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Niji the Ho-oh!

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Hey guys, Bioluxx here with a bit of an update for you all. I would tell you everything that has been going on these past few years, but I would rather spare you all the details for your own sake. Long story short, for the last five years or so, I have been dealing with health complications, mostly physical, less so mental. Not saying I haven't been going through some mental stuff for a while, I likely am, but the more pressing matter is the physical ailments. That is about as much detail I am willing to go into on that subject to avoid having everyone and their mother wishing me to get well soon. I don't want that, and I don't need that.

On a different note, my current laptop, the one I have only been using for about two or three years now is on its way out. I had it repaired about a month or so ago, and it has been running smoothly, but recently, one of the hinges that would normally move smoothly with the screen when it closes has decided to get stuck in place, preventing it from closing properly. Due to the hinge getting stuck, the screen around the busted hinge ha begun to crack. Furthermore, this is a touchscreen laptop, so with the screen cracked, the touchscreen either does not work, or will get set off by literally nothing, forcing my mouse to be locked in place on occasion. Even adjusting the screen angle sets it off and force the mouse to go haywire. It's honestly a miracle I was able to type this whole journal with it acting so screwy. I would get it repaired again, but the cost of that combined with the money it cost me to fix it over a month ago or so would add up to more than its original price, so I don't think it would be worth fixing this time around.

Looking back though, this laptop was never the best laptop to begin with. It was always a cheap discount laptop meant for minor web browsing and communication, and for my needs, which does include a good amount of gaming, that just simply would not do. Still, I did my gaming stuff on this thing regardless. I had fun with the games I played on here. They mostly ran slow or with bad graphics, but other than those minor setbacks, I was able to do everything I needed and/or wanted with this thing. Honestly, because it always felt like I was running my games on a potato, I considered naming this laptop Potato, but I wanted to be a bit more original, so I chose a different vegetable. That is why I lovingly and endearingly named my current laptop Zucchini. It will honestly be a shame to watch Zucchini go, but it had to happen eventually.

The good news in those regards at least is that I have already gotten a new laptop that will be delivered to my house later on this week, but because Zucchini here is breaking at a rather quick rate, I have decided I am going to retire it early and just wait over a week for my new one to get here. I already have my data saved on a flash drive and uninstalled any necessary programs I wish to transfer over to my new laptop when the time comes, so as of this moment in time when I am typing this out, I am golden. I'm all good to go for when my new device gets here.

So yeah, I mainly wanted to let you guy know that, since I will be gone for a next few days, submissions to the group will be slow, but I trust the other group admins to pick up the slack and help you all where I cannot, at least for a few days! I will be back when I can be, so until then, thank you for reading, have a great day/evening/whatever, and rest in peace Zucchini. ee you all later, bye!
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This is a group that celebrates anything and everything Pokemon related, as long as it deals with the actual creatures and not just trainers. The rules are down below.

:bulletred:ONE:bulletred: - Sorry, but no trainers unless it involves actual Pokemon in some way; the same thing goes for badges, Pokeballs, and other assorted Pokemon items.

:bulletorange:TWO:bulletorange: - Absolutely, under any circumstance, no sexually explicit content, excessive blood and gore, or racist artwork of any sort.

:bulletyellow:THREE:bulletyellow: - If you can't say anything nice, then please be polite and keep your mouth shut about it.

:bulletgreen:FOUR:bulletgreen: - No spamming. Seriously, no one likes it.

:bulletblue:FIVE:bulletblue: - Don't even get me started on trolls, if you are a troll and want to troll around, forget it.

:bulletpurple:SIX:bulletpurple: - If the Pokemon in the drawing does not look close enough to the Pokemon it is supposed to be, then it will be rejected.

:bulletpink:SEVEN:bulletpink: - Don't forget to enjoy the Poke-art!
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