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Welcome to pokemonfreaks!

⭐ Group Rules

Your art was probably declined because you

sent to the wrong folder!

This is the most common reason.

But please check out our other rules:

Pokeball - icon sparkling 2 | POKEMONNo AI-generated images

Pokeball - icon sparkling 2 | POKEMONNo R18 ('mature content')

Pokeball - icon sparkling 2 | POKEMONNo fetish, hate/anti, edits

Pokeball - icon sparkling 2 | POKEMONBe respectful to each other Heart Bullet

Feel free to ask about anything!

Send a message or a note.

Sylveon Attract Plz

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Hi, it's not inactive, I just don't check often! Sorry if anything you sent expired...

still active?
noticed a lot of groups die recently just checking to see if i can post here

Yeah active!

I just get busy sometimes and there's a lot of art to accept when I come back...

If something expires, send again, sorry for this.

ok then :)

seen so many groups nowadays just dead in the water, so i naturally ask before joining, thanks

no worries though, i can understand the issue

Is this group still active?

Yes! Sorry for the absence!