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8: Kakuna by Pokemon-All-4-One 8: Kakuna by Pokemon-All-4-One
This is shown after the events of Episode 8.

Halo Diary 0-0-8

After defeating Gary, I encountered Gary who I now hate now.  I managed to defeat him alright, then I saw a person who held a gym that wasn't lisenced by the Pokemon League.  But I noticed the way he trains his Pokemon isn't pretty.  He even trained his Sandshrew to stand water.  But when Sandshrew went missing, I realized that it didn't run; Meowth took it away!  I knew it was Team Rocket's.  I did help him beat them, helping him achieve the 100th win!  I managed to get over the loss afterwards & I recieved a new nickname: The Big Dog!

*End of Halo-Diary.*


Computer: Analyzing Pokemon...  Still analyzing...  Almost done...  GOT IT!!!
Pokemon: Kakuna
Pokedex number: 14
Current level: 7
Current moves: String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden
Pokedex entry: Almost incapable of moving, this Pokémon can only harden its shell to protect itself when it is in danger.
Computer: Wait- didn't it have clawlike arms?
Me: That's just a rumor!


*Next time...*
We see a school that apparently taught through bullying!  What makes it worse is that the top beginner is a girl!  Very well.  Girl or not, I'll crush her on the next Legends of Pokemon: FireRed LeafGreen!
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June 2, 2015
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