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Bluemist by pokemonfnaf1 Bluemist by pokemonfnaf1
Name: Bluemist

Gender: Female (mare)

Species: Deer


Status (as in like scientist or something): studies magic (if thats even a thing)

Relationship status: N/A

Age: 18

likes: magic, alone time, the everfree forest

dislikes: being inturrupted, her gem being pried from her, people disregarding her alone time

Bio: Bluemist is a young deer who likes magic. being a deer she has no horn to produce magic on her own. one day going through the everfree she found a pendant gem that could fit in the shape of her cloak clip. when she had attached the gem it started glowing and she was levitating a few twigs. when she found out she rushed to twilight's castle she had started pounding on the door. when twilight opened it with no welcome she had levitated blue mist inside. "i seen that gem in a book before!" twilight panicked and started searching for the book. "its right there" using her antlers she pointed to the book on the table and twilight rushed over to the book. "star swirl made that gem to drive out the sirens" twilight answered. Bluemist just watched twilight trying to levitate the gem out of its place yet using her antlers bluemist pinned twilight to the wall. "you are NOT taking this gem...." blue mist set twilight down. She was taken in by twilight as another apprentice and started showing her the basics of magic.
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August 8, 2017
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