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A God's Wrath by WraithWolves
Wooloo the Wholesome Floof by Southrobin
.: Sparks :. by WraithWolves
Redraw: Robin and Flygon by Southrobin
Gen I
:CM:_He Coked On A Chorizo by PanDeSalvado
Vaporeon- Surf by Jade-Viper
Saur by francis-john
Pokemon Gengar by CelestiallKirin
Gen II
60min Yanma by pokeno255
Gligar by DragonCelesh
Cheerleader Bellossom~ by bfdifan123
A Shocking Photo (Art Trade) by GhostFalcon642
A Pool of Water by Iffondrel
60min Skitty by pokeno255
257. Blaziken by hftran
Who's That pokemon!?: Swampert *Commission* by Mister-Sukeruton
Gen IV
Fire Monkeys by DJ95code-hope
Lickilicky .:Redraw:. by pyzyke
Giratina Sticker Designs! by Opatoes
Annoyed Gallade by DragonCelesh
Gen V
Zoroark by LaPumpkINK
Vanillite Pokemon Card Alter by FoxxFires
Midnights Illusionist by CritCorsac
Music Make You Lose Control by ThreeLeggedBike
Gen VI
Aiaiai I'm Your Little Slimey Guy by ThreeLeggedBike
Shiny Bunnelby by ShinyhunterF
Goodra :3 by Axell88
I'm late to my own birthday! by ShyFries
Pokemon - Deep Sea by KannaTC
Raichu by FeyNeko
Rowlet by Shemiilayla
[Fanzine] Alola by CarrsCrap
loud, LOUDER!!! by DJ95code-hope
Raboot by Bokue
Dark signal when he gets higher by Weirda-s-M-art
[Pokemon] Dragapult through the sky by Moongeist94
Mixed Generations
Pokemon Comic - Dragon's Hoard by LittleWoodlouse
Altaria by the-ghost-deer
Trio Bird Starters by albrt-wlson
Free 'n Forth by GhostFalcon642
Serena Cosplays: Serena by DaDonYordel
Trainers with Pokemon
The Rangers Down Under - Disnemon (1990) by MrOtterson
Pokemon Comic - Anything? by T-M-Wolf
Espeon Mermaid by Lushies-Art
Cosplay , Crafts
Mega Lopunny art doll, poseable toy ADOPTED by CelestiallKirin
Espeon x Hattrem  [OPEN] by XtraterestrialAdopts
Beta Pokemon
On the moon by theblueflag
Pixels, Icons, Stamps, Journal Skins
Mutationmon noivern sticker by dudidraak
Pokesonas, Poke-ocs
COMM - A Fine Day for Lunch and Science by Turquoisephoenix
Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 1I do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon and Mortal KombatYears passed now that Inuyasha and Naraku grew up into fine men. They were chariot racing with their Rapidashes and Phantom steeds."Faster you beasts! You run like mules!" Naraku shouted as he looks at hieroglyphics on the walls.Hey, Naraku, how'd you like your face carved on a wall?" Inuyasha asked."Someday, yes." Naraku answered."How about now?" Inuyasha replied as he pushes Naraku's chariot into a wall which made a wheel screech Naraku pulls his chariot back."You almost killed me!" Naraku shouted."Oh, come on. Where's your sense of fun?" Inuyasha asked."Oh, it's fun you want?" Naraku replied as he pulls his Phantom steeds back and Inuyasha his Rapidashes back. The two ran on the road but Naraku went down on a steep hill. He pulls his Phantom steeds again, turns back and didn't sees Inuyasha."Inuyasha ?" Naraku replied."Yahoo!" Inuyasha shouted as he jumps over Naraku and ran off. So Naraku catches up to Inuyasha and ran into the village.A table began to vibrate which the villagers turns to see Inuyasha riding on his Rapidash chariot so they get out quickly as possible which he ran off while Naraku was following him.Inuyasha ran down on the stairs while Naraku was on top floor."Come on, Inuyasha. Admit it. You've always looked up to me." Naraku replied."Yes." Inuyasha replied."But it's not much of a view." Naraku replied as Inuyasha laughs while he races down in the village. But Naraku landed behind Inuyasha and still continues horse racing."Hey!" A man shouted."Secondborn, second place!" Naraku shouted."Not for long!" Inuyasha shouted as they headed towards the palace and construction area.Meanwhile a sorcerer named Shang Tsung and a necromancer named Quan Chi began to approach the temple entrance.The Spider Youkai and the Dog Youkai hybrid ran on the wooden floor but Inuyasha was about to go to the dead end so he turns his Rapidashes around and ran across the wooden floor causing Spandam to fall off the ladder, painted a mustache on the statue and bricks on the top wooden floor fell and broke the statue's nose. The nose began to fall down on the wooden floor which both Naraku and Inuyasha raced down the wooden floor."Jump!" Inuyasha shouted as his Rapidashes jumps off the wooden floor while Naraku ran out the wooden floor which it is completely broken. The two pulled their horses back when they stopped at wall that is blocking the sand. Both Inuyasha and Naraku laughed.Suddenly the wall broke due to the weight, sand began to move out as a tidal wave along with Naraku and Inuyasha heading towards temple.Quan Chi turns and pokes Shang Tsung which he got the sorcerer's attention. They see a tide of sand coming towards them. The two ran and knocking the other people down, but didn't make when the tide of sand got them.Inuyasha and Naraku rode on the tide of sand like surfing on water. When the tide of sand stopped. The two jumped and ran towards the palace."You don't think we'll get in trouble for this, do you?" Naraku asked."No, not a chance." Inuyasha answered.In the throne room Shao Kahn was mad at both Inuyasha and Naraku. While Sindel, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were with them."Why do the gods torment me with such reckless, destructive, blasphemous sons!" Shao Kahn shouted."Father, hear what I.." Naraku replied."Be still! Pharaoh speaks. I seek to build an empire, and your only thought is to amuse yourselves, by tearing it down. Have I taught you nothing?" Shao Kahn asked."You mustn't be so hard on yourself, Your Majesty. You're an excellent teacher." Shang Tsung replied."It's not your fault your sons learned nothing." Quan Chi added"They learned blasphemy." Shang Tsung replied."True." Quan Chi added."Father, the fault is mine. I goaded Naraku on, and so I am responsible." Inuyasha replied."Hmm. Responsible. Do you know the meaning of that word, Naraku?" Shao Kahn asked."I understand, Father." Naraku answered."And do you understand the task for which your birth has destined you? The Ancient Traditions. When I pass into the Next World, then you will be The Morning and Evening Star." Shao Kahn replied."One damage temple does not destroy centuries of tradition." Naraku replied."But one weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty!" Shao Kahn shouted as Sindel approaches to him which he sighed."You have my leave to go." Shao Kahn replied as he turn back."Father." Naraku replied as Shao Kahn didn't say a word to him so he walked away."Father? You know it was really my fault. Must you be so hard on him?" Inuyasha asked."Inuyasha, you will never have to carry a burden like the crown I will pass to Naraku. He must not allow himself to be led astray, not even by you, my son." Shao Kahn answered."All he cares about is your approval. I know he will live up to your expectations. He only needs the opportunity." Inuyasha replied."Maybe so. Go now. I shall see you both tonight." Shao Kahn replied as Inuyasha bows to him and left the throne room.
Rick and Morty Vs. Pokemon *snowbound* by Mister-Sukeruton
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Ink The Horsea by Aminirus



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