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Welcome, Pokemon Fans...

This is the Pokémon Crossroads DeviantART group! If you found this group by chance, I'm sure you have a few questions, so let me answer them for you.

:pokeball: So, what is this group all about?
Good question! This group is meant to display the art of all DeviantART members, with some added spice from our artistic members from Pokémon news website called Pokémon Crossroads, also referred to as PXR. We report on news and feature awesome fan-made things, and we also have our own forum! Come over and join the community here!

We're a very friendly but currently small community of Pokémon fans who like keeping up with the latest Pokémon news on our main site. On the forum, we all engage in fun things such as trading with each other, spriting, writing, roleplaying, and engaging in fun contests, to name a few. On top of reporting on Pokémon news the moment it's released, we also enjoy featuring art pieces, fan fiction, comics--even music and Pokémon-related videos! Sound like someplace you'd like to check out?

:pokeball: This looks pretty cool! Can I join?
Sure! Any DeviantART member can join. :D All you need to do is love Pokémon and love art! Just click the "Join group" button, and if you're a PXR member, be sure to put your site username in the notes section! If you're not a PXR member, we still welcome you to join our DA group! If you want to become a member on our forum as well, head over there and get acquainted with an awesome site with amazing people! If not, that's all cool too. :]

:pokeball: What can I submit?
Anything Pokémon or site related; if it's about Pokémon or the PXR site for whatever reason, this is its welcoming home! If you're unsure what folder it goes in or think a new folder needs to be made, just ask! :D There are some basic rules to follow, though...

:pokeball: The rules?
> Try to submit your piece to the correct folder (again, if you're unsure, shoot us a message!)
> Please be courteous to all other members of the group and enjoy the art you find here!
> Do not post content that contains:
[*] Sexual content
[*] Excessive gore/violence
[*] Excessive profanity
- You may submit deviations of a mild violent nature IF it is censored as "mature content," but any explicit sexual content will NOT be accepted, even if censored as mature content.

:pokeball: Where can I ask more questions?
Just go ahead and ask in the comments section or send the group a note! You can send a note to the founder, pokemoncrossroads, but you may not get an instant response! Noting the group is the way to go.

Feel free to message Suicune's Fire on the forums directly with any questions or comments that you need answered ASAP.


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I wish these amazing artists joined as well! xD


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Pokemon Art
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Pokemon Literature

Mature Content

Pokemon: Heart and Mind (Chapter 2)Chapter 2: Zorba’s Dream As Dream and Zorba traveled through Route 1 and towards the Evergreen Town Woods with Starlene the Aquine trotting next to the former and Stark the Purslayer next to the latter, they waved to the people who had come to know them over the years. As they approached route 1, their eyes were filled with determination.Suddenly, the duo came across a wild Hatchfluff who appeared from out of the grass near the road.The new trainers tried to walk around it, but it pestered them, not letting them pass. With an annoyed frown, Zorba tossed the Pokeball in his hand, releasing his new Totodile. The Hatchfluff attacked it with a Tackle, which barely harmed the Pokemon. Upon command, the Totodile unleashed a Water Gun attack, instantly knocking the weak Hatchfluff unconscious. At last, with a satisfied smile, Zorba commanded his Totodile to stop and patted its head, complimenting, “Good boy.” and putting his starter back in its ball as they left the fainted Hatchfluff behind.“Wow, Zorba! That was excellent for your first real wild pokémon battle.” Dream said. “Aqua!” Starlene cheered.“Slayer. Purslay!” Stark howled.The human Drakeon merely chuckled at the compliments he was getting. “It certainly didn’t take much to stop that roadblock!” He joked.As he said this, they finally saw the sign that said they were now entering Pearl City and made their way through the gate leading to the entrance. Walking into the local Pokemon Center, the trainers and their Pokémon rung the bell on a nearby desk, catching Nurse Joy’s attention. "Well, hello there," the voice of the friendly nurse reached their ears. "Welcome to the pokemon center, Zorba Pure and Dream Beatrix.”"Hello, Nurse Joy.” Zorba greeted, “Can you please set us up for two rooms for the night? We all need to get some rest before we go to the city’s gym tomorrow." The pink haired nurse giggled, "Of course I can," She took each of their dexes and typed in some keys into her computer. "All done. Here are your card keys." She beamed, giving the keys to them. "Thanks, Nurse Joy." came the reply. "Anytime. That's what I'm here for."With that, they both they retired to their rooms to rest. As Zorba entered the room, he learned down to his Aquine’s level, stroking her mane."How about we rest for some time? Our journey continues tomorrow." Starlene nodded and after some time they both fell asleep. An hour into the sleep, Zorba had a strange dream. In his dream, Zorba seemed to be in a void of some sort. He was surrounded by bright light all around. The very edges of his vision melted into a rainbow of colors, occasionally shifting shades between various arguably pretty and arguably soothing blues, greens, and even a red or pink or two. "Wh... what? Where am I..." He gasped, “Am I…dreaming?”The poké-human wandered around for a while, the visage of color and white around him barely changing any no matter how far he moved and no matter the direction. Then, there was a strange sound that rang throughout his ears. A sign that he was in fact not the only living creature here. “Who’s there?” Cried Zorba.That’s when he began to hear a faint, barely audible voice. The voice seemed to be talking, but Zorba could barely make out what it was saying.“Hello? Is someone there?” The human-Drakeon called out, “Do you know where we are?”But whoever was speaking did not reply as the voice began to fade away. “What is happening?!” He screamed, “Who are you?” Suddenly, the void faded to white as he heard Dream’s voice saying, “Hello?” “Zorba! It’s morning.” Said the human Misteon, shaking her friend awake. “Oh…good morning, Dream.” Zorba yawned, he turned to his Aquine. “Good morning, Starlene.”“Aquine! Aq.” Starlene greeted.“I’ve got some potions, heals and repels from the nearby Pokémart for the first gym battle. Are you ready to go?” Dream asked.“Huh? Oh, yeah.” Zorba yipped, still trying to shake off the sleep as well as the confusion from his dream, “Just let me freshen up and I’ll meet you and Stark downstairs for breakfast before we head out to the gym.”Dream agreed with a nod, making her way out of Zorba’s room. As he went into the bathroom to take a shower in preparation for the day, Zorba’s mind began to race with thoughts once again, this time of his mysterious dream from last night: Where did the voice come from? Who or what was it that was talking to him? And what were they trying to say? All the young human Drakeon could do was ponder these questions in his mind as the warm water pelted his skin and hair.
Pokemon: Heart and Mind (Chapter 1)Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins! The sun slowly rose up over the hills surrounding the houses of Evergreen Town as the birds started to sing their morning song. And in one of the houses next door to the laboratory of Professor Mae Orchid, the soft glow of the morning sun streaked through the slightly parted window curtains and towards a young man with the ears and tail of a Drakeon, who was peacfully sleeping in his bed. The light from the window shone on his long silver hair as he was enjoying a few more minutes of rest before a sudden rude awakening from the high-pitched buzzing from the alarm clock sitting on it’s polished nightstand. Slamming his fist on the snooze button, he moaned out, “Fine! I’ll get up, I’ll get up!” Zorba yawned, rubbed his eyes, and ran a hand through his untidy hair before flattening his ears. Still disoriented from his rude awakening, for a moment Zorba didn't recognize the unfamiliar bedroom or the bed where he was lying. But when he looked around and saw the familiar form of his Aquine, Starlene on the floor lying next to his bed, he suddenly recalled where he was. And then he realized what day it was. “Dream is waiting for me outside!” Zorba thought. Starlene who had also been awakened by the alarm clock's sunrise serenade, blinked and yawned sleepily. "Morning, buddy," The human Eeveelution grinned, reaching down and giving his Pokémon a loving pat on the head. "The alarm woke you up too, huh?" "Aquine," Starlene nodded as her trainer made his way to the small bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. Upon disrobing and getting into the now steaming walk-in shower, Zorba began the routine that every other person in the town did: shampoo his hair, put on his favorite strawberry-scented body wash, the basic route. However, right before he could finish lathering his hair, his mind began to rapidly fill with thoughts. As the hot water pelted onto his skin, his mind began to go back to the day his friendship with Dream had started. The week after he had moved to Evergreen Town and began to adjust living amongst humans, Zorba realized that being half-human and half-Drakeon wasn’t very common in the Beria Region…or anywhere to be exact. When other humans saw him and whenever he tried to say “hello” to someone, they would either laugh behind his back or roll their eyes at him; when other Pokémon besides his own saw him, they would turn their heads and run away, thinking he was a threat. Poor Zorba thought that he would never fit in with humans and regretted leaving his home and his family in the forest, until he saw something that stopped him in his tracks and caused his heart to pound with excitement.It was his another human-Eeveelution! She was not a Drakeon, but a Misteon, who was sitting near a clean, sparkling pond and looking at her reflection in the water. Intrigued by his new discovery, Zorba used his wings to propel towards the other human-Pokémon hybrid and introduced himself. When he told the girl his name and about where he came from, he was surprised to see that she did not flee or roll her eyes like the others, she just paid close attention to what he was saying and took in every word.After Zorba had finished his story, the human Misteon introduced herself as Dream and told him that she had come from the mountains, she also told him that she was also raised by a Pokémon as a baby and about how her father had given his life to protect her from poachers.After that day, the two had been good friends ever since and decided that on the anniversary of their meeting, they would each receive a Pokédex from the professor and travel the region together in order to find out who they were and where they came from, while aiming to become the new Beria Region champions. Wiping the away happy tears as well as all the excess soap, Zorba turned off the water, opened the shower door and reached for a large bath towel to dry off before getting dressed and brushing his teeth and hair, as well as fixing up his ears, wings and tail.After exiting the bathroom and putting his pajamas and towel in the washer, Starlene stood by her trainer as he began to take his packed duffel bag and plenty of money from his closet and the two made their way outside, where Dream and her Purslayer, Stark was waiting for them. “Oh, Zorba!” gasped Dream as the human Drakeon and Aquine exited his house, “I was wondering when you’d appear, you had me worried.” “Sorry if I'm a little late, Dream. I was getting ready to see you and lost track of time," Zorba apologized.The human Eeveelution responded in a reassuring tone as she petted Starlene’s mane, "Oh that's ok, you're here now. What's a few more minutes?” Zorba chuckled in response."So, you ready to get going, Zorba? I've got everything all ready to go on our adventure. All we have to do now is get our Pokédexes and we’ll head out," the girl said.“You know it.” Replied Zorba, proudly. The two Pokémon next to their trainers nodded in agreement. “Aq, Aquine!” Whinnied Starlene.“Purslayer, Slay.” Growled Stark.And the two soon-to-be trainers started walking to Professor Orchid's lab. "Dream, Zorba, I've been expecting you," Professor Orchid greeted them. "Hello," Zorba said, as Dream nodded and smiled. As Professor Orchid asked the two human-Eeveelutions to follow her into her research lab, Dream and Zorba were captivated by all the of things they saw upon entering the room. There were two assistants of the professor who were taking notes at a table,a few shelves full of books on facts and information about Pokémon from various regions, a table with three Pokéballs, a computer, two Pokédexes for the two friends, and a whiteboard with many equations written on it. “As you may know, the Pokédex is an invaluable tool to trainers in this world.” The professor explained as Zorba sat down on a nearby couch with Dream, “the Pokédex is also designed to find and record data on each Pokémon the trainer meets. Pokémon are added to the Pokédex simply by encountering them in battle or, sometimes, by seeing a Pokémon.” She continued. Zorba raised his hand, “Question: Dream and are half-Pokémon, if the Pokémon we encounter and add to our teams all faint after we battle, will we be able to use our moves in battle as well?” He asked. Dream added, “We’ve been practicing a lot before we came here.” “I don’t see why not,” Professor Orchid laughed, remembering watching from the window of her upstairs apartment as her neighbor and his friend practiced using different moves on each other as they battled. “Oh! That reminds me, I’d normally offer 3 of the starter Pokémon over there on the table, but after seeing your strength and your determination as you fought like proper human-Eeveelutions, I’m willing to give you both 2 special starters that I have met in other regions.” The two poké-humans were surprised. “What kind of Pokémon are they?” Asked Zorba. Orchid suddenly took out 2 Pokéballs she had been saving in her pocket and gave them to the 2 trainers. These ones were special, Zorba’s pokéball was painted baby blue with white seafoam green waves on the edges and Dream’s Pokéball was painted jade green with a field of emerald grass on the front. They both tossed the balls into the air to bring out their Starters: Totodile and Snivy, respectively. She then explained to them the basics of Pokemon types and Pokemon battles, which Zorba and Dream were very keen on hearing every detail on her explanation. Professor Orchid then finished by giving the human-Eeveelutions each five empty Poke Balls and a Pokedex, as well as a Town Map and the Badge Case for Beria before she instructed them to head for Pearl City first, which Dream replied with utmost determination "Yes, Professor! We'll make every bit of this challenge count!" “We’ve got this!” Zorba agreed. The friends then placed their starter’s Pokéballs in their pockets and placed the other Pokéballs and other items in their bags, before examining the Town Map and it showed Zorba that he and Dream will have to go through Route 1 and Evergreen Town Woods in order to arrive in Pearl City. The human Drakeon then nodded in confirmation and placed the Town Map in his duffel bag as well and bidded Professor Orchid farewell for now and he and Dream exited the Lab with Starlene and Stark following behind them. They then looked out at Route 1 and they all took a deep breath in synchronisation before heading out for Pearl City.
Pokemon: Heart and Mind- Prologue: Dream,This fateful day started like any other day. Near the coasts of Hallmark City in the Beria Region, where a tiny little boat was slowly gliding across the ocean with something wrapped in a small white blanket sitting inside it alone. The small boat continued to sail amongst the waves of the ocean until eventually washing up onto the shore of the nearby beach, the waves still washing over whatever was under the blanket. Almost no one who was spending the day at the peculiar beach knew that the boat was there as they walked and enjoyed the warm burning sun, but just before sundown when everyone had gone home for the night, a Lucario who was out on a hunt had stumbled upon the mysterious boat with the white blanket inside amongst the waves and the sand. Curious about his find, Lucario began to remove the bundle from its vessel and slowly unwrapped it from the blanket. To the Lucario’s shock and surprise, there was a Pokémon egg under the blanket! The wild Pokémon was overjoyed. He had wanted a child for a very long time, but he could not find anyone to be with and he was often too nervous to leave his cave in the mountains when humans were around. He then decided to adopt the egg and raise the Pokémon inside of it as his own. After returning home from his hunt, taking the egg in tow with him, Lucario began to hear a strong heartbeat from inside the shell and feeling strong movements from inside, indicating that the Pokémon would be hatching soon.Lucario then built a small nest out of rocks and mud for the egg in a safe corner and kept it warm with his body heat until it eventually hatched as the sun began to rise the next morning.However, what was inside the egg was not a Pokémon, but a little girl with Eevee ears and an Eevee’s tail!Lucario couldn’t believe his eyes. He then embraced his new daughter and his heart was full. The little Eevee girl’s adoptive father affectionately gave her the name, Dream.12 years had passed, Close to her adoptive father, the Eevee girl was well protected by Lucario, loving him with all her heart as she had learned to hunt, and forage, and fight alongside him. One day, Dream was playing happily in a lush meadow with Lucario, romping in the sunshine until a horde of poachers ran out of the woods, waving their weapons fiercely. Lucario faced off against the hunters, trying to hold them back with his powers, unaware that he was separated from his daughter as she ran away to find shelter.As she ran around the mountain, calling her father’s name with tears in her eyes, the human Eevee heard a deep, terrified cry of her own name. She wheeled around and saw that Lucario was trapped against a rock wall by the hunters aiming guns at him. Before Dream could move, another group of humans dropped heavy rocks from atop the rock wall. Screaming in anguish, Dream saw her adoptive father being crushed by the rocks. Her cries shook the land-scape, echoing off the mountain and throughout the area. Later on as Dream laid her own father to rest, she gently touched the Dusk Stone necklace that Lucario had always worn and thought sadly about all of the happy times that they shared together and about how much he meant to her as her father and best friend. Wanting a piece of her adoptive father to remember him by, Dream reluctantly removed the necklace from the Pokémon and placed it around her own neck. Suddenly, the Dusk Stone on the necklace began to glow, and a warm, soft sensation surrounded young Dream as her body started to change in size, her hair began to grow longer and her features started to become different.To Dream’s astonishment, she discovered that the Dusk Stone had caused her to evolve from a 6 year old human Eevee into a 17 year old ghost-type Eeveelution, Misteon! Thanking her late father for the gift of allowing her grow up before bidding him a tearful farewell, Dream had decided to leave her home in the mountains and start a new life amongst the humans, where she could finally be free in a world of her own kind.
Pixel Art
Starting working with Umbreon ANIMATION by whatthehell01
free nidorina pagedoll by Sinomis
Unova Mini-Maps : 007, 008, 009 by SimplyPixelizing
Sableyboy by rochel1
Metapod Bard by Yeeshastone
Art Fight 6 by Yeeshastone
Art fight 7 by Yeeshastone
Art fight 10 by Yeeshastone
Pokeball Throw by diamondbunny4
Silly Scraggy - Animated by SunlaStudio
Lycanroc Midnight (Pixel) F2U by NyotLeo
Eevee Animation by SunlaStudio
Graphics, Banners, and Photomanipulation
Ideals As One (White and Black 2) by WarNightZollo
643 Vast White Pilot (Group Icon) by WarNightZollo
Hera and Reshiram (Black and White 2) by WarNightZollo
Mega Latios Banner by WarNightZollo
Photos and Cosplay
Remind You of Anyone??? by cjbolan
Other Art
Art Fight 2022: Bell Ini by Noblejanobii


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