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General Rules

How to Out of nowhere become a member:
-Press the join Button and Join then you are a member!-
I know you wanna become a member here because of the fun events!

Alolan and Galarian Forms: Pre-existing pokemon who receive such forms are to be submitted to their respective gen folders in accordance to their pokedex numbers. Not to the "Generation" Folder of time of release.

Members: (goes for all)
1. Submit to the right folder
2. The featured folder is obsolete
3. If there happens to be a problem please contact and admin! ( We will try everything we can to help you out in your problem and try to get it settled)
4. Any questions on where art goes ask any founder or co-founder!
5. Please try to avoid submitting inappropriate deviations in the group. ( we try to keep a good reputation on this group, and a clean one please ask an admin if it's appropriate for the group.)
6. Make sure you are Submitting The Regional Variants, Mega Pokemon, and Gigantimaxed pokemon to their respected generation folder. We Do so by Pokedex NUMBER; NOT when the new forme was introduced.

If you joined this group for the Gyms we unfortunately do not have those anymore. You can however join us on Discord for battles with other members of the group

For a Fool's proof guide to the folder here ya go… It will be updated when needed. :I

Any complaints? Contact any founder or co-founder!

Gallery Folders

CHOCOLATE HAVEN by davyjonesentei123
giratina by Debyvip
7.azurill (30daychallenge) by littlenicky
Mascot of the group
commission 4 mrh1ck5 by hikariangelove
Updated DJ Pon by Proshi
Cuteness Overlord by Proshi
Pon Bella Kenji by Kat-Skittychu
1st Generation Pokemon
Vaporeon- Surf by Jade-Viper
Ditto remake Watercolors by Espeon9488
Chibi Dragonite by Merrytron
Chibi Bulbasaur by Merrytron
2nd Generation Pokemon
Art Raffle (Ended) by Sour-Orange
Togepi by chetom
/vp/ Request - Chikoritas by mimikibi
Simon the Umbreon by SesshaXIII
3rd Generation Pokemon
Long Haul Flight by StrayanPhoenix
Request - Salamence by mimikibi
43. Dance of the Ancients by Chibi-Pika
[Commision] Mudkip Mystery Design by Samadriel
4th Generation Pokemon
Arceus by mimikibi
Little Darkrai by mimikibi
Quad Attack by SesshaXIII
Giratina and Arceus by mimikibi
5th Generation Pokemon
On the battlefield of Spectra by Arcegea
Happy Easter ! by Arcegea
Reshiram by mimikibi
6th Generation Pokemon
Braixen by foxlett
Wyvern Roost by empyrean-dreamer
Skiddo by Arcegea
Goodra - Rain dance by ShenWooo
7th Generation Pokemon
Primarina Watercolors by Espeon9488
/vp/ Request - Nap Time by mimikibi
Toy cat by Blooming-Lynx
Need to sleep... by Mr-Lemur
8th Generation Pokemon
21st Birthday! Scorbunny with some Carrot cake by Espeon9488
loud, LOUDER!!! by DJ95code-hope
Chibi Carkol by inzanati
Chibi Dottler by inzanati
Mega Pokemon
Pokemon Inktober / Day 30 by Arcegea
OCs and FCs
New Image by CrixusNiko
Beta Alpha Pokemon
Beta Xatu by Arcegea
Gardevoir Roserade Auction-Closed by Phoenixking732
Chipawa by megalizardon4736
Mixed Generation and Trainer - Pokemon
Pokemon Teams - HeartGold Version by Arcegea
Never sleep again! by CrixusNiko
Items, and Pokeballs
Namera Region's Pokedex by CaseyDeanFakemon
Anthro and Gijnkas
Birthday Binge by SesshaXIII
Nessa and Milotic Watercolors by Espeon9488
Sketches Doodles and lineart
OTA | Eevee Pokefusion Adopts #2 [OPEN] by MammothMatriarch
Power Of Darkness page 19 by widwan
Mommy Pikachu by roof8910
Clemont x Serena stamp by BeeWinter55
So since I've been kind of busy and Thank you :iconthesilentvictory: for Doing all the accepting and stuff you have been a most valued help.  Ehmm... So Since I've been busy with Other Projects and including work Building computers , Running Servers and Other Communities, I feel like this community could use a bit more help rather than just myself or one of my best friends.

If you feel like you can keep activity in the community we are looking for Contributors. contributors that would post up a Journal every so often trying to engage with the rest of the Community and Recruiters.

If You feel like helping out please contact me through Discord on  to the ID Or You can comment below and hope that my friend looks at it, in which he probably will. Since me, him and the other friend that started this Community with me have full reign to it he can also give the role here. On that Specific Discord if you want to contact either of us we are Momo(Proshi)#0697 and Goldsymbol#3821

Like I said there are a few ways you can help out:
Submitting art ( Anyone can do that)
Accepting art
Come up with some event that can engage in activities
Invite others in.
Start Tournaments on both Pokemon Showdown and Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you feel like you can help As I said before Either Comment below or message one of us on Discord(I respond in Discord decently fast)
More Journal Entries

Ones that come!

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Together this group will prosper and so will yours!

Group Info

Welcome To Pokemon Fans Universe! Here is where we accept all Pokemon Art! Anyone is accepted! So don't be shy! We'll let ya in!
Our Discord is in the following link:

Well Enjoy your time here and don't worry! :P

Pon: This group is for all pokemon fans anywhere even if they are across the universe! o3o I'd love to see you join and be a part of it! *head stands* Have fun! ^^

The Nintendo group I made that I suggest you join: :iconsimply-nintendo-fans:
Founded 8 Years ago
Mar 26, 2012


Group Focus
Common Interest

2,002 Members
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Little bro of a group: :iconpmd-eoe:
The main jobs of the admins here:

Admin(Pretty much does the job of keeping up with the site often fixing and many more): :iconproshi:
Assistant Admin: (Helps me out especially when I can't do my job atm) :iconthesilentvictory:, :iconbenjyftw:
Activities director(contests, events and stuff to do): Organized by founders and co-founders
Wi-Fi Battle Guru: :iconbenjyftw:
"Who's That Pokemon?": [OPEN]
Tip of the week:
Event reminder:
Folder Organizer(Every time I update folders you have a job for a month! XD maybe more! :B): [OPEN]
Guards(makes sure things are kept in order):[Open]
Substitute helper:[OPEN]
Test Dummy: :iconpondapichu:
The one that made the icons: :iconhime--nyan::iconsandstormer:

Current Icon made by: :iconsandstormer:

Sunday - We rest..
Monday - "Who's That Pokemon"?
Tuesday- Open
Wednesday - Pokemon tip of the week
Thursday - Open
Friday - Pokemon wifi set, gym battles
Saturday - At chat for free on battles with any. (Especially gym battles)…

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