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5: Sandshrew by Pokemon-All-4-One 5: Sandshrew by Pokemon-All-4-One
This is shown after the events of episode 5.

Halo Diary 0-0-5

We managed to get to Viridian City in 1 piece.  And we managed to meet the trainer who started with the Squirtle.  After a major attack from Team Rocket, me & Ash teamed up to fight the Pewter City's gym leaders: Brock & Flint.  Our teamwork went very well & we beat them.  But that night, we tried to lose Misty as Diamond & Rocks Gemstone tagged along.  Even Brock followed!  Tommorow going to be brilliant!


Computer: Analyzing Pokemon...  Still analyzing...  Almost done...  GOT IT!
Name: Sandshrew
Pokedex number: 27
Current level: 3
Current moves: Sand Attack, Poison Sting, Scratch, Defense Curl
Pokedex entry: It burrows and lives underground. If threatened, it curls itself up into a ball for protection.
Computer: Hmm...  I wonder what happens when it forgets Defense Curl?
Me: It can still do it outside of battle.


*Next time...*
We learn about Pokemon evolution & the serets of the Moon Stone.  We also find out what Clefaries do every year.  But why is the cave it up?  The answer comes next time on Legends of Pokemon: FireRed LeafGreen!
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