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13: Krabby by Pokemon-All-4-One 13: Krabby by Pokemon-All-4-One
This is shown after the events of episode 13.

Halo diary 0-1-3

I never thought we'd ever come across one of the most famous reseachers of Pokemon around!  What was more amazing was that he actually knew how many Pokemon live in Kanto!  And my Pokedex was actually able to analyze them all!  Wow.  I didn't think there'd be 721 Pokemon that exist!  And that includes Pokemon that don't usually live in Kanto!  I need to catch all these Pokemon & add their data to the Pokedex!  I'm fascinated by these life forms even though I know little to nothing about to them other than the ones I have now.  To make things even more amazing, I saw a giant Dragonite!  I wish I could catch it though...

*End of Halo-Diary.*


Computer: Analyzing Pokemon...  Still analyzing...  Almost done...  GOT IT!
Name: Krabby
Pokedex number: 98
Current level: 16
Current moves: Bubble Beam, Bubble, Mud Sport, Vice Grip
Pokedex entry: If it senses danger approaching, it cloaks itself with bubbles from its mouth so it will look bigger.
Computer: What is it?  A wimp?
Me: NO!!!  It's for self defense, you idiot!


*Next time...*
We finally reach Vermilion City!  I can't believe we actually made it!  We decided to rest before taking on the Vermilion City gym.  But we then, saw Gary rush in, panicking.  He said something about the gym leader being EXTREMELY powerful.  This is getting more interesting by the second!  And Bill forgot to give me a ticklet to the S.S. Anne.  I guess he got one from a friend, but he didn't want it.  OK, note to self: get the 3rd badge, then go ont he S.S. Anne!  We might have to make 2 seperate episode of Legends of Pokemon: FireRed LeafGreen to cover both, but it'll be all worth it in the end!  Don't miss either one!
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