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Welcome to the Pokémon Uranium group! Join for the most-up-to-date info on the game as well as exclusive content.


Pokémon Uranium is an original fangame made using RPGMaker XP. The game takes place in the Tandor region and currently features 194 Pokemon, with more to be added soon. Start by taking the Pokemon Trainer Aptitude Test and getting your starter: Raptorch, Orchynx, or Eletux!

Gallery Folders

[Pkmn Uranium] Versus Theo by Involuntary-Twitch
[Fakemon] Mega Garlikid by Involuntary-Twitch
Aotius, God of Light by Involuntary-Twitch
[Fakemon] Luxelong by Involuntary-Twitch
Uranium Pokemon
[OC] Raptorch by Involuntary-Twitch
A Journey to the Tandor Region by PhoebeGemini
Cassidy and Metalynx by PhoebeGemini
Little Linkite (Pokemon) by Midnight197
Character Fanart
Theo by MinoesTrashRat
Theo by MinoesTrashRat
Kellyn (Redraw) by MinoesTrashRat
Theo by MinoesTrashRat
You Always Left... by Lucille-Sklodowska

Mature Content

Bad Ending... by Lucille-Sklodowska

Mature Content

[SPOILERS] PU Inktober: Favorite Nuclear Type by pheonixia52

Mature Content

Another Alpha Urayne (Minor Spoilers) by MinoesTrashRat
Nuclear Eclipse by Midnight197
Miaseon by Crazy-Zoroark
Omicron by MinoesTrashRat
RIVAL Theo would like to battle! by MinoesTrashRat

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Group created to promote and support Pokémon Uranium, a game developed by JV12345 and Involuntary-Twitch using RMXP.

Uranium was developed over the course of approximately 9 years. It has released several playable demos and the full length game was released on August 9, 2016.

As of September 21, 2016, the game is no longer being supported or developed by its original creators; however, the community has taken over development with their blessing.

Please visit these links to support the game and stay on top of updates!

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Happy Anniversary, Pokemon Uranium!

Four years ago, Pokemon Uranium version 1.0 was made available to the public. What started as a nine-year passion project by creators JV and Involuntary Twitch quickly turned into a global sensation, getting over 1.5 million downloads and attracting the attention of such mainstream gaming media outlets as Kotaku and IGN. Although circumstances forced the original creators to cease development -- a situation which could have easily been the end -- devoted fans refused to let the project die and came together to resurrect Uranium. And now here we all are, four years later, still going strong!
To celebrate Uranium's landmark anniversary, a new Mystery Gift is now available to claim! This special Pokemon has a dreamy new appearance and comes with four previously-unavailable egg moves -- and if you're lucky, it could even be shiny!
But that's not all the news we have! While we know it's been almost two years since the 1.2.4 update, we wanted to offer some reassurance that we're still working on new content. So today, we're announcing that this year's anniversary Mystery Gift is also a sneak peek at what will be the first of our post-game content updates! We still have a few finishing touches to add to this next update, but we're now just weeks away from having it ready for release, so be sure to stay tuned!
TO CLAIM YOUR MYSTERY GIFT: First, RUN YOUR PATCHER by selecting "Check For Updates" in the main menu (this lets you see the special custom sprite). Next, select the "Mystery Gift" option to receive your gift. Finally, speak to the delivery man in any PokeMart or the Bealbeach Dept Store to pick up your gift.

Remember, YOU MUST RUN YOUR PATCHER to see the event sprites!

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