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I know that I'm supposed to have Chikorita be 1 of my partners according to the poll a few months ago, but I'm considering the idea of having the partner be a Popplio instead of Chikorita.  What do you guys think?

Here's a poll that goes along with this.

A poll that goes along with my previous journal.

Everyone has until when I come back from work tomorrow to cast their vote.
My great grandmother... Passed away...  Oshawott cry plz Pikachu Crying Plz about to cry emote Pikachu Crying Plz Inside Out - Saddness crying  
Here are the results of the 3rd poll:
9 said Chikorita
7 said Treecko
5 said Turtwig
4 said Bulbasaur
3 said a different Grass starter
1 was neutral

Chikorita's going to be 1 of my partners.
I gave people a week to answer this poll.  Here are the results:
4 said a grass type starter.
3 said a fire type starter.
3 also said a water type starter.
2 said an OC.
1 said a starter (other than Pikachu & Shinx) that's playable in the Explorers games.
1 was also neutral.

The Grass type starters win!  I'll be making another poll shortly.
2 days ago, I made this poll: pokemon-all-4-one.deviantart.c…  And here are the results.
18 said yes
1 said no
7 were neutral

You guys must love seeing me all babied up, so to give back to you guys, I'll make the end cute enough for everyone.  ;)
I hope you enjoyed 2017.  With the exception of that 1 girl that almost hurt one of my favorite communities...  Regardless, let's hope for a good 2018!  As for my plans for 2018...  I want to finish the epilogue of my Rescue Team Saga, then work on Explorers of Time & Darkness.…
He told me why on Skype.  I'll explain everything when my laptop's fixed.
While I was gone, :iconangelicartist101: actually made a journal pleading people to not bother Re-Piper despite what she did to him.  Here's the journal:  One last announcement to my friends for todayFor the sake if preventing anymore drama, please don't bother Re-Pyper.
That is all.

So, the whole reporting the guys for hating on :iconangelicartist101:...  Let's not do that.  Sure, what Re-Piper did to him was loathsome, but he doesn't want anyone to cause any more drama.  So let's leave Re-Piper alone.
I plan to do the epilogue of the 1st saga, then work on Explorers of Time & Darkness.  I just got a copy of those games.  Anyone's eligible to join if they wish.  If your character appeared in the previous saga, you can have them join again if you wish.
I thought the whole Net Neutrality abolish attempt was a hoax.  But now I know it's not.  4 cable companies trying to abolish Net Neutrality.  Against...  Who knows how many big websites?  If we win, those cable companies will be basically gone.  But if we lose...  I can't even think about this.  You know...  I don't know if any of you guys know this, but I've been looking for something that will give the president a true opportunity to prove himself.  You know what what?  I found it.  If he's able to help us save Net Neutrality, I think he'll officially prove himself.  Come on, guys!  Jump on the bandwagon & help me save Net Neutrality!  I'm looking at you, :icongreenwhisp:.  In fact, I'm looking at every good & rational person on this website, but you especially.  I don't want to be banned from seeing you on any website over money.

Link to help is here.
It's been 2 years since me & :icongreenwhisp: first met!  What started off as a simple acquaintance quickly turned into something amazing!  And pretty soon, we'll be seeing each other face-to-face...  Again.  XD
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Taken from :iconNaveahAdelaine:

[X] - You have blue/green eyes 

[X] - You have freckles 
[X] - You blush a lot
[X] - You giggle (Even laugh.)
[/] - You are quiet (But I'm not shy to talk.)
[X] - You say random things (Bread crumbs & beaver spit!  XD)
[ ] - You have a baby face
[X] - You wear more "down to earth" type clothing
[X] - You don't wear anything too showy
[ ] - You are under 5'6 
[X] - You haven't had sex
[ ] - Just thinking of sexual things makes you blush
[ ] - Your idea of a date is romantic
[X] - You sleep with a stuffed animal (Pika-Pikachu!  :D )
[X] - You like to cuddle 
[X] - You never played the nervous game
[X] - You don't even know what the nervous game is 
[X] - You cry easily
[X] - You like the color pink (I kind of do.)
[X] - You wear bright colors 
[/] - You CAN be ignorant (Almost never)
[X] - You consider yourself shy 
[X] - You like happy, upbeat music (It's a variety) 
[X] - You like "cutesy" music
[X] - You like small animals
[X] - You like babies a lot (If we're talking about baby humans, I HATE THEM!!!  But if we're talking about baby animals or baby Pokemon...  OH MY GOD I LUV EM!)
[ ] - Mini versions of things make you go nuts

Total: 22

Now take your number and multiply by 5.

Then re-post this as "I'm ____% Cute"!

(I made a multiplication mistake...  Oops.)
I'm going to do a PMD series based on all 4 games.  And I'll allow you all to be a part of it.  ;)  If you want, of course.