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PA Promo - Rocket's Articuno



Incidentally, this was the last fake card I've made (but not the last EVER). I mostly did it as a legacy thing, and just to keep my skills sharp. If you click on full view, you'll see how big my fakes are while I make them. ;)

There's a funny story about this card. Now I did for the Pokémon TCG West Coast Stadium Challenge on July 2004 to hand out to people, just for fun! Apparently someone had one of these fake Rocket's Articunos in their deck by accident, and when the deck checker looked through the deck, they passed up the card thinking it was a real one. :) (Ah, it's just sort of a testiment as to how well I've perfected my fakery.)

The card is supposed to be a missing card from the Gym Heroes and Gym Challenege Pokémon TCG sets. There was a Rocket's Moltres and Rocket's Zapdos, but no Rocket's Articuno for some reason. So I made one.
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Hahaha that's a great story.... :)