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On of my fanart on this cool fan game :happybounce:     Pokemon Uranium Mega Archilles color by Shine-like-the-sun
Hi guys, my name is Yareli and I'm currently working on a research proposal for my college class here in TAMUC. This assignment consist of studying a community and collect data based on questions I will be asking to participants. These questions relates to literacy practices or literacy events that could be present in this community. I promise they will be no hard questions, I just want to study and gain more knowledge from this awesome community. I will include an informed consent form as well as a code of ethics to respect everyone privacy and opinions. After, I will write an essay paper based on data collected. I will really appreciate for some of y'all to help me and be apart of my research proposal. Thank y'all in advance!!

I love the Devimp evolution line so much, I drew ittitititititit

Hope you like :D

Beliaddon, Fallengel and Devimp | Pokemon Uranium by AniandherLucario
I is a Nucweon yay!
Nice work on this game, guys!