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Aqua by pokemonfnaf1 Aqua by pokemonfnaf1
Name: Aqua Peridot

Nickname: Aqua

Alliance: ??? (literally balances between homeworld and earth

Gender: Female

Weapon: None yet

Bio: Being an off colour gem yellow diamond wanted to shatter her yet blue diamond had stopped yellow diamond in the midst of doing so. "you have green peridots.... maybe i'll take this one" blue diamond told her. Blue diamond calls her aqua peridot but she goes by aqua. Being new to all this technology Aqua was never able to fit in with the others, and she wont ever due to the fact she isnt good with technology one bit. one day she had taken a ship and gone to earth where she met the crystal gems. Aqua lives in fear of being shattered so she feels as pressure was being placed upon her. she cant decide if to abandon her diamond or be loyal and get scolded and threatened of being poofed and shattered every day from the other peridots. yet on earth, peridot and lapis have welcomed her as a friend, although she mostly cowards from everybody. one day or another, she will be apart of the crystal gems, or make a rogue gem group or just stay loyal, who knows?

personality: kind, timid

A NOTE FROM CATE: i have assumed that green peridots are under yellow diamonds rule, i have a low percent chance of being right, but for the sake of this character, lets just assume XD
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August 6, 2017
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