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Boss Battle: Mega Venusaur and Mega Houndoom


:star:Rank Ups for April 5 - July 24 Period
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:damphyr:  Welcome:damphyr:  
Hi there ^^
Welcome to Pokemon-MD-Club a club dedicated to the Pokemon GBA and NDS Game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!:w00t!:  

::Would you like to join? No problem - just join! There are no expectations. Just hit that join button and become immersed in our wonderful story!



by Guildmaster :iconama-encyclopika:

:star: Hey everyone!

:star: Our SUPER has expired and I will not be renewing.

:star: That said, we have one more hit on King Ven in order to get past this. I still have DA points from people donating to the group. The next person to submit a hit onto King Ven gets 500 points. It can be anyone, even if you have already made a hit. Details below:


:star: It's with a heavy heart that I let you all know that after the story bit is complete, we will no longer have RPG elements in the guild - no more story, no more missions, no more rank, etc. I can tell interest and engagement have really fallen, and, same, fam. I still LOVE PMD, and will be sure to get whatever new game they come out with. However, I have to be honest, I've moved on to other things and fandoms. I'm sure it's obvious I haven't given this place my whole attention, and that's not fair. Now, we aren't closing - like hell we are. We will still accept artwork/fics/etc in the proper folders as we always have, there just won't be anymore events and no more rankings for me to fuss over. Once we are finished with this story, anyone who gets Arceus Rank in the interim will get their prizes and whatnot, but then, that's it. Ranks will freeze.

It was a good run guys, and we will still be here to accept your art and talk! I hate to see community places close, but I have to limit what we do here for my own sake.

Now, if you would LIKE to see ranks and RPG elements continue here, consider sending me a Note if you would like to take the reigns as a sort of "assisstant guildmaster", so basically Chatot lol. You would be given all powers to update and handle things here as I have done. Previous and current admins and contributors will have first dibs if they want, followed by interested members who have been here a long time and who I know I can trust (so don't take offense if I deny you). I would still be around, but in a more reduced capacity. So, let me know if you are interested and send me along a Note.

:star: Don't forget about our ongoing boss battle! This event will not end until we defeat our current objective.

We cannot lose this battle! Both of these Pokemon need to be behind bars and a new king or queen must rise up! Until then, we cannot move on!

BOSS BATTLE - King Ven & Rebel Leader Dour

Dour the Mega Houndoom Pokemon-MD-Club by Mad-Zazzy Hits: 5
*Boss Battle* - King Ven by KilaWolfsblut Hits: 4

Mission - Defeat King Ven & Rebel Leader Dour!
Hits Needed - 5 (for each, for a total of 10 hits)
Expiration - Ongoing - there is no expiration date for this battle. It will remain open until we have 5 hits for Ven and 5 hits for Dour.
Spoils 500 Rank per Boss (for a total of 1000 if you hit both. See below for directions), Mega Venusaur/Mega Houndoom Doll(s) (depending on who you hit. If you hit both, you get both)
-The Guild gets: 1000 Gold Pieces, the location of The Light

Rules - Draw your team fighting King Ven OR Rebel Leader Dour.
-I can't stress enough that you must choose one or the other. Your work, be it art or writing, must only focus on hitting ONE target. Work featuring your team fighting both simultaneously will only be counted as 1 hit and I will decide where it goes.
-Yes, it is entirely possible that one boss gets more hits than it needs while the other is not yet defeated. An extra hit on one boss does not roll over to the other one. You will still get your Rank points, so feel free to do the challenge missions regardless.
-You may not hit one boss twice, but you can use your Dolls to hit the same or a different boss than the one you drew/wrote about.
-Upload your work to DeviantART and then submit your work to our gallery. Feel free to post your work in response to the boss arts above! It is Pokemon-MD-Club tradition!

-CHALLENGE MISSION: Make two separate arts/writings to hit them both. This will net you 1000 Rank Points (500 for each). One piece must be about fighting/defeating King Ven, and the other must be about fighting/defeating Rebel Leader Dour.
-EXTRA CHALLENGE MISSION: Above, but do one HIT as a visual art piece and the other HIT as a written piece. Earn 200 more Rank Points for this.

Allies: Rally, Aukai, Spark's Guild, Azure, Ada, Lavender, & Agate are here to assist us! This is just short of the hits we need. However, some of them have beef with a particular target and will only hit that boss - these are: Rally (Dour), Azure (King Ven), Ada (King Ven). This will be made obvious in the polls.

Spark's guild has hit Rebel Leader Dour!
Azure has hit King Ven!
Rally has hit Rebel Leader Dour!
Ada has hit King Ven!
Lavender has hit King Ven!
Agate has hit Rebel Leader Dour!
Rebel Leader Dour was DEFEATED!
Aukai has hit King Ven!

Go to the polls to decide who hits next!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!

:star: All hands on deck for the above mission. We will not be answering any more side-missions until we have completed the boss battle.

:star: For those of you who read our Storyboard ->…  you may notice that I try to include member's real PMD teams they use here at the guild. If you'd like to be a part of that, consider filling out one of MewScaper's team sheets and submit to the group.

Team Application and Reference (Pokemon-MD-Club) by Mewscaper

Happy Exploring!


:star: Chapter 10: The Quiet Cold

Azure shouted. "Look, I was one of your Overseers! And the things you had us do was unforgivable. Children ripped from their homes to toil in the mines..."

King Ven cut her off. "No price is too great for order in this kingdom!"

The Venusaur began to step down from his throne. He clutched his Mega Stone hanging right near his throne and instantly Mega Evolved. Dour approached from behind the guild, baring his teeth as he, too, Mega Evolved. "No price is too great for our freedom!"

It was clear neither the King nor his rebel enemy had been aware they had both been duped by The Light for their rescources - money and manpower. Unfortunately for the guild, the two leaders snarled in their direction, more upset now that the guild had successfully dismantled their operations. It was time to fight and dethrone them both.



We are listed in --->  :iconpokemon-directory: & :iconthe-anime-manga-list:

~~~~~~~~~~~ We are the OLDEST PMD Club on DA! ~~~~~~~~~~
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