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PokemonCardResources (PCR) is a group specifically created for Fake card creations regarding the Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game).

General things you might see here are : blank packs, single uploads, pre-made card designs, official copies, resized (small and large) images, holosheets, symbols, type icons, etc.
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Apr 11, 2011


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Resources & Tutorials

750 Members
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Rules and Regulations

General Rules:
:pokeball: Members are allowed to upload up to 3 images per day.
:pokeball: No one person may upload any image/text/file/etc. that is offensive in any way, shape or form.
:pokeball: Nudity and similar images/files will be removed immediately.
:pokeball: Official images such as wallpapers/website icons (lifted from websites) and similar will be removed.
:pokeball: Please remember to keep it to Pokemon only (rare examples may sometimes be allowed in the misc. folder) and yep, Fakemon are allowed too!
:pokeball: As of recent events, be aware that selling, trading, or even printing cards made by others, without expressed permission is against not only our rules, but many legal ones as well (this site and your countries in general). Not only that, but some authors do not wish to see their cards find their way to the firing line of any legal battle, when they should be there for fun.

Illustrations & Images:
:pokeball: Above all credit the people you use images from (for example you may have icons made by someone and the blank made by someone else, this requires both artists to be credited in the desc.)
:pokeball: Always credit the original illustration creator on the actual card, preferably with permission before uploading (where applicable). If you don't know who made the artwork, don't use it!
:pokeball: Some illustration artists prefer that you also place credit within the DeviantArt desc. as well (this is purely down to yourself and the original artist(s)).
:pokeball: Do not remove any copyright(s) on cards/templates without permission from the original creator. This will lead to the image(s) being removed. Persistent misuse will result in a group kick.

.... n.b. these rules are a work in progress and are subject to change

Gallery Folders

Clefable-GX by bbninjas
Ancient Galarian Articuno by aschefield101
Flapple-GX by bbninjas
Legendary Jirachi card - RO 63/65 by Metoro
Card Showcase
FrozenFeather Art Trade (2) by Steffenka
FrozenFeather Art Trade (1) by Steffenka
Gorochu Ex by Gyassman
[Shiny] Naganadel (JAP) by Hold3r
Sneak Peeks
Something like a Blank Test by trubbish101
Unreleased and Unfinished Templates V2 by aschefield101
Lucario/Zoroark-LEGEND WIP by TheNyanCatXD
Sneak Peek of my Leafeon GX Card by RylSilver
Shiny Magikarp by Unwaged
Mimikyu by Unwaged
Donphan by Unwaged
Mimikyu by Unwaged
Guides and Tips
Beta Font Guide (Stage 1-2) by icycatelf
HQ Gym Font Guide by icycatelf
Resources - Classic
Base Set Blanks (Basic Pack) by KataraWaterbender
Base Set Blanks (Stage 1 Pack) by KataraWaterbender
Base Set Blanks (Stage 2 Pack) by KataraWaterbender
Base Set Font Guide by PKMNCardMaker264
Resources - Gym
Print-Resolution Gym Blanks (PSD) by icycatelf
Gym Japanese Jumbo Blanks: Colorless by icycatelf
Gym Japanese Jumbo Blanks: Fighting by icycatelf
Gym Japanese Jumbo Blanks: Fire by icycatelf
Resources - Neo
Neo Neo Trainer Blank by ILKCMP
Japanese Neo-Series Print-Resolution PSD Template by icycatelf
Neo Redux Basic Blanks by ILKCMP
Neo Redux Colorless Blank Pack by ILKCMP
Resources - E-Cards
E-Card Templates All In One Pack - 2015 Update by aschefield101
VS Colorless by aschefield101
VS Darkness by aschefield101
VS Fighting by aschefield101
Resources - EX
ex Era Blanks: Classics by Metagross101
ex Era Blanks: Delta Species by Metagross101
ex Era Blanks: Resources by Metagross101
HL-PK Blanks Bug by Metagross101
Resources - DPPt
Diamond and Pearl Blanks: Master PSD by Metagross101
Resources - HGSS
HGSS Blanks by Blui129
Resources - BW
BW Launch set by ShiningBill
Resources - XY
XY BREAK All In One .psd by aschefield101
Resources - 20th
20th EN SymbolSheet by aschefield101
Resources - SM
Pokemon GX Font Guide (PSD) by icycatelf
Resources - SwSh
Resources - Custom
Omnium 2.0.2 - The Acid Wash Update by CardPone
Custom Icons and Symbols
Pokemon Energy Flat Symbols by dbizal
Booster Packs, Boxes and Sheets
PT Valiant Survivors Boosters by Farisuuu
Foil Effects
SWSH Holofoil by icycatelf
Type Textures
Retro-Style Pokemon Card Textures (Monotexture) by icycatelf
ex Delta Species v2 Set Logo by Farisuuu
3D Images and Text
3D Text ~ Super Nova by xKashu
Petal Dance by Jarzard
016 by paulthepirateking
Pokemon Trainer Card KyOri by Ky-Ori
Create-A-Card Text Bronze - Nekoban/Icycatelf by aschefield101





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A lot of your stuck indoors right now... so we've got something for ya! We'll be running a collaborative set project on Discord with the aim to get an entire set done by the end of May with all your help!
Head right over to our Discord channel ( ) for more information - and find out how you can get involved!
I hear they're voting for which Pokemon to include as we speak...
Most of the templates are now live here!
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Renyox Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2020
Anyone know where/how to get the back of the card without "Pokemon" on it? 
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I need someone to help me make a custom pokemon set.
zxramadeit Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2019
Hi! I am looking forward for help. I have already created some cards but still can't make them look real, or even "nice". They look still transparent and dark. If anyone wants to help me i can use discord. I would totally appreciate it cause I'm willing to become a good pokemon card Creator. I am Diego 22yo, and thanks for reading!Waaaah! 
TyN0te Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Any one know a site where I can pay to upload my cards have them printed and mailed mail to me?
Gyassman Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I sent a submission request of an image of a custom card that I printed, but it was declined. I drew the artwork on the card, so I can verify that it is my own.
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