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Name: Mary-Jane “Moss” Greene

Nicknames: Moss

Age: 20 (Entered in 1893)

Physical Age: 18

Height: 5’0”

Hair: Ginger

Eyes: Blue


Moss doesn’t like it in Sybal Heim. She used to, but as time passed she began to develop a long list of things she did not like about Sybal Heim. Firstly, there are no guns. Secondly, there are no horses. Thirdly, there are no large plains to ride those horses or sling those guns in. Fourthly, THERE ARE NO GUNS. How can a lil cowgirl who has dreamed of being a cowgirl all her life live in a world where you can’t be a cowboy or girl?! It’s ridiculous! So the only logical response it to join the Insurgency.

Occupation: Baker

Moss works in a bakery where she bakes pies. Lots and lots of pies. And she sells them too! She enjoys coming up with all sorts of new pie flavours!

Though her hyperactivity and rowdiness seems better suited for something more outdoorsy and physical, she has a deep love and connection to pies and what they stand for. Pies always remind her of her mother, who was a great baker, and an old friend who showed her that baking wasn't just about sitting around waiting for things to cook, but about the love and care you can put into what you create. She also loves how messy and creative baking can get, and loves coming up with all sorts of crazy and fancy flavours of pies (though, not all of them are successful, especially the Fish and Cherry Pie...). Pies, to Moss, are a symbol of freedom. They come in all shapes and sizes, savoury and sweet, and they're all delicious.

Sybal Form: The Capped Raccoon

Moss’ Sybal looks like a large raccoon, 3’6” tall when standing and very round. It has ginger fur, similar to Moss’ own hair colour, and wears a very obvious cowboy hat. It’s tail, instead of being quite thick and bushy, acts more like a ribbon, that trails behind her as she runs. Whilst the base of her tail is still rather solid, the end seems to fade away, like smoke, wisping around behind her even when she is standing still. The Capped Raccoon likes to scurry around and ‘cause all sorts of havoc, mostly harmless pranks whenever she can get away with it. She also has very flexible front paws, allowing her to hold most objects even in this form.

Sybal Power: I Guess I Never Miss

In a very cowboy-like fashion, the Capped Raccoon can summon a shiny lasso. This lasso acts almost like a homing beacon, honing in on her target when thrown. It makes it seem as though her lasso ‘never misses’, but anything that is particularly quick or agile can still slip through her lasso’s grasp. The target must also be in her line of sight to work.

With this lasso, she can either drag herself towards the target or drag the target towards her if she is strong enough. She often uses this power to make quick getaways or to swing from place to place. 

Docile or Feral: Docile

Moss is very much in control of what she does when she is in Sybal Form. She is aware of what she does, and despite being “docile” she is an absolute trouble maker, both in and out of Sybal Form. She is a mischievous little sybal, that’s for sure. And she knows it.


Moss is a fun loving little rascal, that’s for sure. She’s loud, brash, and mostly obnoxious. She’s a ball of energy that is easily bored and constantly looking for the next thrill. She can be nice, and will happily have moments of calmness, but those are usually interspersed with her general chaotic behaviour. Moss has an incredibly difficult time staying still, and seems to be constantly brimming with energy. When she speaks to people, she is almost never still, either pacing around or shifting her weight from foot to foot. She can be very intensely hyperactive.

One thing is for certain and that is she is deadly loyal to her friends. As in, if she considers you a friend, she will be incredibly protective of you to a fault. The fault being that she has a tendency for jealousy. Overall, she’s just a rambunctious teenager that’s off to cause a ruckus.

Likes: Pie | Horses | Early morning runs | Playing games | Animals (especially horses)

Dislikes: Stuffy “Adults” | Losing | Boredom | Repetitive Chores | Being told what to do 


Moss grew up in the “Wild West” of the United States of America. Texas, 1893, to be exact, filled with large plains and hot days and plenty of space for horses to run amok. She was born the eldest of 8 siblings and was expected to help tend to the house and to her younger brothers and sisters. 

She began idolising cowboys from a young age, inspired by her distant yet loving uncle. She grew up wanting to be just like him and the other cowboys she had seen, riding the wide plains on their majestic horses. She knew from young that that was what she wanted. She wanted to run around, spinning guns in her hands, lassoing cattle and screaming ‘YEE HAW’ loudly into the sky. Sure, it was all a very rosy painted dream, but it was a dream nonetheless.

She was a huge troublemaker, often running around with the other kids and causing a ruckus. Her mother, however, was not very fond of all of her antics. For the most part of her young life, she helped her mother at their little bakery, baking bread and the occasional pie or two for special events. She was never patient enough for baking, and it took her a long time to appreciate the art of baking. It took a visit from a passing stranger, who bought a pie of hers and told her how it reminded him of home, that made her realise what pies can mean to someone. Though she enjoyed the messy aspect of bread making and pie crafting, she still found herself yearning to ride horses down the open plains and to be free of the responsibilities her family had thrust upon her. There was something about domesticity and being stuck in one place that felt unbearably stifling, and the longer she stayed there, the more unsatisfied she grew.

Then, without her prior knowledge, Moss was arranged to be married to a man from a neighbouring township. It was planned for her to move there with her future husband, away from her family in friends. She tried to argue against it, but her mother said it was a very important relationship to have between her father and the father of her future fiance. In her anger, she snuck out in the middle of the night, just before dawn, stealing a horse and immediately riding as far as she could. 

Moss found herself riding for what felt like days into the middle of scenic nowhere, with no idea how to get home and no clue which direction to go. The only thing she knew was she wanted to get out, to escape, to run away from this life she didn’t want. She wanted a freedom that she was never allowed to have, and riding on that horse, all alone, in the hot Texan summer, was thrilling. 

But she eventually ran out of food and water, and with no destination or next town in sight, she knew she was a goner. She refused to turn back or to give up, if only to continue enjoying this new found freedom, as fleeting as it might be. She had dreamed for independence, and now with a slow death on the horizon, she desperately dreamed for a miracle that would save her. There, in the distance, a forest seemed to open up to her. She thought it must have been the heatstroke that had made her hallucinate, but she approached carefully and tentatively anyway. 

The world that opened up to her was entirely different to what she had known before. She was used to wide open plains but this, this was a dense forest. Moss was introduced to the new world that was Sybal Heim, and she took it all in with her wide-eyed wonder, amazed to have found such a fantastical place to call her new home. Even at night, when she would turn into some strange creature, she felt liberated. The ability to run around, to be free of her parents’ control, to be able to be whatever she wanted. If she had died, this would have been heaven.

Moss enjoyed her independence in Sybal Heim for a while, baking her pies and getting to be herself without parental repercussions. But soon enough she felt herself feeling the familiar itch of dissatisfaction. As great as Sybal Heim was, there were no open plains, no horses, no guns, nothing that she had known and loved before. She was getting restless, and she knew that she wanted to get out. 

Additional Info

  • Moss loves pie. She loves baking them almost as much as she loves eating them. It might be an obsession. She also likes cakes but they are just less superior pies. Don’t get her started on pies. Because she WILL go on about pies. She will force feed you pies. There is no choice.

  • Moss has a golden tooth replacing her left canine. It was knocked out during an attempt to lasso a cow with her uncle, but she fell face first onto the ground instead.

  • Moss got her nickname from her uncle, who, when she was born, started calling her ‘Moss’ because he thought her fuzzy little head of hair was cute and also hated the name ‘Mary-Jane’.

  • Moss is not very capable of reading. She finds it very difficult to read, and gets very frustrated when she has to. Someone teach this girl how to read.

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Turtle-ArtsProfessional Digital Artist
Omg I love the power, that's so cute. Lil Racoon swinging around on a lasso. XD
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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
She's a lasso slinging raccoon!!! I gotta draw her swinging around too, just a raccoon on a journey!!
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Turtle-ArtsProfessional Digital Artist
Yeeesss do it, I need to see this X''D
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drawingFrogHobbyist General Artist
Yes hi I love her and her crooked lil' nose, I'm going to take her and give her the greatest horse farm I can steal
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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
She broke her nose when she was little and now her nose is crooked and I love crooked noses.......

Yes please she will love you forever if you did. She just wants to ride horses dammit
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dude really good job here, her character is lovely and so is the design ;u; 

I’m already in love with her tbh

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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! ;A; I had so much fun developing her before so I'm glad I finally get to put her to use!!

Moss just wants to be a cowgirl, LET HER LIVE ;__;
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yeah she seems like she’d be a really good addition to SH ;u; 

if if we both get in I’d love for her and Jalu to meet! 
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stealfromyourdreamsStudent Digital Artist
bassy let moss have guns and horses
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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist

she just wants a gun and a horse why is that too much to ask for
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stealfromyourdreamsStudent Digital Artist

ikr? let's find a way outta SH and get Moss those horses and guns, it's a top priority! 
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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
some say...... the yelling has continued until this day....

She's gonna find someone who's sybal is a horse and someone who's sybal is a gun... thEN WE'LL BE TALKING 
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MrGheesfellowStudent General Artist
The deepest and most heart-moving motivation to join the Insurgency ever!
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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
She's a simple girl with simple dreams!!!!
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Amazie-StarHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Young girl that loves pies, dreams of being a cowgirl so clearly needs to go into insurgency, makes pies, and is a troublemaker at night. I love everything about this. XD I'm hoping I'll get to throw you my own little troublemaker, and shake things up!
Also, I love the sybal form. The little hat just on top of the raccoon's beautiful blue eyes is just TOO CUTE!!!!
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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
She's a pie slinging cow bringing trouble making lil rascal, that's for sure!! 
Yesss >:) For sure!! More troublemakers the merrier! they can cause trouble together it will be FANTASTIC
The sybal form is just a round floof ball.... And we all know hats are integral, they make or break a raccoon, that's for sure!!!
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ARCartsStudent General Artist
Ah, Moss's sybal is so cute. I love her character.
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PokeLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!! Yes her sybal is round and good that is correct
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ARCartsStudent General Artist
You're welcome. She'll be fun to play with.
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