[Event] Royal Rumvee - Ended!

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Deviation Actions

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An additional Mega Ring has been randomized between the remaining participants!
Our Winner is;
IncarnateInfinity - Mega Ring 


Why by FishBatDragonThing

1st Place: Pure Gold by Shiningstarofwinter

ShiningStarOfWinter will receive a Mega Ring, a Megastone of Choice, and Pure Gold as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item

2nd Place: The Black Bat by LunarisTigris

Lunaristigris will receive a Mega Ring, an Enigma Berry, and The Black Bat as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item

3rd Place: Moonlight Wisp by LaDjanny

LaDjanny will receive a Mega Ring, a Broken Gem, and Moonlight Wisp as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item

Most Rounds in the Ring: Glacier by Vespertinecat

Vespertinecat will receive a Mega Ring and Glacier as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item

Least Rounds in the Ring: SCREAMS OF THE DAMNED by MephiNo

MephiNo will receive a Mega Ring and SCREAMS OF THE DAMNED as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item

Most Toss Chances: Kryptonite Doom by DoeowneDont

Millemusen will receive a Mega Ring and Kryptonite Doom as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item

Most Tossed Eevees: The All-Seeing Zapdeevee by DigitalValkerie & Los Tiburon by Night-Chimeras-Cry

Digitalvick will receive a Mega Ring and The All-Seeing Zapdeevee as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item
Night-Chimeras-Cry will receive a Mega Ring and Los Tiburon as a Soulbound Eevee with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item

Random Winners

Corvid-Veil - Mega Ring

Anyone who participated in the event will receive an Uncommon Item and their Eevee as a Soulbound Pokemon with the Wrestling Gear Cosplay Item!

bdg222 - Macho Brace
Corvid-Veil - EXP Share
SylphiaFae - Soothe Bell
demonicrose - Mystery Berry
DigitalValkerie - Mystery Berry
Dunrosiel - Map
FishBatDragonThing - Cleanse Tag
Haunted-Attic - EXP Share
IncarnateInfinity - Soothe Bell
LaDjanny - Ripped Bill of Lading
LunarisTigris - Macho Brace
MarbleSplotch - Surveyor's Kit
MephiNo - Soothe Bell
DoeowneDont - Map
Necr0wmancer - Macho Brace
Night-Chimeras-Cry - Mystery Berry
RobbieRedbreast - Alchemist's Handbook
ShelbCake - Cleanse Tag
Shiningstarofwinter - Map
SuperfluousStar - Macho Brace
Valekivi - Map
Vespertinecat - Map


Crowds pour into the United Realms Square filling the stands. A ring with a ramp to the south stands in the very middle. Decorations in rainbow colors stream from building to building. Tall metal lights like lamposts circle the massive ring. Each one as a dedicated electric pokemon keeps the area bright. The smell of fried food permeates the crowd as well. The whole square is abuzz with excitement waiting for this spectacle to unfold. A week ago this was the site of the Feather Riots but tonight people appear for the Royal Rumvee! 

A Loudred with a third eye on his head sits before two middle-aged men at a table. One wears a bright blue and green shirt with jewels dotted all over it. The other was a large hat and a grimace. Whenever they speak, the Loudred picks up their words psychically and broadcasts them to the crowd. The lights dim at the same time which makes the crowd hush. The band starts up, and an older man in a clean gray suit appears at the top of the ramp. Everyone in the know boos at him for a moment but their excitement is too much, and they cheer as well. 

When the older man enters the ring, the Loudred links to him and his voice echos across the crowd. "I am Mr. Vincenzo Amato, and this is WWEevee! Welcome to the First Lhaindor Royal Rumvee!" The crowd cheers as he continues, "Let's get on with it then introducing our first two Eevees." Vincenzo joins the other two men at a table as the band plays again.

They play a light, and air tune [Tip Toe Through the Tulips] as the announcers say, "He's the weird one. The one that'll put pain in your very soul. The Hypeereon Immortal!" A small brownish eevee with a mask appears are the top of the stage running in circles down the ramp. He leaps over the ropes into the ring and growls like a rabid down. The crowd goes wild a few even chant his old team name, "Ketchup and Ice Cream". 

Then the band switches gears to a more adventurous tone that starts to build [Whereabouts of the Heart]. "He's 
Pure. He's Firm. He's Vain and Proud. He's The Purger!" Cheers stream from the crowd for another brown eevee in a matching black mask and one piece outfit. The Purger slowly struts down the ramp with his head held high. He slips under the bottom rope and squares of with the Hypeerieon Immortal. A bell rings and the eevee launched themselves at each other. 


A bell rings, as the band starts a light melody [Spider Dance]. “Next up is the Beauty Queen with a nasty temper. The lovely Reine Des Araignees."  A green eevee saunters out from backstage then runs for the ring. Her mask of many eyes gives the impression that she can see everywhere at once. The crowd cheers as she joins leaps into the ring. Straight into the middle of the fray.


A bell rings, as the band starts jagged beat [Everything Will Get Distorted Soon]. "A most quiet eevee with the voice that brings her opponet's to their knees. Here she is THE GALAXEE!" A dark eevee with glittery star like markings on her fur emerges from the dark backstage. Her steps are careful as she makes her way down the ramp in no rush. With a single leap she goes over the top rope into the fight. The crowd cries out in join at her acrobatics


A bell rings, the band picks up a fast beat that makes people believe the hero has arrived [Table Turnover]. "He's the hero you all wish you could be. The Final Ultimate Legendary Earth Power Super Max Justice Future Miracle Dream Beautiful Galaxy Big Bang Little Bang Sunrise Starlight Infinite Fabulous Totally Final Wonderful Master of the Ring! Wonder Eevee!" A red eevee bolts from behind the curtains and runs half way down the ramp. He pauses for a moment and strikes a pose for the crowd. People yell his trademark phrase in unison as he jumps up the ropes. Wonder pauses atop the turnbuckle for a moment then with a flip of his cape he plummets into the madness below. 


A bell rings, the band starts up a smooth ballad with a deep-voiced singer [Kryptonite]. "She'll leave you black and blue. The Unemotional One with the Unchanging Face! Kryptonite Doom!" A small black and white eevee dressed in blue appears at the top of the ramp. As promised her face never flickers from the same deviant expression as she walks down the ramp. She hops up the little stairs as the crowd grows quiets for a moment. Kryptonite wiggles under the bottom rope and runs straight at the fight. The crowd chants "Doom" over and over growing louder again as she clashes with the rest.


A bell rings, the band picks up a frenzied beat that encourages the crowd to shimmy left and right [Run Run Bodywash]. "You wish you were as good as this Eevee. He is the Sultan of Smell! The Spiciest Eevee! Ancient Spice!" A dark brown eevee in red trunks swaggers out from the back of the stage. He smiles at the audience and wiggles his eyebrows for effect. The female eevees in the audience swoon for a moment. The male eevees glower at him, but it doesn't affect Ancient Spice as he runs down the ramp. With two bounds his up on the top rope and over into the action below. 


A bell rings, the band plays a perky feel good song [Do Your Best]. "He's proclaimed as the brightest eevee on the planet. He's the master of the rainbow. He knows how to put the fear of the damned into you. Screams of the Damned!" A rainbow colored eevee appears from a cloud of smoke at the top of the ramp. He pauses and strikes a dashing pose. The crowd cheers for the oddly named eevee with the playful grin. Screams for the Damned bounces down the ramp and into the fight. 


A bell rings, a haunting melody with focused on drums starts from the band [Arabesque]. "The white eevee with the heart of gold! The gentle soul! Glacier!" A white eevee with blue ice fluff peeks out from backstage. He gives the crowd a toothy grin to which they respond with cheers. Then he takes off at a gallop down the ramp and up into the ring. 


A bell rings, the band starts playing a fast and choppy beat [The Strongest Knight in the Galaxy]. "The eevee with the black hole in her stomach and heart of justice. The strongest eevee pound for pound on the roster. Milky Way Wisher!" A small pink eevee drops from above the curtain with a sweet sound. She has stars decorating her fur and skips her way to the ring. Milky Way Wisher jumps to the top rope, gives the audience a wink and leaps into action. 


A bell rings, a dark and haunting melody fills the area [Royal Rat Authority]. "He's the 'Rat' on the roster! Don't you dare try and tell him otherwise! The Exterminator!" A calm light brown eevee strides out onto the ramp. His purple outfit reminding people of a rattata as he begins a scurry down towards the ring. The crowd erupts into cheers as the Exterminator makes special turnbuckle crawl into the ring.


A bell rings, the band begins a somber melody that grows into anthem [Battle Cry]. "Like the night, she descends on her opponents. Morals are a forgotten concept for this eevee. She'll bite, scratch and fight her way to the top. The Black Bat!" Half the audience looks to the ramp for the newcomer, but she is nowhere to be seen. The black and red eevee is already sitting on top of the turnbuckle. Her cape splayed out behind her as if a dramatic wind blew by. She runs along the top rope to the half way point then flips into the melee below. 

The Black Bat falls upon the Hyperon Immortal as though she was the vengeance of the night.They topple over in a heap of claws. The Hypeereon Immortal drags the Black Bat up to the top rope attempting to fling her into the air. The crowd gasps as she flys out of the ring but the wind catches her cape sending gliding back to the ring. The Black Bat kicks the Hypeereon Immortal in the Face! He falls out of the ring all four of his feet hitting the ground. The Hypeereon Immortal is Out! He EXPLODES in his rage taking part of the ring with him.


A bell ring, a breathy female voice floats through the arena before a fast paced theme picks up [Silver Moonlight]. "No one is ever sure what side this eevee is on. The fastest female eevee on the roster by far. You'll never see her coming until it's too late. Moonlight Wisp!" The lights in the area dim for a moment as a pure white eevee appears at the top of the ramp. A lunatone appears overhead like a rising moon as she walks down the ramp. The crowd remains quiet until Moonlight Wisp reaches the bottom of the ramp. The light come back up; she poses staring at the lunatone. The crowd cheers before she dives through the ropes into the fray. 

Reine Des Araignees took a chunk of fur out of her current opponent before jumping out of reach. Moonlight Wisp had just come through the ropes into the ring where the green eevee attempted to go. With an acrobatic looking kick the white eevee sent Reine into the air. While in the air Reine tried to use her silver wind to get back into the ring. Her front paws barely missed the edge of the apron as she landed on the ground. 

Screams of the Damned was a long time rival of Ancient Spice; both vied for the title of greatest eevee ever. They circled each other in the center of the ring. Screams sized up Ancient Spice looking for an opening to attack. Ancient Spice dared him to attack with a raised eyebrow. Screams ran a full circle to the left running himself up the top of the turnbuckle. He attempted a flip onto Ancient Spice, but Ancient Spice caught him and with a might toss Screams flew over the top rope and into the audience barrier. Screams of the Damned looked up at Ancient Spice from the floor, and his look said this was not over.  


A bell ring, the band, picks up a motivation anthem [Go the Distance]. "He's quiet; he's dangerous and his stare is known to a paralyze his rivals. He's the eevee with the piercing red glare. The All-Seeing Zapdeevee! A black eevee with yellow and brown markings strides out to the top of the ramp. He has a mask that blends with him fur and a pair of 'zapdos' wings. Back before the Feather Riots, this gimmick left the crowd confused. Now they understand a cheer wildly for the small god of destruction. The All-Seeing Zapdeevee runs down the ramp and leaps over the top rope. His wing 'flap' a little as he sails through the air 

The Galaxee squared off against her tag team partner the Milky Way Wisher. In the royal rumvee, you couldn't trust anyone. The pair circled each other in one of the corners of the ring. The Galaxee fainted the left, but Milky Way Wisher knew what she was doing. They'd practiced that move a thousand times. Milky Way Wisher managed to flip the Galaxee to the top rope. Where they stayed locked in combat balancing on the edge of the cable. Finally, the eevees stood in the center of the top rope paws dug into the other. If either of them swayed too far to the side, they were both going. The Galaxee gave the Milky Way Wisher a serious look and her partner nodded back. The girls let go of each other as an alliance had been struck. They'd continue this fight after tossing everyone else together. Ancient Spice was below them fighting someone else. Both eevees shared a sly glance and prepared to double pounce him. Milky Way Wisher jumped, but the Galaxee lost her balance on the jump and fell back. Her partner threw out a paw to catch her but it was too late the Galaxee plummeted to the floor. 


A bell rings, the band picks up a very energetic tune [Bird is the Word]. "He's the blue bird of the ring. His talons could take your eye out. He's THE BIRD!" A blue eevee with plastic wings prances onto the ramp. His hopping movement mimic a bird's walk very well. The Bird spies the Zapdeevee in the ring before that guy got famous the Bird was the most well know bird eevee wrestler. With a growl, the Bird launches himself onto the top rope and over into the fight. 


A bell rings, the band plays a light and happy tune [One of Us]. "The sweetheart of the ring! Until you're standing face to face with her. Here comes Pure Gold!" A black and gold eevee skips onto the ramp. The crowd cheers loudly for her. Pure Gold looks up at the crowd and flashes a smile. The crowd gets louder and louder. She sprints down the ramp and hops up the ropes one at a time. The eevee pauses to give th audience one more sweetheart smile before leaping into action. 

Milky Way Wisher launched herself on top of Ancient Spice knocking him over. The dark brown eevee pulled himself back to his feet and shook his head. He wasn't going to allow this little pink eevee to knock him out. Ancient Spice charged her and sent her flying into the ropes. Milky Way Wisher was tangled there for a moment. He closed space with her preparing to use the ropes to toss her in the air and over the top rope. As he used his paws to pull the rope, a black tail caught him in the face. Kryptonite Doom had been pushed back into the ropes and Ancient Spice. Instead of flipping Milky Way Wisher, Doom caused him to flip himself into the air. Ancient Spice looked longingly at the ring as he sailed over the top rope. 


A bell rings, the band starts a dark and epic song [Kalameet]. "It's time to watch your children around water! He's the luchador we all love. The Masked Shark of the Land. Los Tiburon!" A gray and black eevee dressed in a pink mega-garchomp outfit appears from backstage. He 'swims' around in circles on is way down the ramp. The crowd chants "Sharknado" or "Land Shark" over and over again. Los Tiburon slips under the bottom rope and enters the fight. 


A bell rings, electrifying music plays from the Loudred speaks [Power]. "The most hated...", the roar of the crowd drowns out Vincenzo speech, "The most hat...." the crowd gets louder once again. "Screw it, Roman the Reinless!" A brown eevee appears in the middle of the crowd instead of the ramp. He takes his time walking through the people who just keep touching him. The announcers don't look happy to see him as Roman doesn't play by the rules well. The eevee makes it to the ring and with a single jump is over the rope and into the melee. 

Wonder Eevee wound up for his ultimate finisher move he had the Exterminator on the ropes. If he could just land that arrow, then he was one step closer to victory. Just like they practice the Exterminate dodged around Wonder Eevee's punch. Then scampered up the ropes to prepared for a flip. Wonder Eevee looked up at them and waited for the signal before leaping onto the top of the turnbuckle. Now all he had to do was sweep the 
Exterminator's leg and flip back into the mess. Kryptonite Doom scrambled out of the way of Glacier on the mat below the turnbuckle. With a loud thud, Doom fell against the turnbuckle shaking it. Wonder Eevee couldn't catch himself in time as his stable platform lurches to the side. He fell towards the outside of the ring looking up at the stars in the night sky as he went. A few thoughts crossed his mind, "I was supposed to win, this was my big comeback, the boss told me I was winning and the writer's confirmed it. I'm not meant to fall." The Exterminator looked left and right after Wonder Eevee hit the ground. Wasn't that guy supposed to win tonight? The eevee looked at his fallen co-worker one more time before jumping back into the ring. They were going to have to call an audible and work this mess out on Monday Night's show. 


A bell rings, morose and glitchy anthem plays sucking the energy from the room for a moment [You Don't Know Me]. "The longest running WWEevee champion to ever grace the ring. The Phenom, Gravedigger Guillaume!" A brown eevee in a skull mask slowly makes his way from backstage. Every step is carefully placed and slow. The crowd doesn't seem to the mind. The longer it takes Gravedigger Guillaume to get to the ring the louder the crowd becomes. A few eevee look up a Gravedigger reaches the ropes. They grimace that guy has been around so long it doesn't matter what they do in this fight the crowd is going to be pissed if he goes over the ropes. 


A bell rings, the band starts to play a fast paced melody [Blow].  The flabbergasted announcers pick up their lines quickly as the next combatant starts walking to the ring.  "She's here folks; the ice cream queen, the frosty bite that's ready to fight-  Looks that could kill and ALL OUTTA CHILL, she's The Sherbet Sheer Cold!"  Glitter explodes onto the crowd as the pink-accented Eevee in a glimmering orange robe jumps to the center of the ramp.  The other Eevees in the ring aren't entirely sure WHAT was going to happen now - just that it was going to be ridiculous.  Composed, Sherbet blows pink hair out of her face as the band blares a loud note and confetti falls on the ring - the fight is back on!  The crowd goes wild, chanting madness about Ice Cream. (courtesy of FishBatDragonThing)


A bell rings, a harpsichord starts to play a mysterious tune [Mission Impossible]. "The eevee with the best manners in and outside the ring. Always perfectly groomed. It's Madame Sir!" A black and white eevee with spats and top hat appeared at the top of the stage. Flower petals rained down the ramp as she descended. Her posture was perfect with every step. Madame Sir tipped her hat to the crowd as she reached the ring. The audience went wild with screams of joy. She carefully jumped to the apron and joined into the fight. 


A bell rings, the band stomps their feet, and the audience joins in and sings along [We Will Rock You] "He's the menace of the roster! The loudest! The most bothersome! Bat the Intolerable!" A normal colored eevee with extra spots and a black mask swaggers out onto the ramp. The crowd continues to stamp their feet in a rhythm. Bat lets loose, loud howls as he runs for the ring. He does a quick flip up to the top rope. The eevee pauses for a moment surveying the madness below before leaping with a banshee cry.


A bell rings, an intense and dark song blares out of the Loudred Speaker system [Charagma]! "He's the epitome of destruction! The strongest eevee on record! Titan the Destroyer!" A simple brown eevee with a mask on runs out to the ramp. He has purple streaks along his fur. A scowl darkens his face as he rushes down to the ring. The crowd sits in shock for a moment before cheering. The writers only call out Titan to the ring when something crazy is about to happen. No one expected him to the be the last eevee in the Royal Rumvee. The fight was about to get hectic.

The Purger had been in the ring since the start of the event over an hour ago. More than a few mistakes made but her reprieve was close at hand. Glacier arrived in front of her just as they had planned in practice. The white eevee charged for the brown eevee. Purger ducked out of the way putting out a paw which Glacier tripped over and fell into the ropes. Then Purger jumped on the white eevee's back, and Glacier threw her off into the air. While up high Purger turned herself to face towards the ring. She began the chant for her metronome, but it didn't matter what was going to happen. Glacier climbed to the top rope and pushed himself off into a spinning kick. Purger felt the effects of Dig take over as she was hit by the flying paw and crashed to the ground at digging speed. A few moments later head popped up from the newly dug dirt, and the announcer called her out. 

The Exterminator jumped from one rope to the next followed closely by Roman. He knew that Wonder Eevee was suppose to knock him off the ropes, but now the plan changed. Since the no longer champion was also responsible for removing Roman, it fell to him to do it. They chased each other up the ropes until each of them was on a different turnbuckle. Both stared at the other and in unison began a charge across the rope. Eevees collided in the middle both falling to the outside of the ropes and catching it with their teeth. Roman holding onto the rope tried to kick at his opponent while his opponent kicked back. Finally, Roman took a swift kick in the gut and let go of the rope falling to the ground. The exterminator fell after him. Roman rolled to be under the Exterminator before he hit the group. The purple clad eevee used him as a spring board back up into the ring. With a look of thanks, the Exterminator returned to the fight and Roman the Reinless was out. 

Sherbet stood on the top rope and prepared her leap. Where the Bird was in position, she jumped onto his back, and the Bird jumped backwards. Slamming her into the turnbuckle once. But Sherbet held onto him, so the Bird slammed her into the turnbuckle a few more times. Pretending to be dazed the pink and purple accented eevee stumbled around the ring. The Bird took advantage and tossed her into the air then gave her a swift kick;  Sherbet sailed over the top rope. As she fell the Hypeereon Immortal crawled his way out from under the ring and caught the flying eevee. Her paws had not touched the ground yet. The crowd went wild with chants of Ketchup and Ice Cream. Sherbet looked bewildered at the Hypeereon Immortal, and he silently tilted his head back at her. Then dumped her unceremoniously on the ground and the crowd booed, but Sherbert was out. 

Madame Sir and the All-Seeing Zapdeevee balanced carefully on the top rope. Both eevees were swinging punches at each other while holding the line with their claws. Finally, the eevee with wings sprang backward and ran along the top rope. Madame Sir gave the eevee a look of annoyance but ran after them. The pair circled the rings three times doing leaps and flips the whole way around. Madame Sir took a flying tackle at the Zapdeevee while he stood on the turnbuckle. She planned to knock him off and take his place there. With a running start, she jumped at him, but the Zapdeevee ducked out of the way. The black and white eevee flew through the air and landed on the barrier between the ring and the crowd. Her feet had not touched the ground. She looked back at the ring and wondered if she could make that jump again. But this time, she had no running start. Madame Sir took the leap, but her paws barely scraped against the side of the ring as she fell to the floor. So close to getting back in but she was out. 

Milk Way Wisher struggled to keep her balance on top of the pyramid of eevees in the corner. One of them were in the corner to prepare a flip. Then another caught them before the jump and tried to suplex the first. Then another and another until most of the ring was involved in this complicated flipping suplex in the corner. Milk Way Wisher had the misfortune of being at the top. This move as starting to feel exceptionally dangerous especially for her. She could leap to the mat, but then she'd ruin the effect for everyone else, but it would be obvious if she jumped out of the ring. When Doom slammed into pyramid Milky Way Wisher took her chance and 'fell' towards the outside of the ring. In relief, she landed on the ground. At least now she wouldn't' smash her head into the opposite for the ring when that flip/suplex finally happened even if it meant she was out. 

The Zapdeevee stood outside of the madness of the flip and watched in horror as it began. The eevee on the very bottom heaved a heavy sigh and fell backwards. Eevees went every direction doing flips or being flipped. The Zapdeevee saw Doom heading for the ropes she was going to land badly, so he jumped to help. Kicking her to the side so that her momentum shifted and she could right herself for impact. Doom hit the ground in a roll and safely bumping into the barrier.

The Exterminator scrambled to grab the top rope as he flew past it. His little claws digging in just right to stop him from going out. Los Tiburon grabbed the rope next to him. The eevees started a kicking fight on the ropes. Until Los Tiburon got a solid kick and the Exterminator, let go falling to the floor.

The Gravedigger lay on his back wheezing at the exertion from the throw. He made eye contact with Moonlight Wisp and nodded. As soon as he could stand he climbed to the top rope. Moonlight appeared next to him and tripped him up. Gravedigger fell out of the ring to the ground. The crowd booed Moonlight, but Gravedigger was just happy she helped him out.

The Zapdeevee watched the chaos, things were getting less crowded and more desperate as the eevee who had been in longest were starting to tire and the newer eevees were ready for victory.  He could see Moonlight in the fray. The white eevee’s pelt stood out from the crowd.  He grinned and jumped at her, knocking her back towards the outside of the ring. Moonlight seemed to disappear for a moment and then The Zapedeevee felt himself flying back, tumbling over the ropes and out of the ring. He grinned ruefully.

The Bird darted between other Eevees, looking for an opening to throw out one of his competitors. Across the ring, he caught sight of a black and gold Eevee, standing to the edge of the fray, presumably catching their breath. He smirked and began to charge, head lowered for a powerful tackle... only to find himself paws up, dazed. He saw only the toothy grin of Los Tiburon before he was once again tackled, pinned, and finally thrown unceramoniously over the ropes.

The Black Bat had been watching as Los Tiburon laid down a beating on The Bird. That Eevee was a brutal contender and had to go. Los Tiburon caught the cape-wearing Eevee's eye, and stopped his pursuit of Moonlight Wisp to begin circling The Black Bat. Both Eevees knew the other wouldn't go down easy. Los Tiburon began a charge, smug smile plastered in place. He knew he'd get the better of this match up! The Black Bat stood firm and lowered his head, and as they connected, Los Tiburon found himself lifted up and over The Black Bat's shoulders. He scrambled for a grip on the Eevee's cape, but it was too late. He flew out of the ring and landed face first on the floor.

Glacier saw the exchange between the Black Bat and Los Tiburon. Once the Black Bat's back was to him, he attacked by leaping on her back. They were down to the last few eevees in the ring, and one of them was going to be a champion. Glacier tossed the black and red eevee into the air, and then he jumped preparing to kick her over the rope. But the Black Bat caught the top rope on the way up and used it to right herself. Glacier found himself hanging in the air as she kicked him instead out of the ring. The crowd yelled, "5!" as he touched the ground.

Titan the Destroyer was beginning to tire, but thankfully the rest of these Eevees were too - they had been in the ring for longer. Titan leapt towards the albino Eevee close towards the edge of the ring, planning to take them out while their back was turned. Moonlight Wisp turned her head as a shadow passed over her, barely darting out of the way in time. The two Eevees faced each other, breathing heavy, and waiting for the other to make a move. Titan barely lifted a paw before the ninja-like white Eevee disappeared, bewildering him, then reappearing next to him and hitting him in the side hard. Titan let out a yelp as he passed over the ropes, the crowd letting out a shout of, "4!" as he landed.

Moonlight Wisp was exhausted from being in the ring for so long, and the tussle with Titan the Destroyer had all but taken it out of her. As she went to re-engage Pure Gold and The Black Bat, her legs trembled and she nearly fell. The Eevee tilted her head, and with a soft noise of acceptance, gracefully climbed up to the top rope and leaped down to the ground outside the ring. The crowd looked on with extremely mixed opinions, but the overarching shout of "3!" drowned out the combination of cheers and boos.

The Black Bat and Pure Gold stood in the center of the ring preparing to face off. They were the last eevees in the ring and already knew who the winner was. The last few hours had been a maddening affair for them. Neither was suppose to be standing here right now, but writer's had changed their minds mid-event. Pure Gold took a step forward and launched herself at The Black Bat. The black and red eevee dodged out of the way. Pure Gold grabbed the bottom rope to stop herself from flying out. The Black Bat appeared next to her used the same lifeline of rope to throw Pure Gold in the air. Pure Gold hung in the air for a moment. The crowd roared her name over and over. The Black Bat pulled herself up to the top of the turnbuckle. She glided out over the edge and swooped back to kick Pure Gold in mid-air. Her kick flew past the golden eevee by hairs and the Black Bat continued her glide. Out in the crowd, "2...1!" Pure Gold stood in the center of the ring as the winner.

Contender List:
- Hypeereon Immortal [Out/Round 12] 
- The Purger [Out/Round 24] 
- Reine Des Araignees [Out/Round 13]
- The Galaxee [Out/Round 14]
- Wonder Eevee [Out/Round 17] 
- Kryptonite Doom [Out/Round 27] 
- Ancient Spice [Out/Round 15] 
- Screams of the Damned [Out/Round 13]
- Glacier
[Out/Round 32] 
- Milky Way Wisher [Out/Round 26] 
- The Exterminator [Out/Round 27] 
- The Black Bat [Out/Round 35] 

- Moonlight Wisp
[Out/Round 36]
- The All-Seeing Zapdeevee
[Out/Round 28]
- The Bird [Out/Round 30]
- Pure Gold
- Los Tiburon
[Out/Round 32]
- Roman the Reinless [Out/Round 24] 
Gravedigger Guillaume [Out/Round 27]

- The Sherbet Sheer Cold [Out/Round 25] 
- Madame Sir [Out/Round 26] 
- Titan the Destroyer [Out/Round 34]

Toss Generator
 - Rolled Live During Active Hours


- All decisions including entry order, toss chances, and safety chances are randomly determined.

- Only fully reference Eevees with their Wrestling Profile completed may enter the Royal Rumvee.

- All Eevee References go to the Royal Rumvee References Folder!
    - Must be Finished, Colored, Fullbody Reference.

- Every player may only have one Eevee in the event. 

- Two Eevees start in the ring on the first day and hour of the Royal Rumvee. One Eevee enters the ring on the hour until all 30 Eevees have entered the ring.

- The same hour an Eevee enters the ring they are automatically safe.

- At the start of an active event hour, all Eevees are rolled to determine if they are safe or have a toss chance.

- If your Eevee rolled a toss chance, you have one hour to draw/write a boost for them. At the start of the next active hour, your Eevee's toss chance is rolled.

- All Boosts go to the Royal Rumvee Folder and may be claimed for stats if appropriate forms are included
    - Drawn Boost requires 1 Fullbody Sketched
    - Written Boost requires 250 Words

- Boosts add a 40% chance that your Eevee is not tossed out of the ring during their toss chance. Having a Boost does not guarantee your Eevee will not be toss and not having a Boost does not guarantee your Eevee will be tossed.

- You cannot boost for someone else. However, you may upload a boost their created themselves for them.

- Every player gets one Auto-Boost a day.  Auto-Boosts are set up in advance and may be used during any hour. The idea is to use your Auto-Boost during your least accessible hour of the event. 


1st: Mega Ring, Megastone of Choice, Eevee, and Cosplay Item
2nd: Mega Ring, Very Rare Item, Eevee, and Cosplay Item
3rd: Mega Ring, Rare Item, Eevee, and Cosplay Item
4th and lower: Eevee, Uncommon Item, and Cosplay Item 

Random Drawings: Megastones x3

More Prizes may be added at the end of the Royal Rumvee.

Design Rules

- All Eevees start at 1st level, may be either gender and have ability 1.
- Eevees may be Shiny and/or Deviant. However, Deviant Eevees are limited to Pattern Changes Only. They may not have form or size changes outside of the normal variance. Eevees may not be Chimeraed or Alchemized during the event.

- Eevees must be dress in Wrestling Gear. This may be as simple as a mask or as complicated as a full outfit.

- Eevees must have a Theme Song (Must be Safe for Word, if Jill can't open it at her computer and explain to her boss why it is on her screen. Then probably not a good idea.). Videos may be pre-checked by a moderator via note to the group.

- Eevees must have Finisher, which may be any non-signature move. More information on Signature Moves can be found on the wiki: Signature Moves

Eevee References must include this form:
Royal Rumvee Entry
Wrestling Title: (Ex: Hugo the Raging, The Prince of Fluffy, or Eevee Lynch)
Personality: (Ex: Obsessed with himself, plays dirty, or trash talker with a heart of gold)
Traits: (Ex: Shiny and/or Deviant)
Theme Song: (Link to Song Video or Lyrics)
Finisher: (ex: Brutal Jaws [Bite], Fatal Force [Wing Attack], or Punch From Hell [Fire Punch])
Auto Boost Time: (ex: 9am MST, auto boost times may be changed but need to inform demonicrose before 9 am on the day of.)

Royal Rumvee Boost
Wrestling Title: (Ex: Hugo the Raging, The Prince of Fluffy, or Eevee Lynch)
Artist/Writer: (If uploading for someone else)

To Claim a Spot in the Royal Rumvee, please leave a comment on this journal claiming one. You do not need to have a complete reference to claim a spot. You may not claim spots for someone other than yourself. 

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