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Welcome Pokemon Fans! This is the DeviantART page. We welcome artists of all skill levels to join the group and contribute, as well as those who appreciate Pokemon art!

We will be looking through the art in this group to feature and publish on our websites front page! We will also keep you up to date with all the latest news on Pokemon X and Y.

We encourage every Pokemon fan to join, artists and art appreciators alike.
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Wanted! - A Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 216 by YumeYukimenokoTsuki
Wanted! - A Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 198 by YumeYukimenokoTsuki
A Promise Kept Ash's Johto Journey Chapter 72Chapter 72: Whirl Cup Rematch Ash vs. Prima"Human Speech" "Pokemon Speech" 'Telepathy'It's day three of the Whirl Cup, and there are only two more battles of the brackets on Ash and Misty's brackets before the main tournament. Misty and Brock are watching the match from the stands as Ash is ready to fight against Prima, a trainer who Ash has battled in the past and barely did any damage to back then."Now for our first match of the day," the announcer said as Ash and Prima exited the entryway and out to the battlefield. "He's made his way through the tournament with an impressive record. Can he win another? From Pallet Town, give it up for Ash Ketchem," Ash arrived at the battlefield ready to battle Prima."Now for his opponent. She's one of the members of the combined Elite Four of the Kanto and Johto region, a trainer who is as calm as her ice types and has an undefeated record so far. Prima," the announcer said as she arrived at the battlefield, ready to get this match going."Now remember you are allowed upwards of 2 Pokemon for this battle unless you have other means. Now let out your first Pokemon," the ref said to Ash and Prima."Well, Ash, I was hoping we would face each other later in the tournament, but let's see how far you've come since our last battle on Manderan Island. Cloyster, come on out," Prima sent out her first Pokemon."Likewise, Prima, but I learned a lot since our last battle, and this match won't end like last time," Ash said to Prima and pulled out his first Pokeball. "Now, Squirtle, come on out," Ash sent out his first Pokemon as the two Pokemon were staring each other down, ready to fight this battle. On the other hand, Ash knew this fight would be challenging, given that he was up against an Elite Four member, not just a trainer."Squirtle vs. Cloyster, let the match begin," the ref announced."Alright, Squirtle, use Water Gun," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who fired the attack at Cloyster."You haven't changed that much Ash used Barrier and then used Curse Cloyster," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who used the Barrier to do minimal damage and close its shell to use the move Curse; however, it wasn't using it on Squirtle but on the Water/Ice types Ash, on the other hand, had done his homework about the type of usage for that Curse move which Prima noticed and glinted her glasses. "Well, let's see how far you've come when learning from your journey here, now Ice Beam and Spike Cannon Cloyster."Cloyster used both attacks toward Squirtle. "Water Gun, blast all of them," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who blasted all the attacks, causing an explosion. "Now, use Rapid Spin and Skull Bash Squirtle," Ash commanded him and spun towards and landed both attacks sending Cloyster out of the water as the attack did some pretty good damage."Humph, I see that I need to take another approach to this," Prima said as she saw Ash's deminer was calmer than his battle style when they first battled a while back. "I see he's no longer forcing his moves and takes what I said personally, but don't think that that won't be easy to beat me," Prima thought."I have to keep her Cloyster on its toes and try to step ahead of Prima. I owe you one thing, Prima. That day made me realize that I need to grow, not just win battles and learn from my mistakes," Ash thought. "Squirtle, use Hydro Pump and Rapid Spin now," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who used the two moves, and the Rapid Spin sped it up at Cloyster."Aurora Beam now," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at Squirtle, hitting mid-flight, who was in a struggle towards the Water/Ice type. "Spike Cannon now, before it can recover from the struggle," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack as Ash knew that she might do this, which was the trap that Prima noticed. "Fire quickly.""Squirtle Rapid Spin gets faster, and then use Skull Bash before its shell closes," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who charged right at the opened shell Cloyster, where it was the most vulnerable, and landed a square blow before it could launch its attack and sent straight into the wall hard knocking it out."Cloyster is unable to battle Squirtle wins," the ref announced. Ash was happy but let his water starter celebrate as he earned it. Prima returned her Pokemon to its ball, and suddenly Squirtle started to glow and evolved into a Wartortle, which Ash and everyone were surprised by."Squirtle, you evolved; that's great. You earned it, boy," Ash said to Wartortle, who nodded and turned to Ash."Thanks, Ash, this is only the beginning of my growth, and I won't let you down, but that battle did a good number on me," Wartortle said to Ash, who nodded as they heard Prima giggle at this and was impressed by this scene."I see you have grown since our last bought, Ash thinking fast and letting your Pokemon do what they want in terms of battle, so far you've impressed me so far, and I wished that our last battle would've been this interesting," Prima said to Ash as she pulled out her Pokeball. "Now for my main partner, Lapras, come on out," Prima sent out her last Pokemon.Ash knew that the real battle began now and turned to Wartortle worried. "You are going to be okay with continuing cause no matter who I choose, and it might be back to you, Wartortle," Ash said to Wartortle, who nodded."I figured that much, Ash. I'll try my best. Not sure who you are planning on using after me, but I'll try my best to do some damage," Wartortle said to Ash, who nodded."Okay, Wartortle uses Hydro Pump," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who went into his shell and spun towards Lapras, who wasn't doing anything as Prima smirked."Now, use Psychic Lapras," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who used the attack to stop the attack. "Now Thunderbolt and end this with Sheer Cold Lapras," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who launched its two attacks, hitting Wartortle by the end of it. Wartortle was covered entirely in ice and was knocked out inside the ice, given how the move was a One-Hit-KO move."Wartortle is unable to battle Lapras wins. The match is now tied with both sides having one Pokemon left," the ref announced as the ice broke, and Wartortle was on the platform as Ash returned him to his ball. Ash sighed. Now it was his turn to run into this move, given Misty had a way around it in her match."You were more predictable during that match, Ash, to think that you could do damage and were desperate to get some advantage in this match, but you know that we Elite Four members aren't the type to fall for this, Ash," Prima said to Ash who sighed as he felt like that was evident but wouldn't let this get to him and pulled out his last Pokeball."Well, it's time for you to take the stage. We did agree to let you take part in some battles. Now let's see how well you can handle this. Come on out," Ash sent out his next Pokemon; Slowbro, Misty, and Brock were surprised. Then again, they noticed he wasn't with them during the match. "Careful, Lapras knows Sheer Cold," Ash said to Slowbro, who nodded."Will do, Ash. Let's get this battle going, and I won't let the team down," Slowbro said to Ash, who nodded and turned to Prima, who was impressed that Ash owned one and could now see how Ash could better understand his Pokemon through battle."Now, Slowbro uses Shadow Ball," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who fired the attack. "Use Future Sight," Ash whispers to Slowbro, whose eyes glowed quickly, hoping that Prima wouldn't notice."You're full of surprises, but I won't fall for it, Ash. Use Sheer Cold to stop them," Prima commanded her Pokemon, now disappointed that Ash would think that he could win like this."Jump in the water before it can get to you, Slowbro, and then use Zap Cannon and Shadow Ball," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who used the Shadow Ball's power to make the electric attack more accurate. It was heading towards Lapras, hitting it."Not bad, Ash, but you won't get back at me that efficiently. Now use Facade on the water Lapras," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who launched its flippers on the water, sending shockwaves towards Slowbro, hitting it."How, I thought it was a physical attack?" Ash said to Prima, who smirked."It is. You see why my Lapras have control over the water as my team's best Water/Ice type. She isn't going to let this get to us, we let you hit us, and now you're seeing her true power," Prima said to Ash, who glared at her. "Now, use Thunderbolt, Lapras," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who was about to launch its attack, only for the Future Sight attack to land from the water and slam Lapras hard, stopping the Thunderbolt as Slowbro came out of the water. Which was panting."Ugh, this is getting bad. We got lucky that we got that Future Sight before Lapras could gain control over that match. Her Lapras is infamous for gaining control over the battlefield, and we can't just let her continue that," Ash thought.'Don't overthink it, Ash,' Slowbro said telepathy to Ash in his head, which hid that he could hear it. 'You might not have noticed it, but Lapras is struggling to keep up with her moves after Zap Cannon hits her, meaning that I did more damage than Prima thinks,' Slowbro finished as Ash noticed and knew that this match while was one-sided at first is more evenly matched."Alright, use Shadow Ball now," Ash commanded him, who fired the attack at Lapras, who was recovering from the attack and was mad."Thunderbolt now," Prima commanded her Pokemon as her cool, calm deminer vanished. This was a more challenging battle than she thought. Who fired the attack at the Shadow Ball? "Now use Psychic," Prima commanded Lapras, who used the attack at Slowbro."Future Sight, and then use your own Psychic to cancel it out," Ash commanded as the two attacks clashed in a mental struggle between them. "Now Brick Break, Slowbro," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who stopped the attack and charged at Lapras."Trying to end this quickly, I see, huh, Ash? I'll be happy to end this right now. Sheer Cold, end this, Lapras," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at the charging Slowbro."Jump now, Slowbro," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who jumped out of the Sheer Cold attack before it could hit him as he was going after Lapras."Thunderbolt now, Lapras," Prima commanded her Pokemon, who launched the attack. At the same time, the Pokemon slammed the attack right into the electric attack Slowbro was going deeper down to where Lapras was and slammed his fist into Lapras, and the Future Sight hit her, causing a massive explosion.Prima and Ash covered their faces as the shockwaves were strong from the three attacks clashing. Lapras and Slowbro stood still and panting while Slowbro flinched as he was Paralyzed; Lapras, on the other hand, couldn't take it anymore and fell its head forward, knocked out as both Ash and Prima were surprised by this."Lapras is unable to battle Slowbro wins, and the winner of this round is Ash Ketchem from Pallet Town," the ref announced as Slowbro landed on his knees and was about to pass out as Ash returned him to his ball to prevent more issues as Prima returned her Pokemon to its ball and left as did Ash.Both of them got their Pokemon healed. Ash sighed, noticing that Slowbro's power had also faded in his head. Misty and Brock Prima noticed this as Ash explained the situation."I see, so he helped you guys understand Pokemon, and this was his first battle since he joined your team," Prima said as Ash and the others nodded as she smiled. "Well, this is new from how a trainer sees the Pokemon world; while you still have a way to go from being the best trainer to growing as one, you have earned my respect from our last battle. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and maybe one day we can have a league match," Prima said as Ash nodded."Well, I have done more after we left the Orange Islands. Prima and I still care for my Pokemon and learn from my mistakes and past. But I agree that I still have aways away from being at your level as a trainer," Ash said to Prima, who shook her head."You already have gotten there, Ash. Learning from your mistakes is the first attempt at getting to be the best trainer in the world, and remember that your Pokemon earns these victories, not just you, and so far, you're showing it," Prima said to Ash, who was about to say something only for hearing the ding for the Pokemon being healed as Slowbro and Wartortle and Prima's two Pokeballs were delivered to the group."Your Pokemon healed and are now ready to go through. Slowbro still needs some time for his powers to be back online," Joy said to Ash and Prima though the last part was towards Ash, who nodded as he took his Pokemon, as did Prima as Joy took her leave."That's my cue to head back home. I'll see you around, Ash, and wish you the best of luck in the Whirl Cup," Prima said as she left. Ash nodded and sighed."As calm and collective as always, Prima never changed, that's for sure," Ash said to the group, who nodded as Ash turned to Slowbro. "You going to be okay being out of the match for a little while, Slowbro?" Ash asked him.'It's telepathy for a while until my powers are ready to help you guys again, but yes, depending on the trainers, I might as well sit the tournament out for a while, but thanks again for letting me take part in this match Ash,' Slowbro said Telepathically."That's fair. We did have an agreement to have you battle if needed, and you wanted to battle today's match, so you are free to watch the matches from this point onwards unless you want to fight and your powers are back, but when you are ready that is," Ash said to Slowbro who nodded.The tournament continued as Sissy made it to the next round and will be the next trainer who Ash will be up against when this round is over. Misty's bracket was coming up, and her match against Crasher Wake would be the first match of the next bracket.With Ash's battle now over, it's Misty's turn to face off against the Crasher Wake in the Whirl Cup. What else is in store for our heroes? As the Whirl Cup continues.Meanwhile, with the Charizards group back on the fourth Island.The group took a break from the battle training and showed speed by racing. While Pidgeot was holding back even, Charizard was barely catching up, while Dragonair was impressively catching up with Pidgeot even with Pidgeot using half her speed."Wow, Dragonair, whatever that move you used earlier really is catching up with me," Pidgeot told Dragonair, who giggled."Why is it between you and me that you inherit Dragon's Dance? I'm the oldest between you and me?" Charizard said to Dragonair."Cause I trained under Grandmother and big sister, and you could've learned that if you didn't leave and trained under father or be a starter right away," Dragonair said to Charizard, who knew she was teasing him though it took a blow to his pride.Charizard was catching up with the two and wasn't watching where he was going and tripped over a rock and fell hard. Dragonair stopped worried and offered her tail to help him up, which he happily accepted and got up. "Thanks, sis. Maybe you can teach me that move when we are done since we are training together," Charizard said as Dragonair nodded and noticed something."Uh, Charizard, you might want to move," Dragonair said, pointing her tail to his right leg. Charizard looked down and noticed that Pidgeot was starting to go full Moltres anger-wise, given how Charizard wasn't aware that he landed on her as Dragonair and Charizard had a sweatdrop, and Charizard moved his leg."Sorry, Pidgeot, I didn't notice that I fell on you. I thought you were ahead of us," Charizard said to Pidgeot, who glared at him."Did you not notice that you were standing on something you oath, your lucky that your sister pointed me out," Pidgeot said, furious at Charizard as Charizard tried to calm her down."No, I didn't know that you were under me, given your size, and I thought it was a rock," Charizard said, which was the wrong thing to say to Pidgeot, and Dragonair noticed."Uh, bro, you might want to stop where you are ahead before you say something you will regret," Dragonair said to Charizard."Are you calling me fat Charizard, comparing me to a rock?" Pidgeot said to Charizard, who was shaking his head. "You of all mon's should know not to call females like that, Charizard especially given you have three sisters," Pidgeot yelled. Now her feathers were burning like no tomorrow as Charizard was about to say something, only for Pidgeot to peck Charizard repeatedly on his face hammering the point she was mad even more than when she met Dragonair. "Let's finish this race and move on, Charizard; you better not speak to me for the rest of the day," Pidgeot said as she took off.Charizard was red in the face but not for the embarrassment but how he felt about that peck, and his tail flame showed it as Dragonair shook her head at this."Word of advice, brother, we females don't like when you discuss our weight, and being a female myself, I don't blame Pidgeot," Dragonair said to Charizard, who sighed and nodded. "Come on, we can't let her beat us, but talk to her in a few days when she calms down," Dragonair said as he nodded and took off with her.The race sadly ends with Pidgeot winning, barely even with Dragonair's speed boast. "Your speed is pretty good, even me holding back, so let's rest for the rest of the day. I'm in no mood to train right now, and we'll continue tomorrow," Pidgeot said to Dragonair and Charizard. However, neither could blame her Charizard kept quiet and let Pidgeot be as they went to eat and let things be. Charizard knew that he had to apologize for what happened.Stay Tuned.
PMD - Ruptures in Reality - Chapter 6 - Page 5 by Eon-Artist-Lucario
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PMD House by TeamShitpost
Protect trans kids! by Karaicat
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Christmas Themed Pikachu Headwear by aPandaCosplay
Fusions, Fakemon, Gijinka, OC Trainers
{OPEN} Gardevoir x Frosmoth Fusion by Meztlli

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