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We let most things pass slide. Just submit art to the correct folder and you'll be fine.
In terms of behavior, be on your best.
Selling in game content such as shines or 6IV Pokemon is STRICTLY prohibited here, this will not be tolerated and you will be banned immediately.

Gallery Folders

[COMM] Hi Ho Jumbo! by introvertnacho
Mallow by Blooming-Lynx
Gen 6 Reloaded Collab: Diancie by introvertnacho
[ Pkmn ] Mega Gengar by Vixenkiba
Gen 1: Kanto FULL
RPA .Bugged like steel by SahyrMangaka
Pikachu kiss me! by SahyrMangaka
Ninetales by EM54
Charmeleon : soul reaper by AJJUrey
Gen 1: Kanto Folder 2 FULL
Fliying pikachu by xxzuritxx
Mewie the Mew and Mewtwo by mew2psycat
1a - Kanto Starter: Eevee by TarriPup
Request Mew in a rainy day by mew2psycat
Gen 1: Kanto 3
Bony the Cubone by ZeraFoster
Butterfree by Andledee
#102: Exeggcute by KitTheFeef
Vulpix! by Zoba22
Gen 2: Johto
Furret of the Tube by Vexat1ous
Looking to the moon by VilnyxPon
Pear Is Sleeping by Karaicat
Furret Has Potat by Mlgpirate01
Gen 2: Johto
Sketch Art Pokedex #155-157: Cyndaquil Family by Sunnyven1
Shiny Jumpluff by ForgottenWinds
Liam as my pokemon fox by Lunar-Turtle
Chloe by Misphits
Gen 3: Hoenn 2
Altaria Shiny gradient by ZeraFoster
3 - Hoenn Starter: Mudkip by TarriPup
Salamence by Jackolen
Crying Jirachi by dearlyblueART
Gen 3: Hoenn FULL
Emma Icon by TheDizzyRaven
Pokemon Groudon by THE1NAMELESS1
Lexi by Misphits
#253 Grovyle by Karaicat
Gen 4: Sinnoh
Queen by Moontopaz
Bob by Lunar-Turtle
Sinnoh Team [POKEMON] by TammsArt
Alex spark by Karaicat
Gen 5: Unova
Com: Lux..but angy by Fushi7heSushi
Shiny Snivy by Deevins
Reshiram wallpaper 4K by blutwo
Zekrom 4K wallpaper by blutwo
Generation 6 Kalos region
Com: FRIGGIN SYLVIE SONA by Fushi7heSushi
Gen 7: Alola Region
6 IV Mimikyu by pokeplayer984
Gen 8: Galar Region
Bede with G-Rapidash and Reuniclus by ZeraFoster
Mixed Generations FULL
Pokmon Trainer - Cedar by JadeKinzz
Mixed generations 2
[Pokemon] The Forest Book by ZeraFoster
Mega Pokemon folder
Pikachu by AhapKing
Trainers and Humans FULL
Business Serena by BluesyMammal417
trainers and humans 2
Pokemon 001 by Mujashi
Kabunjask by albrt-wlson
OCs and FCs FULL
Howls of Blue and Red by JadeKinzz
Ocs and Fcs 2
Gym Leader Design Challenge - Fairy by ZeraFoster
Hatterene Gijinka (KPOP concept) by ZeraFoster
Pokemon-Gris Crossover by ZeraFoster
Tupa Scorbunny by littlereddog
Other 2
042-Olmighty by VoidArkana
espeon by alex11mp
Pokemon Spin-Off folder
Sneak Attack on Team DawnRoar! by AsuraderZerstoerer
PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'The Self' Page 4 by trainer-mana
Cosplay and other crafts
Swampert Keychain by KairiMinamino
Renamon Exterminador (MODO ACTIVA) by DigitalUltraLite
Photography and models
Mimikyu Quest Style by Nebaku
South Indian Pokemon region by KrishGupt
Mature Folder

Mature Content

Phanerozoic Go by EvanKlein1
Stories and Fanfiction
Matt's Pokemon Journey #1 by Ragster2448
Gen 7: Alola 2
400 Watchers Special! by Pikafan09
Devious Folder 2
My Favorites Pokemon by LunarDark28


Unterwasser-Ausflug [ACEO] by NairaNorica Unterwasser-Ausflug [ACEO] :iconnairanorica:NairaNorica 26 0 Inicineroar by Die-Valquiria Inicineroar :icondie-valquiria:Die-Valquiria 109 5 Pikachu With Pokmon hat by Pastelfox88 Pikachu With Pokmon hat :iconpastelfox88:Pastelfox88 10 1 pelipper house by SushiFinn pelipper house :iconsushifinn:SushiFinn 11 0 Master Poke Ball-avatar by Lady-Pixel Master Poke Ball-avatar :iconlady-pixel:Lady-Pixel 86 2 Pikachu in a Sableye Costume by mitchiegloria Pikachu in a Sableye Costume :iconmitchiegloria:mitchiegloria 55 15 Pokemon Legends Shinobi. by Bite035 Pokemon Legends Shinobi. :iconbite035:Bite035 18 6 Voltsian - PokeFusion Day 7 by IgorPatrick Voltsian - PokeFusion Day 7 :iconigorpatrick:IgorPatrick 1 0 Arbtung - PokeFusion Day 6 by IgorPatrick Arbtung - PokeFusion Day 6 :iconigorpatrick:IgorPatrick 2 0 Poke Ball-avatar by Lady-Pixel Poke Ball-avatar :iconlady-pixel:Lady-Pixel 91 15 Premier Ball-avatar by Lady-Pixel Premier Ball-avatar :iconlady-pixel:Lady-Pixel 73 2 Pokemon Legends Arceus by Bite035 Pokemon Legends Arceus :iconbite035:Bite035 19 0 Seaduck - PokeFusion Day 5 by IgorPatrick Seaduck - PokeFusion Day 5 :iconigorpatrick:IgorPatrick 4 0 Weelee - PokeFusion Day 4 by IgorPatrick Weelee - PokeFusion Day 4 :iconigorpatrick:IgorPatrick 3 0 Blasto - PokeFusion Day 3 by IgorPatrick Blasto - PokeFusion Day 3 :iconigorpatrick:IgorPatrick 7 0 Electrlax - PokeFusion Day 2 by IgorPatrick Electrlax - PokeFusion Day 2 :iconigorpatrick:IgorPatrick 1 0


You get the drill.
:iconkawaii-animal-cute: Kawaii-Animal-Cute :iconart-astra: Art-Astra YOUR ART TO THE UNVERSE :iconteambluelfire: TeamBluelFIRE :iconpokemon-crossroads: Pokemon-Crossroads Where the Fandom Unites! :iconpoke-italiani: poke-italiani #pokemon #italia #italian #italy :iconbeautymikanclub: BeautyMikanClub Love for Olivine Gym Leader :iconmimikkyu-fans: Mimikkyu-Fans Love me? :iconthe-eevee-kingdom: The-eevee-kingdom A kingdom of eevees. :iconpokebattlersunited: PokeBattlersUnited :iconpoke-rom: Poke-ROM Gotta Hack 'Em All! :iconnational-pokedex: National-Pokedex Gotta Draw Em' All! :iconfrom-pen-to-pokemon: From-Pen-to-Pokemon :iconrealpokemonlife: RealPokemonLife German ART RPG :iconallthepokemon: AllThePokemon Show ALL the Pokemon! :iconpichufansunite: pichufansunite Pichu Power! :iconpokemon-thescienceof: Pokemon-TheScienceof :iconpokemonaddicts: PokemonAddicts We love Pokemon! :iconpokemon-bases-pika: Pokemon-Bases-Pika :iconkawaii-pokemon-x3: Kawaii-pokemon-X3 For all cute pokeart! :iconampharos-fans: Ampharos-Fans The Lighthouse Pokemon! :iconminun-plusle-fans: Minun-Plusle-Fans Plusle & Minun Fans! <3 :iconeverythingpokemonart: Everythingpokemonart All pokemon, all the time. :icondrew-fangroup: Drew-FanGroup :iconpokemonnerdz: PokemonNerdz :iconpokemonfansgroup: PokemonFansGroup Pokemon is our Life~ :iconmantine-fan-club: Mantine-Fan-Club :iconpokemonhereforever: PokemonHereForever Pokemon Here Forever! :iconpony-mon: Pony-Mon :iconpokemon-united-4ever: Pokemon-United-4ever
Hey guys!

I wanted to give a warm welcome to our new additions to administration here, treat them well, we're all here to help. :)

Congrats to :iconknoblecreations: and :iconsparks710: for volunteering!

Happy art-making, folks!
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These are are our admins.
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