Gallery Folders and Submission Guidelines

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Deviation Actions

Please read the following information carefully and thoroughly so that we can avoid misunderstandings. Admins will screen all incoming submissions and and have the right to decline as they see fit. Whilst we do accept discussions on the subject matter in this blog we do not accept arguments.

We are currently developing our gallery folders and layout and are open to suggestions for new folders or edits on folders. Most folders are based on the groupings found here

Gallery Folders

If a piece is just PokeRealism with no scientific analysis in the piece itself or the Artist's comments, it goes in Featured. If it's PokeScience (read: Discusses an aspect of the Pokemon World in a scientific style), then it goes in one of the folders.

To better understand what goes in the Science folders, please refer to this page. If you want a sub folder added, to be later put inside another folder for when we're a super group, please comment here.

"Featured Folder" - For general pokemon art. These artworks must be of moderate to fine quality and contain only pokemon realism. A marker of whether a pokemon is realistic or styled is the eyes though this is not the only marker. If the eyes do not appear realistic, the deviation will be declined. This is not the only case of declination but it is the most common one.

Pokemon Teams - Technically a subfolder of Featured, this one is specifically for artwork of a team of pokemon where all art is again, general realism.

Literature - For general literature deviations that are categorised as "art".

PP Applications - For OC references that used this template. Visual references can be attached to the application as the preview image, with additional ones linked in the description if applicable

Pokemon Reports - Only for Pokemon reports written for the Pokemon report project. See here for more information. [need to add link]

The Pokemon Evolutionary Genome Project - More information yet to come on this

Natural Sciences
    :pointr: Biology :pointr: Anatomy :pointr: Bellumology (Pokemon Attacks) :pointr: Facultology (Pokemon Types) :pointr: Evolution :pointr: Genetics :pointr: Geosciences :pointr: Botany

Social and Behavioural Sciences
    :pointr: History :pointr: Culinary :pointr: Geography :pointr: Mythology

Applied Sciences
    :pointr: Pokeitems :pointr: Engineering

Care Guides - For reports and journals regarding Pokemon raising, specific care information and captive breeding techniques.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Gallery Submissions are Open everyday.
  2. You may submit any number of Submissions per week.
  3. You must be a member of the group to send us a submission. To become a member, click the "Join Our Group" Button. You will be notified when your membership is approved.
  4. To Submit, click on the "Contribute Art" button found at the top of the front page in the Blue menu Groups bar, and on the left side of the front page in the Side Bar. You can also go straight to a specific folder and click on the "Submit to this Folder" button on the top right of each folder.
  5. Folders are accessible from the drop down menu after you have clicked on "Contribute Art". Please submit to the appropriate section, contributions to the incorrect section will be declined/removed.

Deviation Requirements
  1. A variety of deviation mediums and medias will be accepted into the gallery.
  2. Literature deviations must relate to the pokemon world in a realistic sense. We accept any literature (reports, studies, fanfiction, etc) but it must contain a reasonable amount of realistic detail, at least 50%, that depicts the pokemon world in a "scientific" way.
  3. Non-literature deviations must be "scientific" or realistic. We do not accept cartoons and semi-realism pieces will be considered individually.
  4. Non-literature deviations that may be accepted if they do not follow the above guideline are those that contribute to our understanding of the pokemon world in a "scientific" sense.
  5. We will not accept any works containing 'Fakémon', including but not limited to fan-made evolutions, fan-made pre-evolutions, fan-made mega evolutions and fan-made primal reversions.
  6. Please do not submit the same submission twice. Alts or Variants of Poke-realism are welcome in our Featured folders [given they meet the above], though we encourage you to use the chance to discuss the changes, amendments and so on, particularly if the art is only a recolour.

  1. Submissions must be of your own work. Please do not post work that you have found online or that contains material or Stock without the original creators permission and consent, along with proper credit on your original piece. Failure to do so is considered Copyright Infringement, and we will remove any pieces immediately without question if it is found to contain such material.
    • If you have used stock please give credit with links on your piece and follow their usage terms, stock artists work hard so give them the credit they deserve.
  2. No explicit submissions, but mild artistic nudity is acceptable at the staff's discretion.
  3. No excessive blood/gore, sexual explicit material or implied sexual innuendos.
  4. No depictions of any other inappropriate subject matter, whether implied or obvious.
  5. No vulgarity whether through text or pose. [This club is intended to be viewed by a general audience with a wide age demographic. Please keep that in mind when submitting your work.]
  6. Must adhere to all deviantArt submission guidelines and TOS at all times.
  7. In general, we will decline WIP submissions as we would rather wait for the finished product.
  8. If a piece is submitted to the wrong folder, we will decline it and instruct you where it best be presented.
  9. Non-Literature deviations will not be declined if presented in a language other than English, though we will request an English translation of any important notes/commentary OR a summary of them in the artist's comments, written in English.
  10. Literature deviations may contain languages other than English as appropriate (e.g. a character reads a book in Latin, or talks to someone in Spanish), however the primary language used must be English.

Admins will screen entries before they are submitted. We retain the right to decline or remove submissions at any time. If you keep submitting art that doesn't meet our standards, you may earn a warning. After that moderators will act as they see best for everyone. Please don't spam us!
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TheOneAnnoyingPerson's avatar
Where should I put this, if it is indeed well made enough?
icytemporalist's avatar
Depends on what your intentions were as the artist, I suppose. If you'd like it to be featured in the group for the art, then try featured. (I highly encourage you to keep practising this style, as it does have potential).

On the other hand, if you'd like it to be featured in the group for the poke-science write-up you've done in the AC, then submit to one of our folders then. (Somewhere under biology, I think.)

Either way, take a look at those folders and see where you feel it best fits. c:
Chari-Artist's avatar
I'm curious, just coming into all this.. but what might something like this… be classified as, if as anything? :0 
icytemporalist's avatar
I'd say it would have a place in the group... as to where...
...I'd suggest looking around the Natural Sciences folder, particularly Biology and Anatomy, and see if your study would fit there.

Thanks for asking!
Chari-Artist's avatar
Thank you! I do enjoy pokemon anatomy. I'll take a look. UuU
TheAwesomeKk's avatar
Excuse me, I submitted a work to this group, of an Oshawott hunting a Basculin. I'd like to ask, why was it declined? Please reply ASAP so I can adjust the work to fit the group's guidelines. Thanks.
icytemporalist's avatar
Typically these questions are handled through comments on the submission itself (not the deviation). I'll comment there since dA doesn't make it easy to find for non-admins if the submitter has already removed the link.
pagenfragon's avatar
would photo's of pref's be allowed in the pp art?
zeromaru11's avatar
When you say evolution, do you mean the one in the games or the real-world concept?
zeromaru11's avatar
do you prefer literature or visual?
pandemoniumfire's avatar
Again, either. We are quite open.
zeromaru11's avatar
okay then, sounds good.
Chibi-Pika's avatar
Love the new categories! That must have been a pain to sort through everything! o___o

Though it feels like there might be too many, and that a lot of them might end up with only one or two deviations in them, and could potentially be combined. But on the other hand, having it like this very well may encourage people to fill them up!
pandemoniumfire's avatar
I know what you feel and I'm hoping I don't end up compressing them (Engineering is most likely going to be the first XD)
SherlockianHamps's avatar
What sorta things might you be looking for in Engineering?
pandemoniumfire's avatar
Anything really. It could really refer to buildings, transport, medicine, games, etc. I just didn't think that many people would be interested in this part of the pokemon world but if you really love this field then I'll keep the folder :D
ryttu3k's avatar
Could you clarify what's meant by "Culinary - For deviations pertaining to Pokemon food and recipes"? Did you mean foods and recipes eaten by Pokemon, or food and recipes for Pokemon AS food?

(Just as an aside, I think I'd be vegetarian in the Pokeverse...)
pandemoniumfire's avatar
I've changed it so it's for both humans and pokemon.

In the pokeverse I'd be a omnivore. I believe that pokemon are normally "dumb" in the wild were else those caught gain intelligence which brings them above their wild relatives. I live on a farm where I have pet chickens and cows but still eat chicken and cows so it doesn't seem weird for me.
ryttu3k's avatar
Thanks for clarifying :)

Heh... maybe. Some Pokemon are definitely intelligent, but does that go for, say, Miltank?
pandemoniumfire's avatar
I would think that any caught animal is but when used like miltank on farms I believe they would be as smart as the average diary cow (they are much more intelligent than beef cattle)
ryttu3k's avatar
Makes sense!
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