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Welcome, Pokemon Fans...

This is the Pokémon Crossroads DeviantART group! If you found this group by chance, I'm sure you have a few questions, so let me answer them for you.

:pokeball: So, what is this group all about?
Good question! This group is meant to display the art of all DeviantART members, with some added spice from our artistic members from Pokémon news website called Pokémon Crossroads, also referred to as PXR. We report on news and feature awesome fan-made things, and we also have our own forum! Come over and join the community here!

We're a very friendly but currently small community of Pokémon fans who like keeping up with the latest Pokémon news on our main site. On the forum, we all engage in fun things such as trading with each other, spriting, writing, roleplaying, and engaging in fun contests, to name a few. On top of reporting on Pokémon news the moment it's released, we also enjoy featuring art pieces, fan fiction, comics--even music and Pokémon-related videos! Sound like someplace you'd like to check out?

:pokeball: This looks pretty cool! Can I join?
Sure! Any DeviantART member can join. :D All you need to do is love Pokémon and love art! Just click the "Join group" button, and if you're a PXR member, be sure to put your site username in the notes section! If you're not a PXR member, we still welcome you to join our DA group! If you want to become a member on our forum as well, head over there and get acquainted with an awesome site with amazing people! If not, that's all cool too. :]

:pokeball: What can I submit?
Anything Pokémon or site related; if it's about Pokémon or the PXR site for whatever reason, this is its welcoming home! If you're unsure what folder it goes in or think a new folder needs to be made, just ask! :D There are some basic rules to follow, though...

:pokeball: The rules?
> Try to submit your piece to the correct folder (again, if you're unsure, shoot us a message!)
> Please be courteous to all other members of the group and enjoy the art you find here!
> Do not post content that contains:
[*] Sexual content
[*] Excessive gore/violence
[*] Excessive profanity
- You may submit deviations of a mild violent nature IF it is censored as "mature content," but any explicit sexual content will NOT be accepted, even if censored as mature content.

:pokeball: Where can I ask more questions?
Just go ahead and ask in the comments section or send the group a note! You can send a note to the founder, pokemoncrossroads, but you may not get an instant response! Noting the group is the way to go.

Feel free to message Suicune's Fire on the forums directly with any questions or comments that you need answered ASAP.


Random from Featured

Charizard-X by breIoom Charizard-X :iconbreioom:breIoom 50 9 Team Fusion by Wasserwaldnymphe Team Fusion :iconwasserwaldnymphe:Wasserwaldnymphe 4 3 Gliscor by Douxette Gliscor :icondouxette:Douxette 2 2 Azelf by honrupi Azelf :iconhonrupi:honrupi 155 37 The Pokemon Contest Contest: Beauty by Endivinity The Pokemon Contest Contest: Beauty :iconendivinity:Endivinity 184 5 It's hot in here - Oekaki by Sellue It's hot in here - Oekaki :iconsellue:Sellue 173 26 PKMN: Blitzle by yingmakes PKMN: Blitzle :iconyingmakes:yingmakes 165 116 PMD - Explorers of Heart Cover by Evildraws PMD - Explorers of Heart Cover :iconevildraws:Evildraws 84 79 Paperchild 688.Pokemon#580 - Ducklett by FuriarossaAndMimma Paperchild 688.Pokemon#580 - Ducklett :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 18 3 580 Ducklett by miniVictor 580 Ducklett :iconminivictor:miniVictor 19 0 Scyther plush by LRK-Creations Scyther plush :iconlrk-creations:LRK-Creations 102 29 Be my Valentine? by Ry-Spirit Be my Valentine? :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 6,041 377 5th Gen Showdown by JethXVI 5th Gen Showdown :iconjethxvi:JethXVI 86 44 Starter Pokemon by ChloePawprintz Starter Pokemon :iconchloepawprintz:ChloePawprintz 160 51
I wish these amazing artists joined as well! xD


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Gallery Folders

PXR Artist Collab by PokemonCrossroads
Updated Pokerap Project: Shaymin Land Forme by Noblejanobii
PMD: Anamnesis Fanart by Noblejanobii
Happy Birthday Mewtwo by Noblejanobii
Pokemon Art
Croagunk and Piplup by DarlanSpace
Pokeday 12: Lucario by fiqhwan
PokeDay 11: Greninja by fiqhwan
Eevee Surprise Adopts (Open) by Noblejanobii
PMD: Crossroads
Pmdxr Chapter 2 Page 13 by Noblejanobii
PMDXR - 02-11 by Petuniabubbles
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads Pg. 19 by GoldFlareon
PMDXR chapter 2 page 9 by Noblejanobii
The Spaced-Out Rangers 19 by MajorLeeMan
Shaymin Cafe PokeFoxFestival Exit Post by Noblejanobii
Pokefoxfestival Order #12 by Noblejanobii
Pokefoxfestival Order #11 by Noblejanobii
Kaiartz (kye-artz) by TheDhampirPrincess
Kaidavite (kye-dah-vite) by TheDhampirPrincess
Kaisidian (kye-si-dee-an) by TheDhampirPrincess
Wolverize by TheDhampirPrincess
Pokemon Literature
Pixel Art
free nidorina pagedoll by Sinomis
Unova Mini-Maps : 007, 008, 009 by SimplyPixelizing
Sableyboy by rochel1
new pokemon splendid Salandit by rochel1
Metapod Bard by Yeeshastone
Art Fight 6 by Yeeshastone
Art fight 7 by Yeeshastone
Art fight 10 by Yeeshastone
Silly Scraggy - Animated by AltiaStudio
Lycanroc Midnight (Pixel) F2U by NyotLeo
Eevee Animation by AltiaStudio
Master Shop Page Animation by AltiaStudio
Graphics, Banners, and Photomanipulation
Ideals As One (White and Black 2) by WarNightZollo
643 Vast White Pilot (Group Icon) by WarNightZollo
Hera and Reshiram (Black and White 2) by WarNightZollo
Mega Latios Banner by WarNightZollo
Photos and Cosplay
Remind You of Anyone??? by cjbolan
Other Art
Foxblaze Christmas Present by Noblejanobii


:pokeball: All Pokémon related groups are accepted! :D Don't be shy to affiliate! :pokeball:
Don't forget the PXR Pokémon Artist Collab is still accepting entries! Whether you only draw Pokemon or just enjoy the franchise, please feel free to participate! We'd love to include your work in this collab! Entries are due at the end of the month!
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