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The Super Serious A.I. and The Spartan Foreword
Disclaimer: This story is a fan-based story, Halo belongs to Bungie and Pokémon Adventures belong to the Kusaka and Yamamoto. Please support the Official release. This is an Alternate Universe story. If you hate Alternate Universe stories, don't comment. Just leave. If you stay and read, your choice.
"Hello, fellow people. Yes, I have retired from fan fiction. But that doesn't stop me from doing remakes and crap like that. I brought you something that will cheer you up. This story is based on my first story into an AU Pokémon special in the Halo Universe. NO, It's not going to have Pokémon in it except references to it. The other one is a Urusei Yatsura version, so check it out! Yes, it will be similar except for some major changes." Republic Empire said.
All of a sudden, two people appeared: Gold and Crystal.
They weren't very happy with what he's doing.
"Wait! What is this?"
"What do you mean?" Republic Empire said, wondering why Gold and Crystal were there.
"I thought you retired al
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Legend of Gallade chapter 1
Long ago there existed a kingdom in which Pokemon lived together happily and in harmony. This land was ruled over by the good king Alakazam. He was a very respected king who ruled the kingdom well. However this all changed one day when he was betrayed by his advisor, Minister Hydreigon who stole the red chain, an ancient and powerful artifact and used it to overpower the king, kidnap his daughter, princess Gardevoir and take over the kingdom with his minions. The poor king never recovered from the loss of his daughter and died shortly after. However just before he died he demanded a message be sent to Medicham dojo to request one of their best warriors to defeat Hydreigon. Whoever could do this would win the kingdom and Gardevoir's hand in marriage. And this is where our story begins…
"HYAH!" screamed Gallade as he launched a powerful attack directly towards Medicham who appeared to be meditating with his back turned and unprepared. However just milliseconds before Galla
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Legend of Gallade chapter 2
Several minutes had gone by since Gallade had set of from the dojo (or what was left of it at any rate) and he was still no closer to achieving his goal.  The plains had since transformed into a vast forest with trees at every angle
"What am I supposed to do to overthrow this Hydreigon guy anyway" he thought to himself.
Suddenly he was interrupted by a cry coming from a nearby clearing. Remembering the dojo creed (never ignore a cry for help) he rushed towards the source of the cry.
A few seconds later Gallade arrived at the clearing. As soon as he did the first thing he saw was a small yellowish pokemon with a white body cowering in fear. Just a few yards in front of her was an angry looking Luxray.
"Help" whimpered the Pokemon. Gallade knew he didn't have much time.
"Hey!" he yelled to get the Luxray's  attention.
The Luxray looked up and instantly lauched itself at Gallade who just barely jumped out of the way.
"So that's how you want it" responded Gallade who launched an attack rig
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Legend of Gallade chapter 3
Coming back to Gallade and co,  they had been travelling for sometime when suddenly:
"Look! In the distance!" exclaimed Pikachu.
The group looked to where he was pointing. In the distance they could see a small town somewhat medieval in appearance.
"Is that Castelia village?" Gallade asked
"Yes" replied Pikachu "We're bound to find somebody there who can help us".
And with that the group carried on towards the town.
A few minutes later the gang had entered the town and were looking around the main street. There were hundreds of pokemon going around doing their daily business. Above the street on the wall of one of the buildings was a huge propaganda poster. It read "Hydreigon is watching you" and depicted a huge image of Hydreigon staring intensely. Posters like this were commonplace nowadays.
"So where do we begin?" asked Gallade.
"Well there's bound to be somebody around here who can help us find that Hydreigon guy" replied Pikachu
"And my mommy and daddy" replied Jirachi e
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Legend of Gallade chapter 4
At Hydreigons castle, Hydreigon was sitting at his throne and working on some important documents when Unfezant suddenly flew in through the window.
"My lord, I bring thee a message" he yelled.
"What is it" demanded Hydreigon ,angry at being disturbed.
"According to lieutenant Excadrill, Gallade and his friends have been captured"
"YES!" yelled Hydreigon happily
"Now there is no one left to stop me. I must record this moment for prosperity."
He pulled a camera out from hammer-space "Now clear off, You're spoiling the moment!" he yelled angrily at Unfezant.
"Ungrateful twerp" moaned Unfezant to himself and flew back out the window.
"This is great" Hydreigon said happily to the video camera "Now that Gallade is gone there's nobody left to stop me with-"
Suddenly he was interrupted by a familiar shout of "DADDY!". His daughter Floatzel burst into the room
"DADDY!" she yelled again.
Cursing his luck, Hydreigon put the camera away and asked "What is it princess?"
"Since I'm now a princess,w
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Legend of Gallade chapter 5
Back in the forest, Sigilyph was leading the group towards the resistance base.
"Are you sure this is the right way?" Gallade asked "Only it feels like we've been going in circles"
"Don't worry" replied Sigilyph "I got these coordinates from official sources so we should be OK".
"Big bro?" Emolga asked Pikachu.
"Yes little bro" asked Pikachu dreadingly
"If the resistance is underground why are we looking for it in a forest?"
Pikachu sighed "Because little bro, underground means that it is not well known to the general public".
"Ohhh" replied Emolga "Because if the group are underground then most Pokemon won't be able to see them"
Pikachu sighed again "Yes little bro".
Suddenly Sigilyph yelled "Look! In the distance!"
The group looked in the distance and could just make out a building heavily disguised with foliage.
"Doesn't look underground to me" commented Emolga.
"Come on, lets get closer" said Sigilyph excitedly.
As the group approached the building a voice with a heavy cockney acce
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Legend of Gallade chapter 6
A few minutes later, the group were standing in front of the old chateau.
Gallade looked up at the building "This must be the place."
He turned to see Pikachu and Emolga were standing together huddling up to Ninetales.
"What's wrong guys?" asked Gallade "You're not scared are you?"
"N-n-no" replied Pikachu nervously "Its just that we got a thing about ghosts. They're not really our thing"
"Come on guys" replied Ninetales "I'll be with you the whole time so it won't be that bad"
And with that the group entered the old chateau.
Inside the Château everything was dark
"Well where should we look?" asked Sigilyph
"I've got an idea" said Torterra "We should split up into groups. That way we can cover more ground"
"I'll go with these guys" replied Ninetales.
"What, why?" asked Torterra concerned "Sweetheart, I'd rather you went with me. I don't want to lose you"
"I know daddy" replied Ninetales "But I'm not a kid anymore and I can look after myself. Besides those two need someone to look
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Legend of Gallade chapter 7
At Cherrim's shack, Cherrim was relieved to see the group return.
"Thank goodness" she exclaimed "I thought that that Bisharp feller had got you guys".
"Don't worry maam. It was no trouble" replied Sigilyph
"Do you have the seed?" asked Cherrim hopefully.
"Yes we do" replied Gallade, giving her the miracle seed.
"Thank you very much" said Cherrim taking the seed and putting it in the small shrine behind her
"You've all been very helpful".
Torterra asked "Now about that info?"
"Oh yes" she replied "I think I may be able to help you".
"So can you tell us how we can overthrow Hydreigon?" asked Ninetales.
"Not exactly" replied Cherrim
"But I do know somebody who can help. His name is Wailord. He is one of the oldest and wisest Pokemon in existence."
"So where do we find him?" Gallade asked
"At the bottom of the sea" replied Cherrim
"WHAT! How are we supposed to get there" asked Sigilyph annoyed.
"Well" replied Cherrim "I know someone who may be able to help you with that. He's called Samur
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Legend of Gallade chapter 8
A short while later, Samurott had managed to find the door and lead them outside to a boathouse not far from his cottage.
"Ok here we are lads" he said "This is where I keep me boat".
"Do you think it will still work?" asked Ninetales concerned.
"Don't worry lass" replied Samurott "She's a real seaworthy vessel so we should be all right".
"Hang on!" exclaimed Emolga all of a sudden
"Oh great" sighed Pikachu sarcastically "What is it this time?".
"How can you tell if a ship's a girl?. They all look the same to me.".
Pikachu sighed again "It's just a figure of speech little bro. Don't think too hard about it, you'll damage your brain."
"Well, shall we enter??" asked Gallade
"Ay sure thing lad" replied Samurott opening the door.
A few seconds later, Samurott and the rest of the group entered the boathouse.
"Ok here it is lads" said Samurott flicking on the light switch and revealing the boat.
The group gasped in awe. The boat was an enormous elegant ship (if you want to know what it looke
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Legend of Gallade chapter 9
A little while later, the sun had almost completely gone down and it was getting dark. The group had arrived at the spot on the map.
"Well here we are mateys" said Samurott "The path for meeting Wailord shoud be right here".
The group looked around but all they could see was ocean for miles.
"So what are we supposed to do?" said Pikachu.
"I'm not exactly sure" replied Gallade "Wailord should be below here, but I can't think of how we can get from here to the seabed."
"Excuse me" came a voice from below the ship.
The group rushed over to the side of the deck where the voice came from and saw a small Lumineon sitting in the water, looking up at the ship.
"Yes, can we help you?" asked Torterra
"Well I heard you mention Wailord" replied the Lumineon
"Yeah, go on" said Staraptor
"Well I can help you meet him if that's what you guys are looking for".
"Really?" replied Gallade
"Yep" said the Lumineon "Just wait here. I'll get the others".
And then he dived under the water.
"Gee m
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Legend of Gallade chapter 10
At Hydreigon's castle, Hydreigon was working at his desk when Haxorus burst in all of a sudden
"What is it now?" Hydreigon asked angrily
"Your majesty! I've just received news from my men" replied Haxorus
"Good news?" Hydreigon asked hopefully
"Unfortunately not sir" Haxorus replied "Apparently we have lost contact with Empoleon, our agent operating off the coast of the forest
"Wasn't he the guy you said would take care of Gallade for us?" replied Hydreigon
"Yes sir" responded Haxorus
"So could Gallade have something to do with this?"
"Possibly sir. According to our agents, his ship was sunk. We're working on where he could've ended up"
"Well keep it up" replied Hydreigon
"Yes sir!" responded Haxorus, saluting before leaving the room.
Several miles away, Gallade woke up to find himself lying on a tropical beach
"Where am I?" he thought.
He looked to his right to see Jirachi lying there next to him
"JIRACHI!" he exclaimed.
Jirachi woke up and looked at him
"Hello mister" she said sleepi
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Legend of Gallade chapter 11
Down in Porygon's laboratory, Porygon was hard at work on his latest project when he heard a knock at the door.
"Come in" he said without even looking up from his work. The door opened and Haxorus stepped in.
"Hey Porygon" said Haxorus.
"Hey" replied Porygon "How can I help"
"Well" replied Haxorus "I need something very powerful. Something that'll make mincemeat out of a thorn in Hydreigons side"
"Well you've come to the right place" said Porygon turning back to his desk "This baby is guarenteed to put a stop to any thorns".
He handed a metal box with a red button on the side and an antenna on top to Haxorus.
"What does it do?" asked Haxorus.
Porygon gestured to a small Nincada in a cage next to his desk "Push the button and watch"
Haxorus turned to the Nincada in the cage and pushed the button. The device began to emit a bleeping sound. Suddenly the Nincada looked up and began to walk towards the cage bars
"I must kill Gallade, I must kill Gallade" it repeated monotonously.
"Wow!" exc
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Legend of Gallade chapter 12
The group stared up at the Pokemon, too terrified to speak. Finally Gallade plucked up the courage
"I am Gallade and these are my friends. We have travelled here in search of the shard of the space globe".
Suddenly Groudon stopped and put his hand to his mouth before roaring in pain.
"Is something wrong?" asked Ampharos.
"Yes" replied Groudon "My teeth are killing me. I've been in a foul mood for days"
"Well that explains the volcano erupting more frequently" said Torterra.
"Coming back to the space globe shard, do you have it?" asked Gallade
"Be quiet!" snapped Groudon "Can't you see I'm in pain?"
"Well maybe we could help" suggested Gallade.
"YOU!" exclaimed Groudon surprised "But you're tiny. How can something as small as you help something as tall and mighty as me?"
"Well one of us could have a look in your mouth and see what it is that's causing you so much pain".
"You would do that?
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Legend of Gallade chapter 13
Meanwhile at Hydreigon castle, Hydreigon was working as usual. He'd been in a notably more cheerful mood since he'd learned about Gallade being stuck on Lavapyre island, with an army of bug pokemon trying to kill him. Suddenly Unfezant flew in through the window
"My lord" he yelled "I bring thee a message!"
"What is it this time?" asked Hydreigon sarcastically.
"Apparently Empoleon and Mawile were defeated by Gallade and his friends on Lavapyre island"
"WHAT!" yelled Hydreigon enraged
"Calm down sir" said Unfezant "Remember, your blood pressure…"
"Well…" Unfezant began to say, but Hydreigon stopped him
"Shut up. Anyway I cant be bothered to punch you, so please run into my fist."
Hydreigon curled up one of his head hands and held it out. Unfezant obeyed and ran straight into the head, knocking himself to the floor.
"GASTRODONS!" Hydreigon yelled.
A few seconds late
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Legend of Gallade chapter 14
A few days later, the group had been at sea for a while and were getting tired. There was nothing to eat except fish that they caught from the sea and it was very boring due to there being nothing to do on the ship. Emolga was watching his older brother pacing on the deck of the ship
"What's up big bro?" he asked
"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Pikachu yelled in anguish.
"Can't take what?" asked Emolga
"This journey. We've got nothing to do, nothing to eat but Magikarps and nothing to pass the time"
"Well what do you want to do?" asked Emolga
"I don't know!" replied Pikachu "You do something entertaining"
"Erm… like what?" asked Emolga.
Pikachu facepalmed "Forget it little bro. A chat with you and boredom loses its sting".
Meanwhile Ampharos was up in the ships crows nest when she spotted something in the distance. Taking a closer look she realised it was a small coastal town
"Land ahoy!" she called out.
In the control room, Torterra, Staraptor and Samurott heard her, and looked out in
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Legend of Gallade chapter 15
Later that evening, the group had arrived outside the palace.
"There it is" said Bronzong.
The group were watching it from a vantage point in the bushes outside the palace. In the dark ,the lights of the palace windows glittered like stars.
"So how do we get in?" asked Pikachu.
"Well I've an idea" said Gallade. "Listen".
At that the group all gathered round to hear the plan.
At the front gate of the palace, the Rhyperior guard on duty was tired
"Dang" he thought "I gotta stop doing this night shift. I'll tell Krookodile once this shift is over."
Suddenly he heard a voice call out "Hey!".
The guard turned to see a Pikachu, Emolga and Bronzong approach him with a pizza box.
"What do you runts want?" asked the guard.
"We're delivering a pizza ordered to this place" said the Pikachu
"A pizza?" asked the guard
"Yep" replied the Bronzong "Bronzong'sa good quality pizza. Made in the classic Lilycovian way"
"I don't care about that!" replied the guard angrily "What I want to know is, Why are y
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