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Welcome to the group!


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Do you like art? Do you like pokemon? Do you like art ABOUT pokemon?!? Then welcome to the group!

Rules and Info

Keep it PG ! We are family friendly here !

- What to do -

:bulletblue: Submit to the right folders, guys! If your not sure what generation a Pokemon is, look it up! Google is your friend.

:bulletblue: People/Trainers/Gijinkas/Fakemon must be submitted to their correct folders and will very rarely be accepted to another folder.

:bulletblue: Respect all members and their submissions.

:bulletblue: There is a Fakemon folder open for those who want to submit those pics!

:bulletblue: You may advertise yourself in the group comment section but please do not submit journals or other self advertisements to the group gallery.

:bulletblue: Enjoy the art!


X What NOT to do X


:bulletred: Submit Stolen Art

:bulletred: Submit Screenshots, Screencaps

:bulletred: Submit Mature content. Period.

:bulletred: Submit Official Pokemon sprites Journals or Stories

:bulletred: Submit Sexual Content. Idc if DeviantArt deems it "PG-13." If it's inappropriate for a ten-year-old, then no.

:bulletred: Disrespect other's artwork (this will result in a fast-tracked ban)

- Members not following the above rules may receive a warning and/or a free ticket to the group's removal section -

Becoming an Admin: PM me if you're interested :iconpokedeviant2000:

This group is suppose to replace the :iconpokemonaddicts: PokemonAddicts group since people still love that group yet the admin is no longer maintaining it and won't respond to any of the notes sent regarding the group.

Group Info

Message the Founder :iconmknightarts: or mod :iconkrissysempaiart: if you have any concerns or questions!
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Just a mini update ! This has just been a problem recently I wanted to point out . I obviously won't be pointing fingers at anyone , but please only submit your stuff ONCE ! This has become a big problem out of nowhere, and myself and the owner are both adults so sometimes we have busy spells . It is still holidays for both of us right now , so please be patient . If this begins to continue, we may have to enforce some sort of rule and we really do not want to . That is all ! I hope everyone had happy holidays or just days in general if you don't celebrate ! Just please be patient with us , it will get approved ! It just may take a few days since it's busy right now .
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Source of StrengthA strong gentleman, an alpha lady…Such a powerful duo to reckon with.Both holding their ground, yet thirsting for each other…They are each other’s sword and shield.The gentleman with the willpower to command and conquer…His strength is grounded on his raw efforts and his kindness.He is truly blessed and honoured to haveA fierce lady by his side, she who is bound for greatness.Yes, the bonnie who is the epitome of success…She is the manifestation of a Galarian beauty.The gentleman is enamoured by her character…Falling for her sweetness, for her humility.It is because of her that he finds motivationTo become his best self, to become the conqueror.The times that they battled each other…An exchange of wins and losses—what prowess!Yet, they continue to look after each other,Slowly discovering how much they truly love each other.For one, the conqueror wants to express his loveTo her, at the right time and place.It is a hassle for him, a wall in front of himTo bypass; such a challenge for him to go forth!It took a matter of time and silent whispersThat he finally got the chance to tell her.Indeed, he could not thank her enoughFor giving him the energy to drive forward.Furthermore, it is his boldness in speaking his mindThat his beloved bonnie finally confesses her love to him.She has become his source of strength, his motivationTo carry on with life, to accomplish life’s challenges.With all his might, he vows to love and protect her.She is his grand trophy, his beloved darling.He promises to cherish her all his life,Keeping her close and never letting go.
High-Class Kitties by ninten111
Spin-Off Specific Game Art
Hey You, Abra! by NinjaKec
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Pixel Art
Alban (Protagoniste) - Overworld by Pokmaster2020
Level Ball by Lady-Pixel
Devious Folder


Pokemon playing in a cave by Nikaidu Pokemon playing in a cave :iconnikaidu:Nikaidu 38 3 Blazer the Arcanine by LeeDassin Blazer the Arcanine :iconleedassin:LeeDassin 5 0 Pokemon Unite - Gengar Skin by Zamir1430 Pokemon Unite - Gengar Skin :iconzamir1430:Zamir1430 6 0 Night of a new journey by GaminShaymin Night of a new journey :icongaminshaymin:GaminShaymin 3 0 Mudkip Pokemon Plush by maveeluv Mudkip Pokemon Plush :iconmaveeluv:maveeluv 15 0 OUTDATED [SL] Onsen the Wartortle by DesigningDreamer OUTDATED [SL] Onsen the Wartortle :icondesigningdreamer:DesigningDreamer 7 0 254 Sceptile by MasterGlucose 254 Sceptile :iconmasterglucose:MasterGlucose 5 0 More Pokemon Tournament 1st Place Team by Fwooomf More Pokemon Tournament 1st Place Team :iconfwooomf:Fwooomf 32 0 Charizard by spootheeck Charizard :iconspootheeck:spootheeck 50 0 OC-Tober Day 1: First one (Fio) by Tanukky OC-Tober Day 1: First one (Fio) :icontanukky:Tanukky 68 7 Happy Pichu Day(2021) by Jackson93 Happy Pichu Day(2021) :iconjackson93:Jackson93 20 2 Wedding Melody by 4te Wedding Melody :icon4te:4te 8 0 Mushroomy man by SIeepyBears Mushroomy man :iconsieepybears:SIeepyBears 1,268 56 [PKMN-CC] Sai by Miocarre [PKMN-CC] Sai :iconmiocarre:Miocarre 9 0 Pokemas Anniversary Steven by cerimari Pokemas Anniversary Steven :iconcerimari:cerimari 0 0 Mew by panicpuppy Mew :iconpanicpuppy:panicpuppy 4,207 0

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