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Skiploid - Model Release Download

:iconpolygoncount: has allowed distribution of Skippy's custom model. Before you download make sure you read ALL of the information below,

**if there are any updated to the model, they will be listed here in the description and the download .zip file will be updated**

3/19/14: Physics update


Model title:

Character: Skiploid

Origin: UTAU & Original Character by :iconpokeluver223:

Planned Files:
-Skiploid (Alternate Outfit).pmx

Model specifics:
features sliders to remove clothing, autoluminous compatible


Model Author: :iconpolygoncount:
Rigging/Physics: :iconpokeluver223:

-No edit
-No Redistribution
-No taking parts from the model
-No taking texture maps from the model
-No 'trading' the model
-MMD only
-Must remain as Skiploid character at all times.
-You are not allowed to use as your own OC. This includes renaming, or any kind of editing.

Contact model author for questions or commissions:

Contact for questions relating to the character or UTAU

Violation of PolygonCount's rules may/will result in:

-Black Listing
(black listed users will be publicly listed as rule breaking users who deserve no privileges using PolygonCount models.)

-Ceased model distribution
(PolygonCount will cease distribution of some/all publicly avaliable models if rules are continuously violated.)

The only edit allowed isiIf the model needs to be resized to be in relative proportion to that of other models, please do so in this manner:
edit > Plugin > System > size (S) > [input a numerical value]

Visual guide of resizing the model:

EDIT 10/13/2020:

After discussing things with PolygonCount it has been decided that until further notice, Skiploid as well as all of PolygonCounts available models will cease distribution until policies are more respected.

It is to be reminded that PolygonCounts models are commissioned models not to be used for parts and pieces and are not editable/redistributable. He puts in many laborious hours of hard work for these.

Thank you for using Skiploids MMD model and you may continue using the model abiding by the guidelines set above. Please contact me for any questions regarding this matter.
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This model has been discontinued sorry!

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Can I use this for VRChat? I don't have much money to spend on a model of my own character.
Pokeluver223's avatar
I would prefer if you didn’t to be honest. He’s my own personal character. I don’t think PolygonCount would allow that anyway.
KaylaWolf1231's avatar
Okay I wont, thank you for replying
Pokeluver223's avatar
Thank you for understanding c:
TwasIWhoFkdTheDragon's avatar
Is there a bio I can find for him?
Pokeluver223's avatar
Oh more info on him is at his UTAU Wiki Page: or
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Pokeluver223's avatar
Than you! ^3^ Enjoy!
kaito691827's avatar
This is so very cool!
Thank you for sharing.
Pokeluver223's avatar
no problem! I hope you enjoy the model :D Please show me anything you make with him ^^
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Finally he's up for download huh?♥
Wonderful I can't wait to use him soon ;)
Pokeluver223's avatar
Woo I hope to see what you make with him ^^
HIrashi679's avatar
I will respect him, and take good care if him like
if he was a pet. My responsibility ^^
Pokeluver223's avatar
Good to hear ^^ Thanks :D
HIrashi679's avatar
yeah when it comes to MMD i dont like
when other users do "MMD model abuse" if you know
what i mean it depresses me and gets me to think "why"
so i repect them and have fun
GJYYNGII's avatar
This is so cool! I totally download him a few days ago.
Pokeluver223's avatar
UNNAM3D97's avatar
He looks uber hot, cute and amaaaaaaazing!! :D
Pokeluver223's avatar
>//3//< Thannnks PolygonCount did an amazing job!
xUTAUxFloydFosuke's avatar
*shrieks very loudly* *passes out and "accidentaly" Dl's*
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