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Mayakashi 004 - Celebi

By pokemonaaah
Originally posted on March 19th, 2003.

Here's what I said about it:
"Fakery Du Jour
One down, maybe 10 more to go. I'm slowly chiping away at what I have left for Mayakashi, 'cause I want to put it to rest once and for all. Good times.

Celebi - #4

Nothing too special here. It's not like I racked my brain for the attack. Time Warp kinda works like Cleffa's Eeeek, but it affects both players. Mighty useful if your opponent has only 6 cards left in ther deck. And it does damage, so it might be helpful in a pinch. It's really meant to screw up your opponent.

Would be interesting to see this in play. But alas... no can do. Maybe Wizards has something cooked up in Jamboree. ;) Speaking of which, I plan to do a bit of upkeeping on this site in the days to come. So keep an eye out for some new sections and so forth. Good times.

What else was in the news today?
"It's Nintendo
As it has just been revealed to me; Nintendo will be producing the Pokémon TCG after Wizards. Well, DUH. And for those too lazy to click on the link;

'Nintendo of America has formed a Trading Card Division to produce the Pokemon trading card game.Ê Nintendo will begin producing the game with the Ruby and Sapphire releases, which will be released in June.Ê Pricing is not yet finalized.Ê Wizards of the Coast announced last week that it would no longer be producing Pokemon; its bid for the next phase of the license was rejected.

We spoke to long-time Decipher employee Dean Irwin, who's recently become National Sales Manager for the new Nintendo division.Ê Of Nintendo's plans for Pokemon, he said, "We're committed to do whatever it takes to support the hobby and to support a trading card game." That will include an organized play program, which will attempt to build on the robust program built by Wizards of the Coast during its time on the brand.'

My analysis? Well, Decipher was pretty dedicated to their Star Wars CCG because Wizards got it. I got nothin' against Dean Irwin, and for some reason, I feel it's in good hands. And if anything, at least the Big N itself is making it rather than someone else, so....

And at least we have it straight from the horse's mouth; there will be an OP. GOOD. Let's just hope the best of luck to Mr. Dean Irwin and Nintendo. :)
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