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9: Metapod by Pokemon-All-4-One 9: Metapod by Pokemon-All-4-One
This is shown after the events of Episode 9

Halo Diary 0-0-9

OK, so you now how school is meant for education, right?  Well, Pokemon Tech is sort of like that, but it's like a bullying industry wiht the way people are taught there.  When we found out that a girl was leading all of this (sort of), I went with Joe to see her.  She taught me 4 things that I didn't know about Pokemon.  Mainly Bulbasaur's evolution chain.  She laughed when whe realized that I didn't know & I had 2 badges like she was mocking me!  This pissed me off.  I battled her & beat her handily.  That was when we realized that Team Rocket's Jessie & James failed to enter.  They planned to get revenge, but me & the Tech Stutents drove them away.  Joe decided to get his 1st Pokemon like me, Ash, Luna & Rocks (and sort of Diamond).  When Joe & Giselle became friends, Luna grinned, knowing what we're just like them.  She was planning to tickle me for...  Who knows how long?  And she wasn't going to do it alone.  She had to bring up her Tangrowth.  I ran off, Luna chasing me & the others eventually followed.  I was sort of annoyed by this, but I didn't care.  At least we were getting to Vermilion City.

*End of Halo-Diary.*


Computer: Analyzing Pokemon...  Still analyzing...  Almost done...  GOT IT!!!
Pokemon: Metapod
Pokemon number: 11
Current level: 7
Current moves: String Shot, Tackle, Harden
Pokedex entry: A steel-hard shell protects its tender body. It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution.
Computer: Wow.  It doesn't even say its own name?
Me: YES IT CAN!  It just refuses to!


*Next time...*
We get lost on the way to Vermilion City, but it was worth it!  We saw a place where injured & abandoned Pokemon rest.  Even though no trainers are allowed to catch Pokemon here, she might make an exception to some of them.  It all depends on how the next Legends of Pokemon: FireRed LeafGreen unfolds.
mollienaturerocks Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
The next sounds exiting, but injured pokemon? Diamond would be all over healing them and tryna help
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