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Welcome Pokemon Fans! This is the DeviantART page. We welcome artists of all skill levels to join the group and contribute, as well as those who appreciate Pokemon art!

We will be looking through the art in this group to feature and publish on our websites front page! We will also keep you up to date with all the latest news on Pokemon X and Y.

We encourage every Pokemon fan to join, artists and art appreciators alike.
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May 12, 2013


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5,888 Members
4,398 Watchers
106,220 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Digital Art New
Digital Art
Sylveon (request) by Andromeda-James
Umbreon (+ F2U base in dis) by Andromeda-James
vaporeon by Andromeda-James
Chillporeon by fakerdakerhahaha
Traditional Art
Lusamine the alolan ninetales by JoseMiguelMcAllen
Lillie the alolan vulpix by JoseMiguelMcAllen
Type: Null by Tigerstar52
Melony and shauntal getting ready for Easter by JoseMiguelMcAllen
Mix Media
Mew And Human Mew by Yoitefriend
Bulbasaur basking fan art by wesleyirizarry17
Angel anime by Karaicat
Remake Alpha prologue 1 page 33 by Karaicat
Sprites Pixel and Icons
Bulbasaur - Pixel Art by shingorengeki
Brothers 45 by Karaicat
Remake Alpha prologue 1 page 34 by Karaicat
Relaxing in Snowfall Hotspring by LikelyNotThicc
Plush and Sculpture
Sprigatito by Andromeda-James
sprigatito by Andromeda-James
Sprigatito 6'' Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Plush by GuardianEarthPlush
Charity for Ukraine by Blodwedden
PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'The Ruins' 4 by trainer-mana
The new 'chu by fakerdakerhahaha
Ultra Chronicles- Dumpling Rush Part 1 by Kiritost
Lucario by Andromeda-James
Doodles and Sketch Dumps
Whitney the miltank- redraw by JoseMiguelMcAllen
Goodra fan art by wesleyirizarry17
Charizard armor style by drake-unlimited
POV - You are cuddling the Baby by Eon-Artist-Lucario
Shinny Primarina by bbypastellar
Shiny Decidueye by bbypastellar
Sprigatito Fusion Adopts (2/3 Open) by Amberlea-draws
Sprigatito by VulpsieArt
Clothing and Jewelry
Pokemon fusion 12 by AleksaBG
Fusions, Fakemon, Gijinka, OC Trainers
Commission - AvatarMicheru by FlashBrush

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We are currently looking for other Pokemon groups to affiliate with! Along with your banner being added to our affiliates widget, as a service to our watchers, we are willing to promote our affiliates contests or giveaways in the Pokemon Dungeon group blog, to help grow the Pokemon community here on DeviantART.

Please send a note to take advantage of this, as it would be too difficult to keep track of otherwise!


Welcome to the Group Page for! Even if you have never visited our site before, we would love to have you to join our growing DeviantART community.

We are always on the lookout and adding the latest work from the Pokemon community here on deviantART, but you are welcome to add more of your work to our galleries yourself. All that is required is to join the group, but from there you can freely add pieces to the appropriate gallery. Right now everything is automatically accepted.

Gallery Rules

When adding work, there are only a few rules we ask everyone to follow:

    :bulletblue: Add Your Work to the Appropriate Gallery Each gallery has a description of what should be going in which folder. If there is no designated folder, then please add it to misc. Additional note: If I have requested your work and accidentally added it to the wrong section, please just leave me a note about it in the comments and I'll move it as soon as I can. :bulletblue: Inappropriate Art is Not Allowed As the Pokemon franchise attracts fans of all ages, we feel like this is in the best interest of the group. Shipping images are allowed, but anything other than PG is not welcomed and will be removed if found. :bulletblue: Fakemon and OC trainers are Allowed OC trainers are allowed as long as a (real) Pokemon is accompanying them in the image. Please limit all fakemon art to the misc folder. :bulletblue: Artist of all Skill Levels are Welcomed Anyone who joins is allowed to post their work regardless of skill level. Currently, we have no limit on the amount of works members can add to the galleries. We do ask to be curious and not flood the rest of our watchers though! Spreading our your submissions is in your best interest anyways, as it will give you more exposure in the long run.


As mentioned before, members can freely add their Pokemon related work to our galleries without having to go through any sort of voting process.

Featured Work

The feature folder is reserved for Pokemon Artwork that has been published on We will frequently feature artwork found on deviantart on the site, and those works that get chosen will then be added (or moved) to the featured folder.


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[AUCTION] MOON [OPEN] by RoxsanKleit  
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The traditional art folder is full.
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By the end of the month me and my little indie dev team will release our first FREE to play videogame, based on our version of the Hisui region! It's a 2d platform pokemon based game with many original concepts and original game play :)

Feel free to follow my team GlaringBit games on social media! Here you can already find new hisuian pokemons, meet the protagonists of our story and much more!
In future we are going to post many concepts, game art and behind the scenes !
Also a very big and awesome project is going to be announced...

Hisuian tales- Hisuian Smeargle by Leramyce  

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Arcanine sketch(read description) by D23D2N02  
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Charizard by Bagherana  
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Clefairy - Pokemon Monster Character by hellokuroart  
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