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Trainer Card - Template v2.0
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Published: April 16, 2009
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With the conversion to groups, we would like to add in a template to make sure everybody has proper information on your characters. It doesn't have to be exact but is a good starting point. We would also like to stress to not alter the IPL logo in any manner. Anywhoo here is the template~

Trainer Info:

Name: Does your character have a name? I sure hope so!
Subtitle: (Optional)
Gender: Male, female, MYSTERY?
Height: About how tall are they?
Age: About how old are they? Doesn't have to be specific.
Personality: Include ambitions, strengths and faults, likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, quirks and anything else that you deem interesting or important.
History: Insight is awesome, we like insight. What is your character's backstory before deciding to join the IPL? Why did they join? Nothing is too long or too short.

Pokemon Info:

Name: (optional)
Species: Species name.
Sex: Male, female, or none.
Ability: Make sure it's an official ability
Held Item: (optional)
Preferred Move Set: Because super powered monsters need some sweet moves.
Bio: Not restricted to the in game style natures (ex: Rash, loves to eat) Preferred battle, contest, pokeathlon styles are encouraged as is history.

- Super Major Update
- Redesign!
- Trainer frame has been modified
- Modified IPL logo.
- Larger windows for Pokémon!
- Don't modify that tiny little section below the rank indicator. We have plans.
- We've removed the layers that deal with the Admin and Judge backings.
- If you have an art program that doesn't read psd files, we do have a png blank. You will have to manually edit in the text. Located here: [link]

1.2 Update:
- Some judge-specific items have been added.

1.1 Update:
- Some text formatting has been fixed, and some admin-specific items have been added.

This is the trainer card template that we will be using for all members, old and new.

As you can see, it's very badge-neutral. We've assumed that if you're joining Pokemon-League, you're competition ready. Use this card to showcase yourself and your best team to the world.

This card is currently available in PSD format. If you need it in a different format, please note us, and we'll try and help you.

This card was designed by ~ankishinzoutu.

If there are questions please note our group.
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