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Mega Girafarig (FAN-MADE)

I had an idea regarding Girafarig's beta design, imo it would be really  hard for it to function as a real Pokemon but it's a perfect mega material. So i was inspired by it and made a mega evolution :D

Mega Girafarig
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I. Miss mega evolution

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Somebody stole this~

Slender Man Movie by nlu90883
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Looks like it got deleted in the meantime

Thanks for the heads-up!
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A. Raticate: Heya Girafi- WOAH *Looks at Mega Girafarig*...nevermind! *Shuts the door*
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I want this to be a real mega.
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heh that's awesome .... but now all I can do is picture it running with its opposite knee's lol
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Its basically the beta version.
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Yup, i used that design cause it was scraped, why not revive it as a mega

it says so in the description
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Yeah I thought the same thing about gorochu. Bring it back as a mega game freak.
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So who throws up the waste
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It dissolves 100% of everything it eats, it leaves no waste

At least that's what i like to think xD
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Its normal head looks concerned :D (Big Grin)
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I would be too if i had another head sticking out of my butt xD
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GameFreak need you 
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Glad you think so :D
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Ugh I want this in game so badly!
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How would the typing change?
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Girafarig is Normal/Psychic and since this Mega Evolution represents its "dark" side taking over, i thought the perfect typing is Dark/Psychic
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Ooooh that is really awesome~ That Mega Girafarig looks amazing!
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You're welcome ^^
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