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Welcome to Pokémon Freaks!

"Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."

:pokeball: Submit in the correct folder - the description of each folder can help you. If still in doubt, ask or submit in the "Misc. or Unsure" folder.

:bulletred: Members: Can submit 1 deviation per week in each folder.

:pokeball: Be respectful to each other!

:pokeball: Absolutely no hate/anti art accepted.

:pokeball: If your work is "mature content", or solely fetish art, it doesn't belong here. Soft is probably fine, though. Feel free to ask.

:bulletred: Approximate guideline of acceptable violence:…

:pokeball: We don't mind your art skill, we just ask you to try to submit only artwork that you are most proud of/fully finished. Don't feel afraid to submit anything because you're not the best of the best, though. Just do YOUR best!

:bulletred: Try to avoid submitting sketches, WIPs or works using official art/anything not made by you.

:pokeball: Please, don't hesitate to send a note to the group, we'll clear up any concern you may have!



Icon Absol by Zanuelle-Admins- Hi, may I help you?


Gallery Folders

Original Character
Aren't you glad to be here now? by NoVaNoah
25 Years of Pokemon With You by D-O-9-Bessa
Blake the Flareon (Remastered) by Graffiiti3000
Umbreon Chibi by foxlett
8th Generation
Cinderace Vector by Pokemon-Vector-Art
Galarian Ponyta by manatiki
FanArt-The King Of The Tundra by SNA-Designs
Hattrem by dawgs9
7th Generation
Daily Pokemon : Buzzwole by Exoskellet
Daily Pokemon : Golisopod line by Exoskellet
Salazzle and Toxin by Exranion
rowlet litten or popplio? by xxzuritxx
6th Generation
Diancie by Wanda92
Sylveon Chibi by DoveyDraws
.:Pkmn:. Shiny Series #19 - Barbaracle by Fire-For-Battle
Chespin or Froakie or Fennekin? by xxzuritxx
5th Generation
Encouraging Maractus by TrueScorn
botanical snivy by foxwafflesdraws
Deerling by xxzuritxx
skill by DJ95code-hope
4th Generation
Shinx by xxzuritxx
Croagunk and Piplup by DarlanSpace
glaceon leafeon Chibi by VoidJay
Uxie Mesprit o Azelf? by xxzuritxx
3rd Generation
Jirachi will make your wishes come true... by xxzuritxx
Grovyle by hikary-starrysky
100 watchers!!! by xxzuritxx
Sweet Skittu by MatchaF0x
2nd Generation
Lugia Chibi by DoveyDraws
Happy Sheep by Citrus-Chickadee
Lugia Vs Ho-Oh - Pokemon by oscarb1
.:Pkmn:. Shiny Series #20 - Quagsire by Fire-For-Battle
1st Generation
Pikachu by MrRendy
Chibi Starmie by inzanati
Eevee by Sabinzie
3D Drawing - Pokemon/Gyarados by Nagai-Hideyuki
Multiple Gens
Pokemon Legends Starters (Banzai!) by Medusa-the-Eternal
Mega Evolutions and GMAX
Gigantamax Eevee Chibi by DoveyDraws
Humans and Pokemon
May ~ Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire by axlbravo
Gijinka and Anthro Pokemorphs
Volcarona Gijinka by TrueScorn
Mightyena by Auracole
Goodies and Crafts
Ponyta Galar Handmade Custom Plush by Chibi-pets
Sprites, Stamps, Icons, Pixels, Animations
I love you! by foxlett
Fakemon and Beta
Mirakian Chimecho by KingFlurry
Future Smashers Part 1 by GameArtist1993
Fanfiction, RP and Comics
Pokemon Ultra: Fateful Encounters (Page 7) by Medusa-the-Eternal
Misc. or Unsure
Alternate Realities by SouIfyre


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