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Gallery Folders

Gs beta Mole Thingy by LunaMaddalena
Leader of the Elite 4 by PoLlOrOn
Game releases - Alpha, beta, complete
P. Bright, the rivals, Kaito and Nana by Srtamoustach
Team Genesis by Srtamoustach
P. Bright, daughter of Hugh and Rose: Miyuki by Srtamoustach
Olympian City in Beta 0.1 by PkmnFissionFusion
Screenshots and mockups
HONEYLUNE RIDGE visual: My Pixel Odyssey #16 by WilsonScarloxy
BOWSER'S CASTLE visual: My Pixel Odyssey #15 by WilsonScarloxy
Pokemon - Sandy Gorge by Pink-Zero
Pokemon - Retro Grounds by Pink-Zero
Maps and worldmaps
Pokemon - Windy Fields by Pink-Zero
Pokemon - Pika Plains by Pink-Zero
Pokemon - Delite Road by Pink-Zero
Pokemon - Sunshine Valley by Pink-Zero
Artworks and game art
GYM LEADER 8 - Adrien (Dragon Type) by AliodaDraws
Protagonists V.3 by JorgePrimera2
Team Neutrino Grunt Sketch by PkmnFissionFusion
Rivals V.2 by JorgePrimera2
Tiles and tilesets
Commission #021 by WilsonScarloxy
HONEYLUNE RIDGE tileset: My Pixel Odyssey #16 by WilsonScarloxy
CRUMBLEDEN visual: My Pixel Odyssey #14 by WilsonScarloxy
BOWSER'S CASTLE tileset: My Pixel Odyssey #15 by WilsonScarloxy
Overworlds and sprites
Commission #020 by WilsonScarloxy
Lucio by SparkingBlade
Sprite | Initial 8th generation Pokemons by MichaKing
Fakedex by HydregonArt
3D models
Mega Trevenant by Zenionith
Zygarde WIP by worldslayer608
Mega Mewtwo X by NetArtWorK
Venusaur take #2 by ppoznysz
Ideas and sketches

Mature Content

Fakemon: Coal and Sandstone Badges by icycatelf
Other Pokemon fangame Resources
Trainer by seiyouh
New FRLG sign windowskin for Pokemon Essentials by 5QU3L3T0N
Ponymon: Celestia by mollymous
[006] Create your own Pokemon Fan Game (English) by mollymous
Essentials Scripts and engines
Pokemon Essentials DS 2.0 by Venom12314


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Welcome to PokemonFanGames!



Welcome to the group!

Here you can submit Pokémon game-related art made by you (sprites, tiles, Fakemon artworks, etc.) and any graphics and concepts that could be used in a Pokémon fangame.

If you don't know where to submit your art, just enter each folder and you'll find a description of its contents inside.

Concerning the featured folder:

Only the group admins can submit to this folder. It's used for art that has been invited by us to the group or that we're interested in featuring for some reason (because it's very good, not very well-known, etc.).

Concerning the misc. folder:

Any art that is not related to Pokémon fangames has to go in the "Misc." folder. Said art has to be preferably:
1) Pokémon related, or
2) Pixel-art or game art related.


¡Bienvenidos al grupo!

Aquí podéis subir arte que esté relacionado con de juegos Pokémon (sprites, tiles, artworks de Fakemon, etc.) hecho por vosotros y cualquier gráfico o concepto que pueda ser usado en un fangame de Pokémon.

Si no sabes dónde subir tu arte, sólo entra en cada una de las carpetas y encontrarás dentro una descripción de sus contenidos.

Respecto a la carpeta featured:

Solo los admins del grupo pueden subir cosas a esta carpeta. Se usa para deviaciones que han sido invitadas por nosotros al grupo o que nos interese mostrar por alguna razón (porque son muy buenas, no muy conocidas, etc.).

Respecto a la carpeta misc.:

Cualquier arte que no esté relacionado con fangames de Pokémon tiene que ir en la carpeta "Misc.". Dicho arte tiene que estar preferiblemente:
1) Relacionado con Pokémon, o
2) Relacionado con pixel-art o con creación de juegos.






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icycatelf Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Does anyone know of any GSC hacking utilities for Mac, or how to make them run on Mac? I'm wanting to add some Fakemon and new areas (maybe make a full-fledged fan game at some point), but I can't seem to get  the programs I'm familiar with from my days as a Windows-user working with Wine. :/
JorgePrimera2 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018

Muy buenas a todos. Aquí voy a mostraros todos los nuevos Pokémon que veréis en Pokémon Carmesí y Añil. Las que están en negrita son los que ya están diseñados.

-Inicial basado en una rosa. Planta --> Planta/Roca.
-Inicial basado en una luciérnaga. Fuego/Bicho --> Fuego/Hada.
-Inicial basado en un camarón. Agua --> Agua/Hielo.
-Azulejo. Volador.
-Mariposa Aurora. Bicho.
-Escorpión de Agua. Bicho/Agua.
-Tritón Crestado.
-Puercoespín. Normal/Veneno --> Veneno/Siniestro. Muchas Gracias Lisnovski.
-Marsopa común.
-Búho Chico.
-Tiburón Peregrino.
-Araña Steampunk.
-Paradoja del Gato de Schrödinger. Normal o Fantasma.
-Bulldog. Roca/Fuego.
-Liebre o Conejo.
-Director de Orquesta. Sonido.
-Oso Paddington.
-Preevolución de Tauros y Miltank. Normal.
-Preevolución de Onix. Roca.
-Preevolución de Audino.
-Preevolución y Evolución de Furfrou.
-Preevolución y Evolución de Lapras.
-Evolución de Eevee. Sonido.
-Evolución de Eevee. Luz.
-Legendario basado en un León.
-Legendario basado en un Unicornio. Luz/Hada.
-Legendario basado en el Monstruo del Lago Ness. Siniestro/Psíquico.
-Legendario basado en un Dragón Europeo. Dragón/
-Legendario basado en un Dragón Asiático. Dragón/
-Legendario basado en un Dragón Wyvern. Dragón/Veneno.
-Legendario basado en el Excalibur. Acero/Roca.
*Este Legendario Excalibur tiene una Megaevolución basado en el Rey Arturo.
-Legendario basado en el Ofión.

Si tenéis ideas para nuevos Pokémon (Que encajen en mi región, ya que Avalonia se basa en el Archipiélago Británico) o queréis diseñar alguno de los que nombré, avisadme.


Hello to everyone. Here I will show you all the new Pokémon that you will see in Crimson Pokémon and Indigo. Those that are in bold are those that are already designed.

-Starter based on a Rose. Grass --> Grass/Rock.
-Starter based on a Firefly. Fire/Bug --> Fire/Faerie.
-Starter based on a Shrimp. Water --> Water/Ice.
-Bluebird. Flying.
-Orange Tip. Bug.
-Water Scorpion. Bug/Water.
-Northern Crested Newt.
-Porcupine. Normal/Poison --> Poison/Dark. Thank you very much Lisnovski.
-Atlantic Cod.
-Harbour Porpoise.
-Long-eared Owl.
-Basking Shark.
-Steampunk Spider.
-Schrödinger'S Cat. Normal or Ghost.
-Bulldog. Rock/Fire.
-Hare or Rabbit.
-Orchesta Director. Sound.
-Paddington Bear.
-Preevolution for Tauros and Miltank. Normal.
-Preevolution for Onix. Rock.
-Preevolution for Audino.
-Preevolution and Evolution for Furfrou.
-Preevolution and Evolution for Lapras. Water --> Lapras --> Ice/Dragon.
-Eeveelution. Sound.
-Eeveelution. Light.
-Legendary based on a Lion.
-Legendary based on a Unicorn. Light/Faerie.
-Legendary based on Loch Ness Monster. Dark/Psychic.
-Legendary based on a European Dragon. Dragon/
-Legendary based on a Asiatic Dragon. Dragon/
-Legendary based on a Wyvern Dragon. Dragon/Poison.
-Legendary based on the Excalibur. Steel/Rock.
*The Excalibur legendary has a Megaevolution based on King Arthur.
-Legendary based on the Ophion.

If you have ideas for new Pokémon (Which fit in my region, since Avalonia is based on the British Islands) or want to design some of the ones I named, let me know.
Dragonis-Prime Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
Hey everyone. I have recently joined this community as a means of finding two things:

1: A place to promote my fan game, Pokemon Infinite Warriors.

2: A place to find out what you all would love to see in a Pokemon game.

Send me a note if you have a suggestion for things you want to see in PIW. I am open to Pokemon ideas, sprites to base concepts off of, items, and different story beats to help make this game the tribute to the fandom that I want it to be.
SweetRainney Featured By Owner May 17, 2017
nice work on your game world maker.. and lucky you have your own team version.. mean while me still working up on fixed my game world by my own self... without anyteam
Caos-Cepi Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist
Primera vez que hago una colaboración y la hago malisimo XD :c como cambio de Carpeta mis cosas? :c
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