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Gs beta Mole Thingy by LunaMaddalena
Leader of the Elite 4 by PoLlOrOn
Game releases - Alpha, beta, complete
Pokemon Giratina's Legend - [DOWNLOAD Beta 1.0.0] by Ghha90
Pokemon EternalLight and InfernalDark Logos by Gracious-Mistake
Pikachu uses Thunder Punch by Championx91
Anaranjado Forest by blazt01
Screenshots and mockups
Pokemon Giratina's Legend - Drought Town by Ghha90
Pokemon Giratina's Legend - Snowveil City by Ghha90
Pokemon Giratina's Legend - Ethereal City by Ghha90
Pokemon Giratina's Legend - Problems in the farm by Ghha90
Maps and worldmaps
Applin Valley by Phyromatical
Keltios Map - Eagle Pass by Anarlaurendil
Team Rocket base [INDOOR] by Ghha90
Fintan Manor - Interior map by Anarlaurendil
Artworks and game art
Barpau antique shiny by Anarlaurendil
Ancient Feebas by Anarlaurendil
Aranel and Viviane with Ho-Oh scepter by Anarlaurendil
Sylvan Town - Panel by Anarlaurendil
Tiles and tilesets
FRLG Celadon Mansion by CloudyDayJoy
Bloodlines Tileset by mustafa505
Some custom tiles by mustafa505
Tileset x by Zeo254
Overworlds and sprites
Cinderblock Grill Preview by CloudyDayJoy
Bath Barrel Preview by CloudyDayJoy
Bath Barrel Preview (with bather) by CloudyDayJoy
Team Rocket Swimming and Bathing by CloudyDayJoy
3D models
Mega Trevenant by Zenionith
Zygarde WIP by worldslayer608
Mega Mewtwo X by NetArtWorK
Venusaur take #2 by ppoznysz
Ideas and sketches
Pallet Town Interiors Mockup by CloudyDayJoy
Kanto Breeders AssociationI mentioned the Team Rocket provides legal protection to Executive Diana in her post, but from what? Well, the world in LeafRocket has stricter breeding regulations thanks to the KBA. Here's their section from my planning document. Daycare CoupleOwners of the Pokemon DaycareCo-Founders and leaders of the Kanto Breeders Association (KBA)Hates Team Rocket and Diana with a passion. Kanto Breeders AssociationSets breeding standards and guidelinesBreeding requires a license certified by their organization which ensures that the breeder follows those standards, selling Pokemon without one is illegalBans inbreeding and breeding for appearances over functionPokemon Rights ActivistsCampaigns to turn their guidelines into laws, punishable by legal actionAnd also provide protections for Pokemon after they're hatchedDonates to Pokemon Schools focused on Pokemon CareProvides guidance to new or aspiring breeders and trainers, either directly or indirectly through the schools they fundCreates a network of breeders and others finding homes for PokemonHelps prevent inbreeding by making it easier to introduce new lines to the Pokemon they're breedingFor people looking for specific Pokemon to adoptRuns a database tracking known Pokemon lineages, public but only certified breeders and Pokemon Centers can editThey hate Diana and the Hidden Hatchery because of how it harms Pokemon from there and how their lines harm the general Pokemon populationThe KBA is working on trying to find and dismantle itAffiliated with the Pokemon Centers and Lavender Town Rescue
Pokemon LeafRocket Intro Storyboard by CloudyDayJoy
Pokemon LeafRocket Intro Storyboard Panel 1 by CloudyDayJoy
Other Pokemon fangame Resources
Pokemon Giratina's Legend  - Area Icons by Ghha90
Choose your starter Pokemon Black Emerald by 0BlackEmerald0
Spritesheet of Keltios Pokeballs by Anarlaurendil
Trainer by seiyouh
Type chart of Pokemon Sacred Phoenix v2 by Anarlaurendil
Essentials Scripts and engines
Pokemon Essentials DS 2.0 by Venom12314


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Welcome to PokemonFanGames!



Welcome to the group!

Here you can submit Pokémon game-related art made by you (sprites, tiles, Fakemon artworks, etc.) and any graphics and concepts that could be used in a Pokémon fangame.

If you don't know where to submit your art, just enter each folder and you'll find a description of its contents inside.

Concerning the featured folder:

Only the group admins can submit to this folder. It's used for art that has been invited by us to the group or that we're interested in featuring for some reason (because it's very good, not very well-known, etc.).

Concerning the misc. folder:

Any art that is not related to Pokémon fangames has to go in the "Misc." folder. Said art has to be preferably:
1) Pokémon related, or
2) Pixel-art or game art related.


¡Bienvenidos al grupo!

Aquí podéis subir arte que esté relacionado con de juegos Pokémon (sprites, tiles, artworks de Fakemon, etc.) hecho por vosotros y cualquier gráfico o concepto que pueda ser usado en un fangame de Pokémon.

Si no sabes dónde subir tu arte, sólo entra en cada una de las carpetas y encontrarás dentro una descripción de sus contenidos.

Respecto a la carpeta featured:

Solo los admins del grupo pueden subir cosas a esta carpeta. Se usa para deviaciones que han sido invitadas por nosotros al grupo o que nos interese mostrar por alguna razón (porque son muy buenas, no muy conocidas, etc.).

Respecto a la carpeta misc.:

Cualquier arte que no esté relacionado con fangames de Pokémon tiene que ir en la carpeta "Misc.". Dicho arte tiene que estar preferiblemente:
1) Relacionado con Pokémon, o
2) Relacionado con pixel-art o con creación de juegos.






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Delinquent123 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey everyone, I'm not quite sure how active this group is anymore but, I am currently making a fangame called Pokemon Tabula Rasa and I am looking for spriters and artists to make art/sprites for regional variants, overworlds, gen 4 style overworld trainers, trainer sprites, vs. mugshots, large-scale sprites for cutscenes (Like in RSE with the legendary trio), and more! There will never b a shortage of work that needs to be made and we currently have a devoted team with over 200 planned regional forms and over 25 new mega evolutions. All help is appreciated and guest artists and spriters are welcome! If you are interested, contact me either through deviantart or through the socials linked in my about page! Thanks everyone!
UltimaDrawz Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey guys im currently working on a project called Pokemon Serpentine and im still looking for people who can create overworld sprites and design pokemon. If you are interested send me a note and ill reply with the invitation link to our discord server.
leontinees Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2019
Hello everyone, I'd like to ask a bit of help... I've looked around dozens of tilesets but can't find the one I need :-( (Sad)
It's Sinnoh's contest hall. I've found sofas and plants but not the counters, walls, doors, carpet, etc and specially not the exhibition room.
Please, if anyone has it and can share with me, that would be greatly appreciated!
LegacyRetr0Games Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2019
Hey guys, I am leader of an Hobbyist RPG Maker team, check out my profile page of you are a pixel artist and wish to work with us.
SkaraBdort Featured By Owner May 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm currently looking for coworkers in order to create a fangame. I'm myself a composer and i sometimes draw too.
Would you be interested in working with me ?
Here is my work:
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