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Please don't advertise / post your art here.
Happy New Year!
Oh dear... Looks like my introduction comment was erased. If I had to ask... Why? =/

We don't want people to spam the front page. Thank you for the understanding.

Spam? SPAM?! Why is an intro comment like mine considered that? Ridiculous! I don't spam anything, just speak simple and clean, that's all. There is nothing wrong with a one-off introduction even to the public. I just do it once on each group across DA to see if there would be some kind of benefit. Maybe you should go ask AnythingRedFox? She's a part of this group, too.

Hi, I would appreciate a calm reply.

It's because of the art attached to the comment. We don't want advertising on the front page but you are free to introduce yourself without it. This goes for myself as well, not just members - so it's fair to all.

You are free to talk to the other admins if you disagree, but most of them aren't very active and you are unlikely to get a reply. Also, imagine if everyone started posting their own art on the front page, every time they made a new piece. You may not have done that exactly, but I am trying to prevent that. Again, I would appreciate your understanding.

Your introduction comment got wiped out? How odd. :O

Yeah, it has been, and I wasn't even told why it happened, not even by a founder. All I did was introduce myself to the group, saying hi and I like Pokemon, and attached the art gift that one of my other friends did for me. But later I checked my recently made comments on my profile, and I noticed it's gone, with blankness and only the "You commented on [group]". :(