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We let most things pass slide. Just submit art to the correct folder and you'll be fine.
In terms of behavior, be on your best.
Selling in game content such as shines or 6IV Pokemon is STRICTLY prohibited here, this will not be tolerated and you will be banned immediately.

Gallery Folders

Legendary Regice card - LM 32/34 by Metoro
Skeletal Mudkip by WolfJayden
uhh sinnoh machine broke by hye-nah

Mature Content

Hex Maniac by SlutStorm
Gen 1: Kanto FULL
Blep by Fideo-Ardena
Baby Vulpix by AudeliSylphie
[Contest] .:Tiby in the Snow:. by XRed-moon
[Commission] .:Piky and Page:. by XRed-moon
Gen 1: Kanto Folder 2
Charmander Evolution Rough Sketch by MizyThang
Bulbasaur Evolution .:Rough Sketch:. by MizyThang
Let's Go!! by razzchan
[Collab] Slowpoke by IchitariMachito
Gen 2: Johto
Skarmory by dociledragon
Sacred Fire by hikary-starrysky
Miiverse 130216 - Pokemon Shuffle: Arisen by PrimalJayquayDA
Moon Rabbit by simpleoddities
Gen 3: Hoenn
Skitty in the Cup by kyragamer
skitty kitty by pearlypiggy
Shiny Marshtomp by Sylaphy
Adventure Luke. by Ppoint555
Gen 4: Sinnoh
Inspiration Strikes! by ProPolitics
Balance is Key by zoid162010
[FOR SALE] Giratina Cross Stitch framed by BlueStarbie-Arts
Bone Rush - Pokemon Fan Art by Chander-Fox
Gen 5: Unova
Meloetta~ by bfdifan123
Flirtatious~ by EarlGrey-Absol
Hipster Rat emolga by umbporeon
2019 Japanese Pokemon Center Serperior Plush by PokeLoveroftheWorld
Generation 6 Kalos region
Type Collab Uncharted Waters: Shiny Skrelp by RexiDoodle
Curious by FatalDx
Miiverse 170216 - Pokemon Shuffle: Diancent by PrimalJayquayDA
5 Blades of Light by zoid162010
Bovoyant by IndigoBlackbird
Rockrua by EyesoreForTheBlind
Ragiddy - Ragaze by puka23
Pingrime - Pingfrost by puka23
OCs and FCs
Black And White Jackdeary by Honeydoe12
Xerneary by Honeydoe12
Emily and Meg cool off their feet by Animedalek1
Shelia wearing my hat  by WolfSpiritClan
Trainers and Humans
Selene and Emily on the beach. by Pikafan09
Mixed Generaitons
Pokemon Insurgence Dark and Light Chapter 1 pg.10 by Kiritost
Jigglypuff and Crackers by SupremeKhi
APP S2 Promotional Art by Doctor-Loki
LOQ2: Ilena Kaftor by MetaDoodles
Dreamy by Kawitekew
Pokemon Spin-Off folder
ToC. Ch 8: Pg 5 by Dedalo-el-Hispano
Cosplay Pokemon
Raichu Mimikyu by Lunarlight-Prism
Mega Pokemon folder
Gardevoir Sketch by lValery
Team Original Ash: Red Sox by gwspaid3
Photography and models
Flower Bulbasaur by perler-me-this
Mature Folder

Mature Content

Seductive lights by NeckonNirosu
Pokemon Travel Poster - Rock Tunnel by Hodremlin
Gen 7: Alola Region
White fox and the snow by PlatinaSena


Jake uses- blitz punch -
Jake focused on his jolteon and espeon forms and formed an attack and lunged at doom and the punch knocked doom into the wall.
Doom uses- devil’s knife -  
Several scythe like weapons appear and all target Jake. Jake jumps up to avoid but they follow and impale him. Jake flinched and used his fire aura to melt them.
Health check  
Jake:   213 / 297
Doom: 507 / 556
Jake uses- flaring snowstorm -
Snow and flames rained down upon doom witch produced burn wounds and frost burn wounds.
Doom uses- devil’s diamonds -
white diamonds rained from the sky and targeted Jake. Jake couldn't avoid all of them and some of them impaled him.
Health check
Jake: 126 / 297
Doom: 304 / 556.
Jake uses- charge -
Jake focuses and charges up power.
Doom uses- special hell -
The world goes dark for Jake. Jake could simply see red diamonds surrounding him. Suddenly he was impaled from everywhere.
Health check.
Jake: 1/ 297
Doom: same.
:icondoctor-loki:Doctor-Loki 0 0
Pokemon Team Blank by XaldinWolfgang Pokemon Team Blank :iconxaldinwolfgang:XaldinWolfgang 12 14 Xaldin Wolfgang Pokemon Trainer OC by XaldinWolfgang Xaldin Wolfgang Pokemon Trainer OC :iconxaldinwolfgang:XaldinWolfgang 17 7 Charizard by Sylfeanne Charizard :iconsylfeanne:Sylfeanne 8 1 Sonic and Pikachu  by AmytheRaytendoFan Sonic and Pikachu :iconamytheraytendofan:AmytheRaytendoFan 7 6 Horn Drill Baby ! by raichmann Horn Drill Baby ! :iconraichmann:raichmann 28 12 Pocket Monster Hunter G-Rank by raichmann Pocket Monster Hunter G-Rank :iconraichmann:raichmann 37 20 Ralts Figure by alura-une Ralts Figure :iconalura-une:alura-une 14 3 Lusamine Figure (unfinished) by alura-une Lusamine Figure (unfinished) :iconalura-une:alura-une 2 4 First painting by Worlem First painting :iconworlem:Worlem 2 1 Pokemon - Charmander Anthro Version by Ptero-Pterodactylus
Mature content
Pokemon - Charmander Anthro Version :iconptero-pterodactylus:Ptero-Pterodactylus 0 2
Pika-pika-girl by RaiSouza Pika-pika-girl :iconraisouza:RaiSouza 3 0 Catrinatta by Kesoroda-MKB Catrinatta :iconkesoroda-mkb:Kesoroda-MKB 2 0 Teasole by Kesoroda-MKB Teasole :iconkesoroda-mkb:Kesoroda-MKB 1 0 Pokemon Trainer Relsile by Kesoroda-MKB Pokemon Trainer Relsile :iconkesoroda-mkb:Kesoroda-MKB 2 0 Female Pikachu - Kannah-Pi by Kesoroda-MKB Female Pikachu - Kannah-Pi :iconkesoroda-mkb:Kesoroda-MKB 2 0


You get the drill.
:iconmimikkyu-fans: Mimikkyu-Fans Love me? :iconthe-eevee-kingdom: The-eevee-kingdom A kingdom of eevees. :iconpokebattlersunited: PokeBattlersUnited :iconpoke-rom: Poke-ROM Gotta Hack 'Em All! :iconnational-pokedex: National-Pokedex Gotta Draw Em' All! :iconfrom-pen-to-pokemon: From-Pen-to-Pokemon :iconrealpokemonlife: RealPokemonLife German ART RPG :iconallthepokemon: AllThePokemon Show ALL the Pokemon! :iconchatot-club: chatot-club The Music Note Pokémon :iconpichufansunite: pichufansunite Pichu Power! :iconpokemon-thescienceof: Pokemon-TheScienceof :iconpokemonaddicts: PokemonAddicts We love Pokemon! :iconpokemon-bases-pika: Pokemon-Bases-Pika :iconkawaii-pokemon-x3: Kawaii-pokemon-X3 For all cute pokeart! :iconampharos-fans: Ampharos-Fans The Lighthouse Pokemon! :iconminun-plusle-fans: Minun-Plusle-Fans Plusle & Minun Fans! <3 :iconeverythingpokemonart: Everythingpokemonart All pokemon, all the time. :icondrew-fangroup: Drew-FanGroup :iconpokemonnerdz: PokemonNerdz :iconpokemonfansgroup: PokemonFansGroup Pokemon is our Life~ :iconmantine-fan-club: Mantine-Fan-Club :iconpokemonhereforever: PokemonHereForever Pokemon Here Forever! :iconpony-mon: Pony-Mon :iconpokemon-united-4ever: Pokemon-United-4ever
Hello, it is I, Booswithanger. You might not know me.
I'm the new co-founder of this group. I was originally the founder, but I handed down the status to :icontotallyhypnosquid:
Since I'm co-founder, you'll start to see some changes going around town.
That is all,  looking forward to working with you all.
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These are are our admins.
Any questions?




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LuckyNumber113 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Both Kanto folders are full
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Devian art told me Kanto Folder 2 was full
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May I join?
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Could you make a third folder for Pokémon Generation 1? :D 
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oc folder is full
artcus Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Student General Artist

I do not draw enough Pokemon fanart to be part of this group, but I did draw this fanart that I thought would be fitting in this group.

Pokemon Lets Go! Fanart by artcus

I was wondering if you would include this in your gallery.

Thank you for the consideration!
Stormie-The-Kitty Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Just wanted to let you know, that the 2nd Kanto folder is full!
DeviousDK Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OCs and FCs folder is full ^^
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Gen 2 folder is full
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Hello everyone :)
I just joined, this group seems awesome! I've been a Pokemon fan for about 4 years.
Tsumerai-Kyon Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
Welcome to the fandom =)
Zalazzle Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea I'm a damn numbskull and I accidentally put baby mine
in the Alola folder instead of mixed generation and I dunno if I can move it to the right folder myself >.>
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Guys... Kanto folder 2 is full.
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The gen 1 folder 2 is full
InsecurityIncarnate Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
So uh... I hope this is okay.
I have nowhere to roleplay right now. I have my character set already.
I'm a semi-literate roleplayer, and I much prefer roleplays to happen on Discord.
I wanna rp as a male shiny Salazzle right about now. I'll give more details later hhh-
I rp mostly stuff like romance and fluff. That's just what I'm used to
Hit me up if you wanna rp, and if you don't then... That's okay I guess?
Please don't shame me too hard-
Bearinbigbluehouse Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
Thank you for accepting me! :D
AngelTravieso Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is no join group so I'm dropping this here. Feel free to add if you like it…
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