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aww hecc by PokeMarioFan14 aww hecc :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 6 1 Doug Bowser by PokeMarioFan14 Doug Bowser :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 30 4 Tetris Battle Royale by PokeMarioFan14 Tetris Battle Royale :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 2 2 Cheese Illuminati by PokeMarioFan14 Cheese Illuminati :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 0 0 Strong Resemblance by PokeMarioFan14 Strong Resemblance :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 11 0 Drama Incoming! by PokeMarioFan14 Drama Incoming! :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 5 0 Drifting by PokeMarioFan14 Drifting :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 14 4 Princess Car by PokeMarioFan14 Princess Car :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 9 0 Light VS. Dark - The Rematch by PokeMarioFan14 Light VS. Dark - The Rematch :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 10 3 Paint-Like Goop 3: The Inkening by PokeMarioFan14 Paint-Like Goop 3: The Inkening :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 50 8 Super Smash Bros. The Manga by PokeMarioFan14 Super Smash Bros. The Manga :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 7 1 The Cutest Thing Ever by PokeMarioFan14 The Cutest Thing Ever :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 23 1 'Black-Clad' by PokeMarioFan14 'Black-Clad' :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 8 2
Super Smash Bros. Character Idea: Octoling
SPLASH ART TAGLINE: "Octolings infiltrate!!”
VICTORY THEME: "Stage Clear (Octo Expansion)"
- Neutral Special: .96 Gal
- Up Special: Super Jump
- Side Special: Dynamo Roller
- Down Special: Suction Bombs
- Final Smash: Splashdown
- Side Smash: Octobrush
- Up Smash: Grim Range Blaster (to not be confused with the normal Blaster since it and the Range Blaster have a similar paintjob)
- Down Smash: Explosher
- Slower.
- Stronger.
- Heavier.
- More range.
- Higher ink consumption.
- Can't paint as much.
SPAWN ANIMATION: Like entering a stage in the Octo Expansion.
- Looks around quickly.
- Checks gun.
- Up: C’mon! (This way!)
- Side: A smug pose.
- Down: Booyah!
- Gender-neutral versions of their shooter, roller, and slosher victory animations with some slight differences between genders.
- Poster O
:iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 7 3
Super Smash Bros. Character Idea: Doomfist
SERIES SYMBOL: Overwatch logo.
SPLASH ART TAGLINE: "Doomfist punches in!!"
VICTORY THEME: "Doomfist's Theme (Victory Theme Ver.)"
- Neutral Special: Rocket Punch (Chargeable).
- Up Special: Rising Uppercut.
- Side Special: Seismic Slam.
- Down Special: Boulder Throw (A throwback to a scrapped move during his development. A slower, but bigger and more powerful version of Peach's down special. All boulders will be the same in everything except for textures depending on the stage and they'll be thrown in a lower and shorter angle. Must be on the ground to grab boulders).
- Final Smash: Meteor Strike.
- A Button attack: Hand Cannon. (4 shots. Self-reloads just like in Overwatch. Indicated on his damage percentage).
- Side Tilt: His melee attack.
GAMEPLAY: Similar to how he was in his game of origin, except it's in third person and in a 2.5D plane with the addition of a new move for his moveset and the othe
:iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 3 0
Veemos Before They Are Cool by PokeMarioFan14 Veemos Before They Are Cool :iconpokemariofan14:PokeMarioFan14 13 0
All of the stuff made by yours truly!


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A collection of art that I like made by other awesome people!


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United States
Hey, guys! I'm PokeMarioFan14! I'm a HUGE fan of video games, cartoons, comedy, and Japan! Feel free to do whatever you want when visiting here.

Friend Codes and usenames if you want to add me as a friend:

Nintendo 3DS: Richard
0688 5491 0012

Mario Kart 7 Community:
26 2594 4879 3503

Nintendo Network ID: Richard

Nintendo Switch: Richard

PlayStation Network:

My birthday: April 28th.

MysteriousGamerX #8843
Tagged by :icontigerfishaori:. My second tag!

1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, if you want to.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. (You can skip them if you want.)
4. Tag 13 deviants. 
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
6. Tag backs are allowed.

13 things about me:

1. Aside from English, which is my native language, I also know Spanish! And a bit of Japanese and French!
2. Fan of video games since '99!
3. My first game console was the SNES. That was also my first Nintendo console!
4. I'm a very funny guy. As evidence, check out my gallery.
5. I'm one of those multi-platform gamers. As of right now, apart from Nintendo consoles, I have both PlayStation handhelds, my phone, and my PC!
6. I joined deviantArt because a friend of mine recommended the site to me. I created my account and the rest is history. And now, I'm almost a decade here with no signs of stopping.
7. If possible, I would really love to go to Japan! Especially Tokyo!
8. I love technology. I love how technology evolves to become what it is today and in the future. It's fascinating...
9. You're not only one who watches 5 million YouTube videos a day.
10. Car racing is my all-time favorite sport. Leagues like the Formula 1, the IndyCar series, NASCAR, Le Mans, etc. makes want to never change the channel on my TV. The sense of speed and competition makes my aderenaline flow while watching drivers fly by the circuits. It's beautiful. On a related note, racing is one of my favorite game genres!
11. Another one of my favorite genres are RPGs, shooting (if you can tell by my Splatoon avatar and my gallery, along with some Overwatch entires), among others.
12. I love food! I can eat ANYTHING.
13. As you can tell in my gallery, I also like anime. Not only that, I'm really interested in Japan in general. Their culture really fascinates me (though that doesn't mean I'm a weeaboo. I'm American, always will be. :iconamericanflagplz::iconsaluteplz:). 

Questions from :icontigerfishaori::

1: Have you been in a different country before?
Yes, I have.

2: What would you do if your favorite character became a ghost?
Depends. I would laugh or be scared.

3: Favorite season?

4: Favorite game console?
I love all of my consoles! But if I have to choose one in particular, definitely the Wii U!

5: Favorite movie?
Wreck-it Ralph. I'm super hyped for the sequel!

6: Favorite animal?
Any animal that are not bugs. Ironic, considering that I like some of the Bug-type Pokemon! :rofl:

7: What's the most epic thing you did in your life?
Getting my first quadruple kill in Splatoon with the Rainmaker! I thought I was toast for a moment until that happened! I was laughing!

8: Do you like hot or cold days?

9: Favorite song?
Any song that's not the crappy ones they repeat in the radio nowadays. I also love game music, J-Pop, and Eurobeat!

10: Favorite hobby?
Video games (of course), TV, YouTube, doing stuff with my family, and going places.

11: Favorite holiday?

12: If you met your favorite character in person, what would be your reaction?

13: What superpower would you have?
Very fast running speed. Mostly so I can get to places on time.

I'll tag: :iconlarbybluestar567:, :iconbluecean:, :iconxxnerdymersquidxx:, :iconcherryblossomsnivy:, :iconrasmusholmgren:, :iconfleewaysonic46:, :icontman0064:, :iconorangeinklingknight:, :iconmikainkling:, :icondanielgreeninkling:, :iconghosttrainer23:, :icontrololol-850:, :iconheavyhitterconnor:.


1. What's your purpose in life?
2. What's your all-time favorite video game?
3. Do you dream of going somewhere in particular?
4. What do you do to relieve your stress or anger?
5. Who are your favorite characters?
6. What's your most rage-inducing moment while playing a game?
7. Do you have any pets?
8. What's your favorite TV show?
9. Did you ever go to a convention?
10. What's your favorite sport?
11. What's your favorite game song?
12. What's your most hated song?
13. What's your first game console?
  • Listening to: Video game music and music from my childhood.
  • Reading: Many things.
  • Watching: Cartoons, anime, and YouTube videos.
  • Playing: Video games.
  • Eating: ALL THE FOOD!!!
  • Drinking: Water.

Journal History


aww hecc
aww hecc. i got killed by aww hecc.

Special guest: A furry, probably. You can tell because of the UwU on his name.

From the Knights VS. Wizards Splatfest.

Splatoon copyright, 2015-2019, Nintendo.
Everything else belong to their respective owners.
Deviation copyright, 2019, PokeMarioFan14 (me).

You are authorized to use and share this deviation. But please give credit if you ever upload or share this, or any other deviation in my gallery.
Me after seeing the Splatfest results:
And with that, I reached max Splatfest rank. And this time, I’ve used my first drifting Joycon. I missed going to the right. Maneuverability is one of the most important things while playing Splatoon.
Nintendo is now 130 years old! Man, the company went through a lot to become the video game titan it is today. To celebrate the occasion, here's an educational (and funny) video of the history of Nintendo!

Happy birthday, Nintendo! Here's to another century of fun! :party:
Tetris 99 started its first event where 999 lucky people can get 999 gold My Nintendo Points each for racking up win streaks. Yeah, I’m never getting those points. Most of my matches finish with me in the top 20s, and I haven’t won a match yet. I’m not a Tetris god like the potential winners of the event. :iconcryforeverplz:
I’m calling it. The mascot legendaries of the new Pokémon games are going to be giant knights with their respective namesake weapons, both Steel-types.
Doug Bowser
As of the day before I uploaded this, Reggie Fils-Aime retired as president of Nintendo of America. He still looks young, but he did have his reasons. Replacing him will be Doug Bowser. Looking at his "thanks for the warm welcome" picture, he looks like a charming fellow. But then, I noticed the tied-up Mario & Luigi plushes in the background. I read somewhere else that Nintendo did that on purpose because of Doug's last name. He's destined to be meme'd to hell and back just like his predecessor. And I just so happened to join the bandwagon. Already, there are memes of Doug being compared to the Koopa King himself, even those of him doing Doug's job. I can already tell that he's going to be loved a lot by the Nintendo community.

So, good luck, Doug! Hope you enjoy your new position and bring us just as much joy as Reggie! And to Reggie, wherever the wind of life takes you, I hope it's to a great destination! Thanks for everything!

Super Mario Bros. copyright, 1985-2019, Nintendo.
Super Smash Bros. copyright, 1999-2019, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Deviation copyright, 2019, PokeMarioFan14 (me).

You are authorized to use and share this deviation. But please give credit if you ever upload or share this, or any other deviation in my gallery.
I got a new high position in Tetris 99: 3rd!
When I first saw the teaser for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I first thought that the story will be about the protagonist, from one of the houses, forming an army and risking their lives to reunite the three houses while they’re still at war with one another. Once the houses are at peace again, they will then focus on the true antagonist: the one who started the war in the first place. And add a dragon as the final boss, because (most) Fire Emblem games finish with a battle against a dragon. But after seeing the gameplay of it in the Nintendo Direct, that plot has been thrown out the window. We Harry Potter now, bois. At least there is still your typical Fire Emblem stuff. Especially the supposed dragon final boss. I can smell the dragon final boss.

In other news, I got a new high position in Tetris 99: 4th. I’m still routing for first! Wish me luck!
Tetris Battle Royale
So, I'm also joining the Tetris 99 battle royale meme bandwagon. I still can't believe they did this. The absolute madmen!

Anyways, after playing both games (I played Fortnite half a year before I posted this), I had fun. I like both games, but I'm better at Tetris than Fortnite. Also, the battle royale genre didn't give me that much of a goofy-smiling face as the rest of the world, but they're both great games, and the genre itself is great as well. I applaud at Epic Games for Fortnite's overwhelming success, and everyone involved in the development of Tetris 99 for the creation for possibly one of the greatest Switch games of all time. Keep it up, you guys!

Also, I know I uploaded this on Valentine's Day. Inappropriate upload comments ahoy! Happy Valentine's Day, I guess.

Tetris copyright, 1984-2019, Alexey Pajitnov and The Tetris Company.
Fortnite copyright, 2017-2019, Epic Games.
Everything else belong to their respective owners.
Deviation copyright, 2019, PokeMarioFan14 (me).

You are authorized to use and share this deviation. But please give credit if you ever upload or share this, or any other deviation in my gallery.
Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re filled to the brin with love from your loved ones! That being said, I don’t have a girlfriend yet. When will I get one? Only God knows. And don’t let my Splatoon avatars fool you, I’m a dude IRL.

In other news, I played Tetris 99 last night. I really like the game! I can’t believe that a puzzle battle royale can be this much fun! This goes to show that not every game in a genre must have guns and copyrighted dances for it to be great. And if you’re wondering, yes, I played Fortnite before. I suck at it, but it’s fun, especially with friends. However, it didn’t get me starry-eyed and left me with a huge, goofy smile like the rest of the world. Though, I congratulate the game for its overwhelming success. For positions, my highest position in Tetris 99 is 16th. In Fortnite, depends on the mode, but I did win a 50 v 50 match once.
So, I finished watching the new Nintendo Direct. And, besides saying good luck to all the new games and content for all the older games when they release, there’s one thing that I couldn’t believe at first. Tetris, freaking TETRIS, the most famous puzzle game in all of gaming, is also joining the battle royale craze! I mean, I’m not even surprised if some employees who work for The Tetris Company likes Fortnite or PUBG at this point.
Man, I missed playing Splatoon 2! But the drifting stick made it more difficult to kill people and dodge attacks. Oh well, at least it's just as fun as I remembered it, just with a handicap this time.
Cheese Illuminati
Alt. titles: "Meme Sticker",  "Cheelluminati".

*cue X-Files theme. Again.*

So I found this sticker on the front window of a cigar store when I went out with my family a few days ago. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

At least we now know the organization's members' favorite food. They love cheese. They eat cheese every day. They can't live with out it. They can't set their sights on world domination without it. Cheese is everything to them. They treat cheese like a god. They love cheese so much, they even changed the logo from a pyramid to a triangular piece of cheese. Once their takeover is done, every single food in the world will be nothing but cheese. They're gonna have to force us to eat cheese if they wanted to. Cheese is love. Cheese is life.

Everything seen here belongs to their respective owners.
Deviation copyright, 2017, PokeMarioFan14 (me).

You are authorized to use and share this deviation. But please give credit if you ever upload or share this, or any other deviation in my gallery.
Strong Resemblance
"Also, I'm male and I spread love wherever I go."

When I first saw this version of Cupid, I thought at first it was Lily dressed up as such for the occasion. I was like, "Aw, that's adorable." But then, as I looked closer at him, I realized, "T-that's Cupid. A separate entity." Out of all the incarnations of the February icon, this one takes the cake. It looks like they (the creators) took Lily's male counterpart (Leon, if memory serves me right), gave him a new hairdo, wings, Cupid's bow and arrow, the abilities of flight and archery, some blush, and sent him to the canon universe. Don't tell me that no one in the treehouse saw him and raise a few eyebrows or confuse him for Lily.

Anyway, after all of that mentioned above, this meme popped in my head. Couldn't resist making it , as always with all my other memes.

The Loud House copyright, 2016-2019, Nickelodeon.
Everything else belong to their respective owners.
Deviation copyright, 2019, PokeMarioFan14 (me).

You are authorized to use and share this deviation. But please give credit if you ever upload or share this, or any other deviation in my gallery.
Drama Incoming!
inb4: "Bobby! Why aren't you responding to my texts!?"

Hooray for more lack of special interactions!

So the game just updated and a Valentine's Day event started. Lori got a new event-exclusive task, which is to send romantic texts (or "cutesy texts" as the game call them). I'd imagine the texts are for her beloved Boo Boo Bear, but here's the thing: he's in my treehouse. And he's just standing there, walking around, or doing any of his tasks and never picked up his phone. I think her new task makes more sense if Bobby still isn't in the treehouse, or if he is, a special interaction of him responding to the texts and reacting to them in a romantic manner. But no. He's just not picking up his phone. How DARE you ignore your girlfriend like that!

On a somewhat unrelated note, her new task animation is adorable, to be completely honest. And that picture of Mario is from something I made using Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is this: Yeah. His face says it all.

The Loud House copyright, 2016-2019, Nickelodeon.
Everything else belong to their respective owners.
Deviation copyright, 2019, PokeMarioFan14 (me).

You are authorized to use and share this deviation. But please give credit if you ever upload or share this, or any other deviation in my gallery.
Do you hate a situation so much, you decided to make a meme out of it to pent out your frustration? Many people did. And I just joined the bandwagon. My situation? A drifting left Joy-Con. And it want to make things go to the left. And this is the second Joy-Con! And it's worse than the first Joy-Con, because this one sometimes doesn't want to let me go to the right, making my characters stand still or make them do actions that I don't want them to do! I'm also fully aware of the fixes for the stick, but I'm not a fixer, so, more likely than not, I'll brick it. It's best right now to buy a new one. When will I buy it? Only God knows. But I will one day. You guys seem to share my pain as well.

Also, that Initial D reference was meant to be a drift joke.

Picture made here:

Splatoon copyright, 2015-2019, Nintendo.
Everything else belong to their respective owners.
Deviation copyright, 2019, PokeMarioFan14 (me).

You are authorized to use and share this deviation. But please give credit if you ever upload or share this, or any other deviation in my gallery.


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