Pokemon at a glance than the old list.
Aquatic-Knight's avatar
I still need to write a report.
Oh-Ninja-Please's avatar
No rush :D, just make sure its your best work :D
Aquatic-Knight's avatar
Who to write on... Maybe a ghost type.
Aquatic-Knight's avatar
That isn't much help.
Aquatic-Knight's avatar
You're not trying to help, are you?
Oh-Ninja-Please's avatar
Do you want me to help?
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CasteelArt's avatar
Why is the last column "Assporn" ? LOL
pandemoniumfire's avatar
Oops, I'd best delete that. It was left over from a previous attempt at sorting the reports (assporn is a real deviants name)
CasteelArt's avatar
I bet, I thought it was hilarious!
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