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Dark type



Not my work, this icon come from games. It's here for a simply utilisation ^^
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The most misunderstood of the bunch. It is know as Aku-type in Japan, meaning evil.
Dark-type is an interesting type for the same reason as the Fairy-type. It uses psychological weapon to get their goal, like Memento, Snarl, Tourment, Punishment and Dark Pulse. Fairy-type uses them too but more subtle like Play Rough, Draining Kiss, Baby-Doll Eyes, Dazzling Gleam and Disarming Voice.

However, the typing didn't reflect their evil personnality. It has been proven by Umbreon, which evolve from high happiness in the night, Absol warn people from disaster, sadly percieve as a Cassandra, Pangoro which protect the weak from bullying and Darkrai with his nightmare factory is a defense mecanism it can't control.
Dark-type reveils to be an etiquette based on our moral compass. Not everyone has the same look of good and bad. Some live by this title, others suffer from it.

Dark-type is as complexe as our personnal perception of things.

The essence of Dark-type is their pragmatic nature. Dark-type Pokemon lives with this title and their crafty moves become an art. They are weak to Fighting-type for a different reason than Hero-versus-Evil. As it is immune to Psychic-type, due to Moral Event Horizon or refusing to change mentality, the only way to change their mind is by physical meaning.
Even if Dark-type is close to Fairy-type, the second win thank to subtle look. Unfortunally, Dark-type can't percieve their trick game and lost their guard. It is also a reference of Fairy tale which has a renovating effect. Dark-type has a fear of being reformed.
I have no idea why it is weak to Bug-type. It is because their simple minded to be tricked or the hold a symbolism (like the ladybug). I don't know.