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What's that white hand on your shoulder?

To the Dark Side

Submission rules
:bulletred: Must be Pokémon Creepypasta :bulletred:

:bulletred: Please submit to the correct folder! :bulletred:

:bulletred: Must be decent art/writing :bulletred:
We will reject art that doesn't adhere to our quality control


Featured Curation of some of the best fanarts, picked by the admins!

Creepypastas Pokémon creepypastas written here on deviantART!

Creepypasta Fanart Fanart of Creepypastas that don't already have their own folder

Scary Fanart Fanart of scary Pokémon and haunted/creepy locations in-game, such as Mt. Pyre, The House of Memories, and the Old Chateau

Other If the creepypasta you drew a fanart of already has a folder, please submit it there!

List of popular creepypastas

:bulletred: Pokémon Creepypasta Wiki :bulletred:
Featuring 120 stories!


:bulletblack: Multimedia :bulletblack:

Purin's Lullaby
An ARG about Purin the Jigglypuff

False Red
A creepypasta ROM text hack of Pokémon Red

Lost Silver
Story - Game

Story - Videos

Lost on Mt. Silver
Story - Video


:bulletred: Non-dA Creepypastas :bulletred:
Creepy Black | Ash's Coma | Glitchy Red

Buried Alive/White Hand | Pikablu

Lavender Town
Masterpost | Syndrome | Frequencies

Hypno's Lullaby


:bulletblack: dA creepypastas :bulletblack:
Pokémon Dead Channel | Forever Mine | Strangled Red

Incinerate | Prevention of Evolution

PC Box "Nothing" | Paralyzed | Crushed

Little Red Rabbit | The Call of Charon

Event Gone Wrong

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Gallery Folders

The Family of Monsters (Dark Poster) by CreepingArtCreature
The Family of Monsters Poster by CreepingArtCreature
The Family of Monsters Symbol by CreepingArtCreature
The infected Vulpix by OokamiKuna
Creepypasta Fanart
[Creepypasta] lingering summer [Fan Art] by JURINGO
[Creepypasta] Chibi Ben and Silver by JURINGO
We'll Be There In The Dark by CreepingArtCreature
[Creepypasta]EEeEE by Gartendrache
Scary Fanart
you will float too by blackwinged-neotu
{CCBC} To the Victor... by Iowasi
Haunted Generations by MariahMireles
Mimikyu by EverlastingDerp
Lavender Town
The Lanvender Town Syndrome by NitrusBrio68
Pokemon 731, The Myth by NitrusBrio68
Violet Tower Bells by CreepingArtCreature
Rest in Peace, Raticate by NitrusBrio68
Lost Silver.
Misdreavus by Championx91
The Rocket Grunt  by Championx91
Pokemon Lost Silver - Hurry by NitrusBrio68
Please! by OokamiKuna
Dead Channel
SUFFERING AS I HAVE. by SuperSonic6299
let me out by CreepingArtCreature
BRVR (Shade Test) by CreepingArtCreature
Star and Sparkles Creepypastas
My Shining Star [PART 1] by sparklingdemon
Forever Mine [PART 1] by sparklingdemon
Now and Forever by CreepingArtCreature
eXb0 (No Filter) by CreepingArtCreature
Creepy Black and "GHOST"
Ein Besuch von Sousuke Tamada by AtelierArauner
pokemon black by Porto881
The Ghost by QueenKami
GHOST by EvilSonic2
Purin's Lullaby by ItsSethJM
Purin by YoshiMister
Pish Posh... by DeiXIV
[Creepypasta]Help us RED... by Gartendrache
Glitchy Red
go ahead and forget me now by Lubrian
Buried Alive and White Hand
The White Hand Sprite by QueenKami
Strangled Red
S!3v3n and M@#$ by TraexLeThrace
Hypno's Lullaby
Hypno by PurpleSkales


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